A swarm of ants invades the Kindle and buys two books on Amazon

Insects (Image: GETTY)

Insects (Image: GETTY)

swarm of ants Nestled in the Kindle of a Brazilian journalist, I damaged the device and bought two books from Amazon.

Mariana Lopez Vieira He reported that he picked up his device to read a book after several weeks without using it because he had too much work. When handling it, notice that the battery is low, which seemed normal after a long period of no use. But when he tried to load it, he realized something was wrong. The light does not turn on and the screen flashes.

After leaving it plugged in for some time, Mariana tried to use it kindle again without success. At 32 years old, there are many electronic devices that have already passed through his hands. So he used the old trick of blowing the stopper hole, which is the only hole an e-book has.

“Unbeknownst to me, I unleashed the wrath of a thousand little creatures. The ants, the little red ants, scattered outside the machine, started at a terrifying sight. After a while, the color and scale of the dots changed, and even the little white animals bumped into each other,” Mariana wrote in her blog.

Surprised and a little disgusted, Mariana is invaded by the pain of losing her beloved virtual library, which is a treasure for some books that have stopped in paper form.

His shock was even greater when he received an email from Amazon announcing that he had successfully purchased the classic sci-fi movie. Robots and the Empire of Isaac Asimov. Before she had time to contact the e-commerce giant, the journalist received another purchase notice from The Ring of Gyges: Moral Fictionby Brazilian economist and author Eduardo Janetti.

Apparently, Mariana has activated the one-click purchase option, allowing one-touch purchase of books which made it easier for ants to buy.

Mechanical engineering experts have stated that it is technically possible for a large number of ants to cause unwanted actions in some devices.

Mariana canceled the option to buy with a click and the ants couldn’t keep doing anything.

But he discussed ways to get rid of bugs without killing them with chemicals or damaging the device. He thinks freezing would be the best option.

A stored image of a Kindle (Image: Getty)

A stored image of a Kindle (Image: Getty)

Other invasions

It is enough to search Google to verify that Mariana’s Kindle is not the only one who has been attacked by ants.

One stunned user wrote on the Amazone forum nine years ago that the device fell off his bedside and stayed there for a day and a half. When he found it, he noticed that it was full of ants. shake it, Dozens of bugs got out through the USB cable slot.

The bugs kept coming out for several days, although they didn’t cause any damage to the device.

Another Kindle user, Atul Vijay, watched an ant infestation on his Kindle 4 years ago. To help others with a similar problem, he described on Quora the desperate actions he took to get them to kick them off the device.

Vijay said his first big problem was that there was no way to unlock the Kindle. Ants have to enter and exit through the USB port.

The first step was to gently tap the Kindle to force the ants to grab their belongings and flee the device. “Hundreds of ants came out! Carrying white bags Vijay said.

Then he sprayed deodorant into the USB port and left it on for two days. His theory is that deodorant suppresses ant pheromones, scaring those inside and preventing others from coming back.

In the end, the professor regained full control of his Kindle and the device continued to work perfectly.

The HardZone post reported the status of the respective user Ant infection on your computer. One problem is that insects move compactly inside the device and can cause a short circuit. They also eat wires and cables in search of food and can completely damage the device.

In this latter case, the owner of the computer tried to torture them by leaving the machine running for hours to generate a lot of heat, blowing them up with compressed air and taking the machine out to the yard so they could go out into nature. But nothing works.

The best advice is to take it to a technical service to manually disassemble and clean the device, a process that can be done on a PC but not on a Kindle or tablet.

Experts recommend Do not use any kind of pesticides or liquids inside the computer Because the consequences could be dire.

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