Achieve the goal: 3 books that will get you out of the reading block!

We have 7 months of 2022, so it was supposed to serve several purposes, right? But if your goal is to read a certain amount of books And you no, don’t worry, here we go 3 book options He will get you out Reader lock In order to achieve at least one purpose in the list.

The list we provide below contains different types, so you have options to choose from.

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Achieve the goal: 3 books that will get you out of the reading block!

Book choices that will get you out of the reading block

We know all too well that dreadful feeling of wanting to read, but no book meets your reading expectations, and that doesn’t mean books are bad, they just aren’t what you’re looking for at that moment. as you say Benito Taipu:

“All books are self-help, except for the ones that say self-help in the title”

This is why resuming the reading rhythm you had been getting complicated, but don’t panic, this goal will be achieved. Without further ado, enjoy these book choices that will captivate you from start to finish and help you get out of the worst evil of all: the reading block.

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The extraordinary character created by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887 It became a legend over the decades, to the point where there was a point in history where people believed it Sherlock Holmes They already existed, and they spent sending letters and cases to solve them to the legendary address 221B Baker Streetin London.

If you do not know a little about this character, we will quickly summarize it for you: Sherlock Holmes is private investigator The most famous in history and his work has always been solving issues Of the most abnormal With the help of his loyal friend (and roommate) John Watson.

At first glance it may seem like a simple premise to this character’s story, however, Arthur Conan Doyle’s way of telling was great, he has lived practically all his life to write Sherlock Holmes. He has created a character who for more than 100 years has been the protagonist in films, series, dissertations, articles, poems, and all kinds of products all over the planet.

  • Series Rating: Mystery, Police

If you don’t have it and want to buy it, you can do so through Amazon.


cemetery book

Neil Jaman He is one of the most prolific authors out there today, his time in be fond of Not in vain, there was Dozens of adaptations For series, movies, theater or audiobooks.

Gaiman himself described his book as a reinterpretation of jungle bookwritten by Rudyard in 1894. And the idea was born in his head one cloudy day in England, when he saw his young son running and playing among some graves, in an area cemetery. Yes, that’s scary.

The story of the book tells the life of an orphaned child Nobody OwensInvolved in the murder of his family and forced to flee to the nearest cemetery. Already in place, an elderly ghost pair ends up adopting him and giving him abilities that only a ghost can achieve. These skills will help you deal with lord of the knifeKilled his parents.

  • Genre: Fantasy, Children’s Horror.

The Graveyard Book can be purchased from Amazon.

Books- block-reader-neil-gaiman


Epic Time Traveler.

A book built only on tweets? Believe it or not, this book was born out of a topic in Twitter.

Legend says so Alberto Chemalthe author read Time MachineFrom HG Wells And he was fascinated by the story and the main character. So he decided to do it Fans He creates stories with him as the protagonist. The stories were written day in and day out for a year.

And that is exactly what the book is about, what he will do and when Time Traveler with your temporary device. it’s a very funny Reading exercise, where we can laugh when Time Traveler went into the past to kill Bram Stoker to eliminate the existence of Dracula.

The book is very readablecan be read in full in two hours, due to Alberto Chimal’s ability to do so Capture the cool and funny stories in just 140 characters.

  • Series Genre: Comedy, Mini

You can find the book on Amazon, as well as on the UNAM book page.

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Books that will get you out of the reading block

Now you have no excuse, here is a selection of some other entertaining books. Outside of the classics that often overshadow their presence on the shelves. With the exception of Sherlock Holmes, the other two books are written that have made life happy for readers for no more than 15 years and amuse those who roll their eyes through its pages. Get out of the reader’s siege with these book choices you won’t stop reading.

It’s time for purpose!

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