All HBO Max releases in August 2022

Discover the new series and movies coming to HBO Max in August.

All HBO Max releases in August 2022

Summer continues to peak and the heat is with everyone in a few days until you want to stay home to watch a series or movie, which is possible thanks to streaming platforms like hbo maxwhich is full of great releases throughout each week, as we can see with all the issues of July.

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While some series will continue to add new chapters, others will start their seasons, at the same time that the platform will add the entire series. It will also be a new month with unreleased movies along with others salvaged from the past. Do you dare to discover all the titles?

HBO Max premiered in August 2022

Before learning about the new titles, HBO Max wanted to anticipate the successful release will be available from August 1 Game of thrones With 4K picture quality and Dolby Atmos sound, just in time for a marathon in Ultra HD. secondly, Little Liars: Original SinThe spin-off/reboot of the hit series Pretty Little Liars, will add the rest of its seasons this month. In this story, twenty years ago, a chain of tragic events nearly tore the town of Melwood apart. Now, in the present day, a new group of Pretty Little Liars find themselves being tortured by an unknown assailant.

August 1

  • PENNYWORTH (seasons 1 and 2): The original DC series about Alfred’s character, Wayne’s Servant. Set in 1960s London, the plot centers around Alfred Pennyworth, a young soldier who left the ranks of the British Army. While trying to get past the calculated killer cold he’s become, Alfred seeks to found a security company.
  • stability. Season 1-3: a series set in an exceptional setting that showcases the wild beauty of arctic landscapes. In addition, it is one of the safest cities in the world, where there was no crime until a neighbor was murdered in his house. The local police chief, Dan Andersen, and Detective Inspector Eugene Morton face the investigation of the crime.

August 3

  • Toka and Bertie. Season 3 (new date)

August 5

  • Blessed Patience (educators). Season 3 (new date)

August 11

  • Sherlock. whole series: A modern update of the Sherlock Holmes legend, set in 21st century London. His unparalleled deductive skills and arrogant emotional detachment make him the perfect detective alongside his inseparable partner John Watson.

August 13

  • bad behavior. whole series: A series starring a gang of five troubled teens who coincide with providing community services. Party girl Alisha, knowledgable Nathan, ruthless Kelly, shy Simon, and Curtis the jock are surprised by an unexpected electrical storm that changes their lives. Suddenly, everyone acquires a different power that they must control to protect the city from the evil that threatens it. To all this is added the typical interests of every teenager: love, friendships, family problems and sex.

August 15

  • The office (USA). whole series

August 22

  • Dragon HouseThis month’s fantastic premiere, being the first spin-off for Game of Thrones, aims to become a series-packed epic. This story is based on “Fire and Blood” by George R.R. Martin, set 200 years before the events of the original series, to tell the story of House Targaryen. A few days ago we were able to see the amazing official trailer.

August 25

  • Katrina’s children: A new documentary film depicting the consequences of Hurricane Katrina and its impact on the youth of New Orleans.

August 28:

  • PinocchioAdaptation of the classic story of a wooden doll named Pinocchio, who wants to be a child of flesh and blood. The film is directed by Matteo Garrone and stars Roberto Benigni.

August 30

  • Small Details: A film starring the mayor of Washington County (Washington County) returns to Los Angeles as he begins teaming up with a homicide detective (Malik) to try to track down a cunning serial killer who always kills the same way. .

Rick and Morty returns in September

In conclusion, we must remember that Rick and Morty will premiere its sixth season in September. “It’s hard to overstate the influence of Rick and Morty. More than just a hit show, it’s a truly global phenomenon‘, explains Michael Olin, President of Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. However, viewers are expected toIt can be part of the fun‘, so they should be very attentive to future news for her sake.

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