Ana de Armas talks about how hard it is to be Latina in Hollywood

Talented Cuban actress Ana de Armas reveals how difficult it is to get a place in Hollywood for Hispanics.

Without a doubt, one of the Cuban actresses who has succeeded in cinema is the beautiful Ana de Armas. In this way, thanks to her remarkable charisma and undeniable beauty, she rose up little by little, getting roles in many films globally.

However, not everything was easy for this beautiful 34-year-old girl from Havana; Because he encountered many obstacles along the way. Thus, he recently revealed it in statements he gave to the magazine Elle, It also appears on the upcoming August cover.

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The Challenges Ana De Armas Faced in Hollywood

According to Ana de Armas, there are many challenges that she had to overcome to realize her dream of becoming a respected actress in Hollywood. Apparently, one of them has to confront the prejudice that many people have within the industry, especially towards Latinos.

Similarly, the actress said that she was repeatedly belittled for simply being Cuban and Hispanic. In this way, even without knowing her as an artist, let alone knowing her as a person, they looked at her with contempt, depriving her of the possibility of showing what she was capable of.

Speaking on this topic, Ana de Armas told what happened to her when she met an important and well-known Hollywood actress, Jamie Lee Curtis. According to Jamie herself, when she met de Armas she thought she was an “inexperienced and unsophisticated young woman”.

Then he added, “I assumed, and I say so with real shame, that she came from Cuba, and that she had just arrived.” However, after such an impression, the hero of the novel “True Lies” had the opportunity to meet the Cuban woman after working together.

Let’s remember that Ana de Armas worked with Jamie Lee Curtis in Hollywood, when she was part of the film’s cast.”daggers in the backApparently, during the filming, the American actress was able to closely appreciate the talent of De Armas, as she was amazed by her acting abilities.

As a result, at the end of this work, she not only changed her opinion about Cuban, but also became her fan, advocate and friend.

With this experience, Ana de Armas provided a simple example that being successful in Hollywood isn’t as easy as it seems, especially being Cuban. He also emphasized that it is not impossible either; Proof of this is all that has been achieved in recent years.

Ana de Armas: A proud Cuban despite prejudice in Hollywood

As mentioned, situations like the one that happened with Jamie Lee Curtis accompanied Ana de Armas during her Hollywood career. Without a doubt, these are things that will not change and can be immediately discouraged; But she didn’t let that happen.

Therefore, he chose to take advantage not only of his talent, but of that unique spark that Latinos, and especially Cubans, envied. In this way, he was able to stand out in the industry and gain more and more respect and admiration from the public and his colleagues.

One of Ana de Armas’ greatest achievements in Hollywood is the leading role she landed in the movie Blonde, which was produced by Netflix. In it, the beautiful Cuban is responsible for giving life to the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe; In what is probably his most important work to date.

Also, through this work, this actress shows that she is much more than just a pretty face and an amazing figure; Well, he plays a very complex character. Likewise, although the movie is yet to be released, they recently released a trailer in which we can appreciate the maturity and expected acting quality.

Additionally, De Armas not only manages to do the character’s character very well; But he was able to recreate it very satisfactorily. As a result, the audience and a lot of people in the industry were really amazed by his performance, and the strong resemblance to Monroe.

Once again, Cortes highlights the greatness of Ana de Armas and her work in Hollywood; With particular reference to the blonde.

“She showed me a picture of her as Marilyn,” the actress said. “Anna showed me two pictures and a video of her moving, without sound. And it was very shocking…it was Marilyn, then he confirmed.

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