Antena 3 (13.6%) remained unchanged in the heat of July and topped the list for the ninth consecutive month

As much as Telecinco rose on one of its last nights of the month thanks to a final Survivors 2022Nothing has changed in the July audience issue. Antena 3 tops again for the ninth month in a row. The Atresmedia Series for Purpose repeats the result with which it concluded the 2021/2022 season, the first it has led in its history, with 13.6%.

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The channel is one tenth more than the previous month, a figure that is a five-tenths improvement over the figure obtained just one year earlier, at the end of July 2021. Thus, it stretches its good streak in a month that has already achieved the decline in TV consumption, as it has been Already completed the bulk of the large commitments to programming, except for The Voice Kidswhich ended on the night of July 22, lifted Paul Calvo in front of more than 1.5 million viewers and an audience share of 19.7%.

For the rest, emphasizing the strength of its barbecue supports, which except ant nest They don’t rest in the summer, like the unattainable passwordpass Roulette on the table and earth time afternoon. To this we must add the good performance so far the brothersthe bet that came to rest innocent In prime time from Monday to Tuesday, the latter’s performance has improved and is a little close to records Unfaithful Sunday night. All this without forgetting Antenna 3 news, a leader among news programs. Didn’t you notice the most secret traffic during prime time on Wednesday of season two of ACI: High Intellectual CapacityAnd the cinema data on Thursday night did not decrease, on the other hand, it controlled it Survivors 2022.

This particular last programme, which ended this Thursday 28th, was once again at the tip of the spear Telecinco In the month he also practically repeated the June result, with a 13.1% (One tenth less than in June). Beyond Reality (whose finale was pushed to 27.2%, although it turned out to be the second finalist with fewer viewers in its history) and reliability AR . programAnd the It’s already noon (despite the disturbances caused by the unexpected departure of Sonsoles Ónega and the quick arrival of Joaquín Prat) and Deluxethe last joys of the month, like a re-emergence Let yourself be loved (Specifically with the stay-coordination rattles this Saturday 30th), it wasn’t enough to close the distance in relation to the contender.

In any case, the Mediaset chain especially this month notes the consequences of the new market situation. It is down almost 4 points compared to July 2021 (which closed 17%, its best monthly figure since June 2016). This was one of the channel’s last joys: precisely in August 2021, Atresmedia cut its 35-month streak of continuous leadership to nearly hundreds, thus beginning to change the course in our television market. In this sense, no Save me watermelonFollow up It’s already eight o’clockand no refund Idol Kids On prime time Wednesday, they paid off on the outreach group.

In any case 1 of TVE It’s the one he’s facing a more obvious one and there’s no sign that anything will change in the short term. The public channel ends in July with records very similar to those in June: A 8.5%, which is one tenth higher than last month’s result, when he woke up from the dream that May meant (9.5% achieved thanks to Eurovision and the Champions) and four less than the figure he achieved a year ago. The big specific events that have in recent months scratched tenths this time have worked to preserve the genre: despite the fact that commitment to LGTBIQ + Pride was not supported on this opening occasion by the public, it was able to make up with the closing San Fermin (whose data indicated, yes, the effects of signal transmission to EiTB and Navarra TV) and with Women’s European Football ChampionshipAnd the With a teacher from the semi-finals.

Moreover, the company has seen its crisis worsen this month with a schedule without much allegations or news. every-time Master Chef 10its main origins, shut down the kitchen in the middle of the month (to make matters worse, with its end not showing), the power of its contents was very limited, beyond vigorous evening performances such as the hunter s here is the earthWithout a movie premiere I touched you It still has a really cool effect. Before that, August is full of news, with a comeback Night of the fishermen s A trip to the TV center The premiere of the movie Mabea new bet for reach prime timetakes over from Enred @d @swho only noticed an improvement when ant nest s Mediator They close the cycle and start the substitution period.

In the face of the generalized stoicism of the Three Great Chains, the effects of the heat wave that shook the country are noticeably visible in the minor chains. VI It is the biggest victim, after declining from 6.3% in June. By 5.3% in July this year (Twenty fewer than it was in the same month of 2021). The low slope of the canal during the summer, which is especially noted for the absence Usersin addition to the daily contribution of MediatorExplain this dynamic frequently annually. However, the domination is over four Still guaranteed, although the Mediaset channel notes a less pronounced decrease, by only one-tenth compared to the previous period: from 5% from June to 4.8% of July.

Final sessions July 2022

  • antenna 3: 13.6%
  • Telecinco: 13.1%
  • Payment topics: 9.2%
  • 1: 8.5%
  • standalone (forta): 8.3%
  • VI: 5.3%
  • four: 4.8%

Audience Analysis June 2022

Below we collect audience analysis for July 2022 prepared by Barlovento Comunicación consulting firm.

1. Arranging chains and driving

  • 3 . antenna (13.6%) topping for the ninth month in a row with the best July in the last 13 years.
  • Telecinco (13.1%) is in second place with the lowest July in the past nine years
  • In third place in the ranking was La 1 (8.5%) and the lowest month in July in its history
  • Forta (8.3%) is in fourth place making the best July in the last 10 years
  • The group of 73 paid thematic channels (9.2%) had the best month of July in its history.
  • Top 10 Series Still in the following order: Antena 3 (13.7%), Telecinco (13.2%), Payment Subjects (8.8%), Subjective (8.6%), La 1 (8.4%), laSexta (6.3%), Quattro (5%) No 2 (3%) FDF (2.7%) and energy (2.6%).
  • Driving by goals It is distributed as follows: Antena 3 is the most watched channel among men, as well as in those over 64, Telecinco tops women and individuals aged 25-64, and the paid topic group is the leading option for those under 24.
  • As for the Territorial division: Antena 3 is the leader in Andalusia, Galicia, Valencia, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Murcia and Castilla-Leon. Telecinco is the leader in Madrid, the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and the rest. It is the leader of TV3 in Catalonia and the push topic group in Asturias.
  • According to time periods Lead: Antena 3 leads after dinner and prime time, Telecinco is the morning, afternoon and late night flagship, and push themes are the most watched option at dawn.
  • According to the days of the week: Antena 3 leads on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while Telecinco is the network most watched on Thursdays and weekends

2. TV consumption

  • Total consumption for this month is 2 hours and 50 minutes a day per capita, 18 minutes (-10%) less than in July of last year.
  • consumption in linear She is 164 minutes (96% TTV) and the delayed adds 6 minutes (4% TTV), for a total of 170 minutes per person per day (2 hours and 50 minutes).
  • by Objectivesthose who spend the most time per day watching TV are, by gender, women (3 hours and 03 minutes on average per day) and by age groups, those over 64 years of age (average of 5 hours and 02 minutes per day) per person (per day).
  • The daily consumption time for viewers who watch TV every day is 4 hours 53 minutes per day, 15 minutes less than last year.
  • As for the Unique viewers per day (cumulative audience), 26.5 million Spaniards connect to television on a daily basis which represents 57.9% of the population. 
  • The unique viewers In the month they reached the figure of 42.3 million, that is, 92.5% of the population watched at least one minute of TV this month
  • Of the 45.7 million potential viewers as a consumer universe, 3,412,000 people did not tune in for one minute with the medium per month, and these “mobile phones” represented 7.5% of the total.
  • In July 2022 they gifted 3 hours 22 minutes (202 minutes) For TV use (traditional TV + other uses) per person per day, which is -12 minutes less than last year.
  • Duration for “Other Uses of TV” 32 minutes per person/day


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