6 movies never finished? we will see

Who knows what storms occurred in the offices Warner to be legitimate $90 million Eventually thrown in the trash. But that’s how it was: either for quality reasons, or for financial reasons due to the recent purchase of the studio, bat girl He was sentenced to remain unmolested until the first show with his head bowed HBOMax.

But the prediction of bad luck that affects the projects Capital (and on Michael Keaton’s frustrating fame), And another believes that this is a new situation in Hollywood, or in the film industry in general.

Since ancient times, films that have not been released due to financial disasters, public relations disasters, fierce battles on the set and other reasons have been abundant. And here we will remember a little.

“The Day the Clown Cried” (1972)

Jerry Lewis passed away at the age of 91
Jerry Lewis.

Sure, we’re talking about the most famous unreleased movie in Hollywood history. And not for less, being a movie that a Jerry Lewis Eager to revive his career, he attempted to approach the Holocaust through the eyes of a clown captured by the Nazis.

Lewis was wary of the project, but ended up managing it personally for lack of a better option. And although his plans included a big show in cannes film festival, This went to fret because of his disagreements with the book Joanne O’Brien s Charles Denton. Years later, while admitting that the movie was the biggest mistake of his career, the director admitted that he enjoyed (to some extent) the many urban legends that have arisen around his bump.

Today’s version of clown crying day A just slumber sleeps in the US Library of Congress. And although the terms of the acquisition included the possibility of a premiere in 2024, the heirs of the actor and director indicate that this will not happen due to “copyright issues”. We will have to stay with desire.

Empires of Depth (2011)

Equivalent to the twenty-first century clown crying day, This Sino-American co-production with the support of a billionaire Jun Jiang It shows that a movie can have ten screenwriters, and despite that, it’s never released due to, among other things, the fact that the movie’s plot (signed by the producer: more) is incomprehensible gibberish.

Where did the budget go?

Sinking Empires of the depths He went out for a handsome sum 130 million dollars And in the intervening period there are milestones such as the dismissal of members of the board of directors Irving Kirchner (Empire strikes) s pit , Who has already carried the signature stigma The catwoman. Sharon Stone s Monica Bellucci They were announced as heroes at various stages of the project, but, to show common sense, they decided to leave production with legs.

The only winner in Empires of the depths she was Olga Kurylenko, who earned a million dollars for his work on filming Dantesque. For the rest, the lack of payment to the cast and crew, coercion by the police to look for bribes, and kidnapping charges (which were also present) make one believe that filming the movie would give a lot of value. A movie about a blockbuster movie in that everything goes wrong. or worse.

‘Hippie Hippie Shake’ (2017)

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

A movie can Sienna Miller Doing nude frontal? Yes, and this comedy about the counterculture of the 1960s, inspired by the story of the satirical magazine Geese and with Killian Murphy As the protagonist, is the test.

Although filming hippie hippie shake It had its share of problems, and the apocalypse came after the final click of the clapperboard. outlet side Biban Kidron Her husband is a screenwriter Tim Bevan, They dropped the film during post-production due to “creative differences”. On the other hand, the activist German Jarir She did not enjoy seeing herself portrayed in the film, which increased the possibility of legal action.

In this way, the film was condemned to eternal darkness. And that’s a shame: those who have been able to see it point out that, without being anything from another Thursday, it’s a very funny comedy.

‘I Love You Daddy’ (2017)

Some of the projects on this list are equivalent to the proverbial circus that grows dwarves. For example, this movie was secretly filmed by the comedian Louis C.K after failure I am a police officer, Another project that did not go beyond pre-production.

Louis CKV

After the Toronto Film Festival premiere, with the film’s release date already set for November 2017, what you might imagine happened: Louis C.K. had to face sexual assault charges. So the distributor garden He would have preferred to save it. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to see by legal means: blessed displays on DVD.

I love you dad Did not benefit from having John Malkovich In the role of a famous film director trying to seduce the daughter of the hero (Chloe Grace Moretz). To make matters worse, before Malkovich, CK offered the role to A Woody Allen which he rejected in shock. Let’s savor those last details, please.

“Promises Written in Water” (2010)

Vincent Gallo in
Vincent Gallo in “Promises Written in Water”.

Let’s forgo commercial projects and remember that “author’s” films are also in danger of not being released. Especially if they are led by one of the most hated people in the industry for his sheer arrogance and penchant for easy insult.

After they saw their faces with criticism for brown rabbit (2003), Vincent Gallo returned to his old ways with a film that presented an allegorical and abstract love story between a hitman (himself, naturally) A young woman with suicidal tendencies (Dolphin Bafort).

If such an intense plot doesn’t set you back, reviews like the one that called the movie “incomprehensible and disappointing” (The Hollywood Reporter) will. Due to the gloomy reception of his work at the Venice and Toronto festivals, Gallo preferred not to premiere it, and since then has directed only short films.

“My Love Is Written: She Was Dion Dion” (date unknown)

After jumping in the pool Exploit Multi-award winning author Adele’s life I would Abdel Latif Kechiche? Well, it’s clear: shoot a trilogy in homage to the teen sex whose releases debuted (Written, my love: Kanto is one s My love is written: Benzou Exceed three hours of footage (each).

from movie

The fact that after the premiere of the first installment, a sexual assault accusation arrived (the name of the complainant was not disclosed) and that Intermezzo He was beaten up at Cannes despite being included 12-minute non-imitation lick, In addition to the rumors that Kechiche is a tyrant on the set of filming, she foreshadowed a storm, which led to the non-screening of the third film.

In fact, the case My love is written: Canto Duo It is ambiguous with desire. The film likely already contains all of its footage, including numerous glimpses of the back anatomy of its actresses, but the director isn’t clear when editing it and no distributor is willing to take charge of it. It is up to each individual whether this is a great loss for contemporary cinema.

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