All That Baz Luhrmann Movie Hide About Priscilla Presley’s Relationship With The King Of Rock

According to Baz Luhrmann, Director ElvisA cinematic phenomenon of the season, there is a montage of the film that lasts more than four hours. It is not known if he will see the light of day. However, if it does, it will be interesting to see if the aforementioned extended version deals in more depth with the relationship between rock king Priscilla Presley. Above all, because the 159 minutes that arrived in theaters precluded (or rather resolved) many thorny chapters because they were so controversial for the iconic couple. Their path crossed in September 1959. He was in Friedberg, a city in western Germany, performing military service. For her part, Priscilla lived a few kilometers away, in Wiesbaden, for months before her stepfather, Paul Beaulieu, a respected US Air Force officer, was assigned to European soil. So, Elvis was 24 years old; Hey, 10 less.

On a warm summer afternoon, while sitting with her brother Don at the Eagles Club, a place where American military families go for dinner and entertainment, Priscilla, an Air Force member named Cory Grant, was approached. He told him if he liked Elvis’ music and if one night, because he was a friend of the artist, he would like to go with his wife to one of the parties that the interpreter translates. Heartbreak Hotel Organized at his home in Bad Nauheim. Two weeks later, once he had his parents’ approval, the first meeting took place. “He was more handsome than he appeared in the movies, younger and more frail and had a soldier’s haircut. He was in civilian clothes and a red jacket and brown pants and was sitting one leg on the arm of a large padded chair with a cigar hanging from his lips.” Elvis and me, the autobiography he published in 1985. In the same pages he noticed that the star laughed when he told him that he was in the ninth grade. “You’re just a kid,” he joked. Although the house was full of people, she soon realized that Elvis only had eyes.

Elvis Priscilla Presley

Priscilla, aged 16, in 1960, when she was already dating Elvis. Photo: Getty Images

Days later there was a second party. However, it was not until three when the musician, after singing some songs to those present, invited her to go up to his bedroom. “While he was talking, he was smoothing my hair. I swear I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I will treat you like a sister. I cuddled in his arms as he told me about his mother who died on August 14, 1958 and how much I missed her. When it was time to go, he kissed me goodbye, my first real kiss.” She broke up first, saying, “We’ve got plenty of time, baby.” He kissed me on the forehead and sent me home.

Priscilla’s stepfather clearly did not enjoy these late-night encounters. However, they came to an agreement: before their daughter saw him again, they wanted to meet him. When this happened, Paul Beaulieu was not deceived. As soon as Elvis appeared at her house, dressed in an army uniform, she asked him what his intentions were and why, being able to give birth to any woman, he wanted to spend time with Priscilla. “Well, sir, I am very fond of you. She is very mature for her age and I enjoy their company. It has not been easy for me to be away from home and all that. I feel a little lonely. You could say I need someone to talk to. Not to worry, Captain.” He replied, “I will take good care of her.” With these words he gained her confidence.

Since they only saw each other when the sun went down, Priscilla had a hard time getting up at seven in the morning to go to school. His study habits worsened. Realizing this, the artist placed a handful of small white pills in the palm of his hand. They were Dexedrine, a psychostimulant drug he had started taking shortly before his enlistment. I swore in previous notes that she didn’t get it. At least that night. Also, in case of any doubt, leave in writing that Elvis refused to consummate their love. “No. Someday we will, but not now. You are too young,” he told her on March 1, 1960, hours before he was due to return to the United States to continue his music career.

Once on American soil, the press linked Elvis with singer Nancy Sinatra. Priscilla, eaten by jealousy, waited for a call from her lover. The phone finally rang 21 days after he left. Unfortunately, since then, the talks have been far apart. At that time, Presley’s heart was conquered by TV actress Anita Wood. It wouldn’t be until February 1962 when Elvis invited her to Los Angeles for one of those long conversations. Since she still had to go to school, the reunion was postponed until summer. In the two weeks they spent together, they visited Las Vegas. On this occasion, he agreed to take amphetamines and sleeping pills to keep up with the frantic rhythm of the singer and his crew.

As planned, she returned to Germany and they did not meet again until Christmas 1962. But in 1963, Elvis contacted Paul Beaulieu and persuaded him to move Priscilla to Memphis. Faced with her initial disapproval, he promised her that he would enroll her in the best school in town and that she would not live with him, but with her father, Vernon, and his wife, Dee. He has his own way. “Elvis and I planned to live together in Graceland, but at first I kept my word and Vernon and Dee moved to Memphis. Living with them was difficult. I felt out of place in his house, and didn’t want to intrude on his personal life. I went to Immaculate Conception High School every morning, And in the afternoons and evenings I started spending more time in Graceland with Elvis’s grandmother, often staying overnight. Almost without realizing it, I started moving around with my things. Elvis was still filming Los Angeles. Idol of Acapulco. By the time he suggested moving to Graceland, I had already done so.” Elvis and me.

