7 cookbooks to enjoy the art of cooking

We accompany the chef Sergio Fernandezin which you can see the cooking Serge’s Kitchen or in Spain directlyto discover Literary Updates From the world of gastronomy. Roberta BrunoFrom culinary school and libraries ‘on point’Welcome to our exclusive custom booth To the kitchenreal temple is full Gastronomic treasures. She guides us to Literary updates for this edition.

The latest in cooking

#1 “Japanese Cuisine Illustrated”

Japanese cuisine illustrated (Col & Col, 2022) Not just a cookbook. its author, Laura Key, masterfully blends recipes with the cultural roots they come from. In this way, the reader is not only satisfied with the details, process and end result of the dishes, but also discovers Japanese culinary traditions Through tales such as the tea party or New Year’s traditions. six seasons Where you can taste every corner of Japan accompanied by large quantities of Rice, noodles and sake. Although the ingredients and types of cuts in this kitchen will surprise you more than just its execution and flavour.

Don’t miss this gem of Japanese cuisine accompanied by admiration Infographics From Haruna Kishi.

#2 “Yeast”

If they tell you that a file fermentation It spoils food but learn how to make it, can you believe it? in this book Fermentation – Ancient Art Basics and Techniques: A technical and practical guide to making your own fermented products (Cinco Tentas, 2022) Tell us about the wonders of fermentation in all its forms. Where We keep our food To be beneficial to our health, Microorganisms Responsible for this process can change our food in an unprecedented way. And that is exactly where it comes in. Robert Ruiz Moreno, the author of this book. Fermentation is a cooking process that is still unknown despite the years in which it was discovered and the multiple techniques developed, which is why it investigates 50 recipes from this book And get ready to reveal the secret of extraordinary tasting.

#3 “Art sandwiches between two loaves”

There are countless recipes in the culinary world, but if there is a star dish capable of dazzling all palate, This is the sandwich. Tony Garcia Ramon and Oscar Brooke Boludaauthors Art sandwiches between two bread (Discussion, 2022) In this book they give us a surprising suggestion that sandwiches are the ultimate expression of cooking. Found in bars, fancy restaurants, and in the family home, the sandwich is The most diverse recipes We can never find it, because between two loaves there are galaxies of flavour.

It is now possible to see our geography with a sandwich thanks to this book with The 50 best sandwiches in Spain.

We eat Spain with a knife and fork

#4 “Recipes from Empty Spain”

The avant-garde cuisine and modern cooking techniques are very cool, but there is nothing more gourmet than our food traditional food. recipes like Pastoral megagas, Manchego gazpachos or morteruelo, preside over a book full of tastes and aromas from La Mancha, Rioja, Extremadura … Because it is the small towns in these parts of our country that have left us the best legacy, delight in every bite. The natural ingredients and the cultural tradition Make this cookbook a gift for anyone who appreciates the nuances of Kitchen all life.

Recipes from emptying Spain (Espasa, 2021) from Pilar Bozulo She pays homage to the cuisine grown in those areas, which are now depopulated due to the phenomenon of Spain emptying.

#5 “The Great Book of Galician Cuisine”

Galicia It’s known as a land of character and character, and what better way to see it through gastronomy. The Great Book of Galician Kitchen: The 500 Best Recipes of a Lifetime (Espasa, 2017), allows us to travel through the entire culinary traditions of this community from any corner of the world. Appetizers, meat, vegetables, fish, shellfish and legumes Attending this celebration of the memory of simple food from the earth with 500 plates Incomparable traditional

#6 ’50 Recipe to Eat Spain’

50 recipes to eat Spain (A punto, 2019) is the first book published by a culinary school and gastronomic library to point out. In this recipe book you will find the largest and most diverse selection Spanish recipesThis is centered around the entire geography of our country. Some bravas from Madrid, or Andalusian Salmorgo or Valencian paella These are just some of the dishes that this delicious book brings you. In addition, you will find inside QR Code Takes you to the channel Youtube From A PUNTO the ability to see the preparation of some new dishes and proposals firsthand.

Run to your favorite bookstore and make an award winning menu with this cookbook from to point outwith versions In Spanish and English.

Travel the world from your kitchen

#7 “Dumplings!”

Some of you may remember the book Ramen! Chef Hugh Amano Though, you don’t have to worry because his new creation arrives loaded with Asian spirit and dumplings. in Dumplings: The new cookbook in comic format (Libros Cúpula, 2022) You will learn in a fun way how to create a file perfect dumpling We rely on different folding techniques and delicious filling recipes. This Asian dish ceased to be a challenge because Amano created a guide for beginners and experts showing off Cooking from gyoza to guotie or wonton.

Infographics pecan Combined with Asian Chef knowledge, make this book one of the Fabulous international gems from the exhibition.

With such hunger on the surface of the skin, anyone would go for these cooking guides, but what would they say if we tried Good barbecue?

barbecue (Penguin Books, 2021) is the perfect book for any aspiring king of this cooking style. The Meat perfect, right accompaniment, temperature From coals or exactly a point the juice They are just some of the secrets they reveal Tony Garcia Ramon and Oscar Manresa in this cookbook.

If you want to know more about Recipes and cookingdo not miss the contents available in Play RTVE.


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