Annabelle Pantoga and Omar Sanchez meet again and end up in tears

  • Annabel Pantoga and Omar Sanchez met again after their time in ‘Survivors’ and he was frank: ‘I can’t be your friend’

  • Annabelle Pantoga collapses upon hearing Omar’s voice: “I can’t, Tony.”

  • Omar admits that he will not return with Annabelle Pantoga: “He hurt me and I felt ashamed”

In this latest Let Yourself Be Loved programme, we had a special task: to bring together two people who had loved each other very much in the past. Annabelle Pantoga and Omar Sanchez They saw each other for the last time when the influencer was about to head to Honduras Participation in “Survivors” Since then many things have happened… Will they be able to love each other again, even if it is in a different way?

Annabelle Pantoja accepted without hesitation Tony Moreno’s invitation To go to Let Yourself Be Loved without knowing exactly what was waiting for her there, Annabelle was only aware that her visit to the show was related to her ex-husband, Omar Sanchez.

Annabelle Pantoga cries when she sees Omar on screen: ‘I want to see him’

Although when Annabel leaves Spain to embark on her greatest adventure, she and Omar are no longer a married couple, the truth is that the days leading up to the trip He was the former partner of Pozo Izquierdo And something happened between them. It was Omar himself who realized in the group “Deluxe” that there was one among them intercoursewhich somehow confused Omar:I was hoping We can fix it.”

Annabelle Pantoga cries when she sees Omar on screen:

Annabelle Pantoga cries when she sees Omar on screen: ‘I want to see him’

Annabel herself admitted that the last person she saw before leaving for Honduras was Omar: “Take me to the airport”And now, three months later, history is repeating itself and her ex-husband is the one who greets her on her return to Spain: “Look at the things that will be my first person to see, but I tell you one thing, I want it to be like this, I need to see it“.

However, Annabelle found something in Honduras she wasn’t looking for and turned her head upside down: Yulin. The collaborator explained to Toñi that she realized this over time She fell in love with her partner A contest, something that was not in his plans.

Annabelle leaves the set broken: ‘I can’t, Tony’

Because of this love she felt for another man, Annabelle somehow thinks so You have failed who is still her husband. When Annabelle heard Omar’s voice on the other side of the wall, she couldn’t help but collapse but had to Leave the group From the program in tears: “I can’t, Toñi, This is very painful“.

The announcer immediately went to comfort Annabelle and reassured her that everything Omar had said about her was fine, and that she had no one to blame. make a great effort, Annabelle is back to his seat and continued to see the pictures that summed up his love story:

I should have seen you first Because you deserve it and because of I love youI can’t speak in the past tense that I loved you (…) I know it would have been painful because of what I went through while participating in the competition, I didn’t want to hurt you And yes I have please give meAlthough I managed to avoid it, I didn’t and the damage is already there (…)

There I forgot everything, I was in a bubble and it happenedNow I can’t even look you in the eyes (…) Everything we lived is not gone, I hope you never forget that beautiful day we had when we got married, I fought for you just as you fought for me, I’ve often wondered why I couldn’t Being our story, I let tell you I wish we could get it back, but I would like to be friend And that we somehow in each other’s lives, me I don’t want to say goodbye“.

Annabelle and Omar join in a hug: ‘I can’t be your friend’

Annabelle and Omar merging into a hug:

Annabelle and Omar merging into a hug: ‘I can’t be your friend, give me time’

After Annabelle Pantoga’s emotional words, Sanchez’s age is utterly devastated and he can’t help but get to know his ex who can’t be his boyfriend at the moment. Omar had some hope From reconciling and verifying that Annabelle fell in love again is a huge blow to her acceptance:

“I don’t think you are a bad aunt, when you fall in love you are crazy and do nothing, but you have to stop apologizing, you already asked me once and that’s enough, I obviously don’t like some of your gestures, I would never have done itbut hey, it’s over (…)

I did a great competition, I lost 13 kilos, I’ve fallen in loveYou’re almost in the final… what more could you ask for? Nothing happens, life goes on, now I’m fine, I’m happy and I will never forget all the good things you gave me.”

They both said what they were thinking and feeling, and after many feelings and tears, the two decided they were ready for it Raise the wall of the present: “It means that we commit ourselves in some way, and over time, to be a part of each other’s lives.”


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