As expected, not everything was rustic. “Moving to Graceland, he already had his close circle. Of course they took me inside, but I never realized that was like that. We didn’t go out. He didn’t like eating in restaurants because people took pictures of him and he didn’t want to be photographed with a fork in his mouth. We used to live in a bubble,” it was revealed in 2016 on the show free woman, British ITV channel. “My adolescence was no ordinary girl. I had to adapt. I just followed what Elvis did. I lived his life. I saw the movies he wanted to watch, I listened to the music he wanted to listen to, and I went to the places he went.” In fact, in the same interview, she said that Elvis had never seen her without makeup: “Some can’t face the truth. She always wore a little makeup. He never wanted to see me get dressed, he wanted to see the end result.” These allegations did not surprise anyone. Decades ago, in her memoirs, Priscilla wrote the following: “She taught me everything. How to dress, how to walk, how to put on my hair and makeup, how to act, how to return love in its own way. Over the years, my father, my husband and almost became the Lord. ” He even told the magazine in 1978 People: “My life was his life. He should be happy. We never bother you. My problems were minor.

On Christmas 1966, when Priscilla was 21 years old, Elvis asked her to marry him. The civil ceremony, which lasted only eight minutes, was held on May 1, 1967 in luxury room A private room at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. There were only 14 people in the room. After saying “Yes, I do,” they starred at a press conference and had breakfast with about 100 guests, including Marty Lacker and Joe Esposito, two members of the Memphis gang who acted as witnesses to the groom. “My wedding was very unusual. They were the closest people to us, that’s how we wanted it. We didn’t want a fan club. We didn’t want a circus,” he said at Closer Weekly Five years ago. Absolutely everything was orchestrated by Colonel Tom Parker, the singer’s manager, who apparently believed that the spouses’ extramarital cohabitation was detrimental to the image of his student.

Elvis Priscilla Presley

Marrying their daughter Lisa Marie. Photo: Getty Images

Literally nine months after that date, on February 1, 1968, their daughter Lisa Marie was born. “At first I was devastated. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m here married, pregnant, and I’m not going to look attractive anymore. Sure, it was a tough moment. It was also for him because he was a sex symbol. He was worried about what his fans thought about being a father and how It will affect his status as a sex symbol.” guardian In 2012. On another occasion he explained to Closer Weekly How the singer lived his fatherhood: “Elvis was a loving father, but it was hard for him to see the kids eating because they drooled. He didn’t change a diaper. Not even one. Never. It wasn’t a man’s business.” On the contrary, he entertained the little girl with expensive gifts. He even bought her a fur coat when she was only three years old. And even a diamond ring when she turns eight. When Priscilla saw these excessive gifts, he unsuccessfully begged him to return them to the store. As mentioned in guardian: “I couldn’t tame Elvis, and I accepted it.”

“She was always ready to meet him at the door and pamper him. I really loved taking care of Elvis. I loved serving you. I loved feeding him. We talked like children, because you have to have your own language when there are a lot of people around. It was a good life. It was different, But he was ours,” Priscilla recounted in 2020 in People. “Women were attracted to him, so I was nervous when I had to go places on my own. She even accompanied him to brush his teeth. I was looking for him because everyone was chasing after him,” he confirmed in the same post. He confirmed in 2017 to the Australian program that he was “not loyal.” Sunday night. “Not that I had someone special, but when you’re in the entertainment business there’s always that and as much as I’ve tried to turn my back on him, I didn’t want to share it.”

Their disloyalty, as well as the star’s increasingly excessive drug use, completely undermined their relationship. People may wonder why no one has done anything. But this is not entirely true. The closest people tried to him, but they did not dare to tell Elvis exactly what to do. They tried to do it, but there was no way,” Priscilla was heard saying in the documentary Elvis Presley: Diligent Researcher, released on HBO in 2018, is a reference to why her husband never entered a detox center. Having begun an affair with karate teacher Mike Stone, Priscilla and Elvis separated on February 23, 1972. The divorce, as such, became official in early October of the following year. “When he was on tour, I went to dance lessons. I started to realize that women have their own lives,” she explained in her loose woman. She added, “I didn’t get the divorce because I didn’t love him.” He was the love of my life, but he had to see the world.” Although they took different paths, their friendship was indestructible until the singer’s death on August 16, 1977.

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