Aragon gets Allegro and walks in August

If July has been generous with Aragon in terms of music festivals, August has arrived determined not to be left behind. Between those that take place entirely in the eighth month of the year and the festivals that have already begun and that end in August, the show is rich and varied. Additionally, some of these cultural initiatives transcend the one-day or weekend-long format, becoming sustainable bets that even consider other arts.

The first hit of August in this vein arrives next Wednesday. Promoted by the Aragonese government, El Múver reiterates its commitment to live music in museum spaces Draft. Thus, on the third day, Trío Salduie is expected to arrive at the Huesca Museum (8:00 pm), composed of Daniel Francés (violin), Consuelo Roy (piano) and Nuria Gañet (cello). On Saturday 6 this festival is a tough choice: go to the Zaragoza Museum (9:30 pm) to see El Niño de Elche with María Ostroukhova and OCAZ Enigma or visit Pablo Serrano To admire Juan Pero.

The castle festivals ran through their stages throughout the month of July, With stops in the three provinces of Aragon. In August, they give, for example, the response of the “rockets” in Valderrobes on the 4th (they will also be in Sadaba on the 14th) or the Aragonese Elim on the 6th Sabbath. And in the rest of the month there are performances in Teruel, San Agustín Castle with the 555 or in the aforementioned Sádaba (Lafitte on the 11th, Marta Domingo on the 12th, bvocal on the 13th), as well as other appointments at Mora de Rubielos, Rubielos de Mora and Albalate del Arzobispo.

Sonna, to structure in style

The Huesca Provincial Council has proposed the Sona region as an alternative to the southern Pyrenees after the impact of the pandemic. The relocation of artists to remote parts of the province was a resounding success, which is not necessarily measured by the number of attendees, although the closing of Amaral and Juan Perro in La Cartuja de Nuestra Señora de las Fuentes was very popular.

In August (ends in September) you will be able to see the Asturian Lorena Alvarez y sus Rondadores (on the 6th of the Blandovia plains, Proto), Isabel Marco (on the 14th, San Elias de Valcarca, Binaced), El Petit de Cal Eril (19 , Benabarre Castle), Idoipe of Teruel (21, Mirador del Isábena, Laspaúles-Bonansa) or Eduardo Paz with Olga and the Ministriles (28, Espacio Salto del Roldán, in Sabayés).

collisions? Hyles. The first weekend of the month coincides with the closing of the southern Pyrenees (Friday and Saturday, with Rob and Nathi Peloso as flashy characters) with Brizna de Ayerbe, Amante de Borja, MIL de Mora de Rubielos, Vino del Somontano in Barbastro and some loose dates for long dates. In Brizna, with its many multidisciplinary spaces, there’s a full heatmap being fed on Friday 5th by the sheer energies (Carolina Durante and Delaporte, in the lead) and Saturday 6th the piston doesn’t fall thanks to Fongo (from Earth, who’s back with new strength in 2022) ), the ubiquitous Alizzz or the evil Russian Ladilla. On Sunday it will be another fragrance with the great Tecanela and Kiko Veneno.

The lover was burning with a desire to return with a fist on the table (the fist made of silk, yes) and he accomplished this with a label that can only be defined by very vulgar words, of the eclectic or profound kind. Viva Sweden was the latest and celebrated addition to a group of national pop and rock reviewers Which includes Ana Torroja, The Blue House, The Red Room, Shinova, Elephants, or Genevas, among others.

As for the MIL of Mora de Rubielos, which extends to Valbona (Day 9), Gúdar (14), Cabra de Mora (19) or Alcalá de la Selva (26), it proposes on the opening weekend of the Seville Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba or La Mari de Chambao, as well as Teruel singer Mario Lafuente. And watch out for the Somontano Wine Festival at the Barbastro Convention Center, which comes in pretty strong; In addition to magic and comedy, the British musical “Totally Tina”, which honors the great Tina Turner, and rhythm wizards, introduces Maiomana.

Verrula Live, very fine

The festival proposed by the Zaragoza Provincial Council every summer in the monastic enclosure in Veruela has an indisputable number this year. It doesn’t matter if he actually sang in Aragon this spring, his advanced age doesn’t matter at all: Pablo Milanes continues to embody Cuban identity better than anyone else, Although he has lived in Spain for years and health problems limit his performance schedule. The sound is still there, and lyrics like “Yolanda” or “Para vive” are no longer erased by a “good-thinking” mob led by more Republican Rednecks from Wyoming or Oklahoma.

As for the Camino de Santiago Festival, its desire to bring cultured music to the official and/or sacred places of Jacetania celebrates its 31st edition. Italian Socuadro (Day 5, Jaca), Raped gambler Jordi Savall (Fortunately, a frequent presence on this poster: this time, in the parish of Canfranc Estación, on the seventh, with Xavier Díaz Latorre on guitar and theorbo), cellist Josetxu Obregón (on the eighth day, Castiello de Jaca), Al Ayre Español (11 , Jaca) or Amancio Prada (20, Jaca) are some of the attractions of this veteran event.

In September, a cup and a half

Not only from Vive Latino (September 2 and 3, exhibition area, Zaragoza) live festival-goers who decided to leave the grounds in July and August. In the month of returning to the classroom and, in many cases, to the jobs, there is an interesting parade for festival-goers in “late summer” in Aragon. For example, Close Sonna Includes Antonio Orozco (Day 9) and Miguel Ríos (10) in La Cartuja de Nuestra Senora de las Fuentes, There are still tickets. Also for the great co-pilot at Azanoi on the second day. In the FIZ of Multiusos (24) there are Dorian, La Casa Azul, Carolina Durante or Aragonese Mediapunta. This year Estoesloquehay is moving to Artieda (Jacetania, although in the province of Zaragoza) with La Perra Blanco Trío or Fetén Fetén among its many complementary activities from 16 to 18. To Bum Motion Club, Hickeys, Carrera, Dharmacide and Teana.


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