“Art saved humanity, now humanity must save art”

visual artist Antonio Cordoba Fernandez displays in Exhibition Hall of the Fernando de los Ríos Center Social and Cultural until the August 7 Retroactively to his work Memories of the wind. This exhibition has a common thread between memory and the experimental experiences of the artist, Memories of the wind It is a journey of exploration The phenomenon of human perception In it Antonio Cordoba uses motion as the central pillar of his work, posing impossible perspectives and precarious compositions that invite the viewer to be a part of it.

The title of this collection responds to a very careful selection of business with High emotional charge for the artist. Drawing acquires an important role and seeks the interaction between the visitor, memories and artwork. It’s not an accidental show, here and now, it originates from The connection of Antonio Cordoba to Albolote Since the city council was one of the first to bet on his figurative creativity through the traditional exhibition of plastic arts at its festivals, in 1998, for this reason, the artist, who has had an extensive and recognized artistic career for more than 20 years, wanted to return to the exhibition hall of the Fernando de los Center Rios socio-cultural evaluation through this exhibition. which accommodate a total of Sixty unpublished works of the artist, including paintings, engravings, and drawingsexecuted in different techniques: oils, acrylics, engraving, etc. Among them, the inscriptions stand out as their main dish. Those inscriptions, full of riddles and suggestions, crossed lines until they came to pure velvet black, which evokes that silence we are talking about that shows the great beauty of this mysterious and alchemical technique.

the artist

Antonio Córdoba, in addition to being a visual artist, is Certificate in Fine artsGraduation Applied arts in drilling specializationHe received various courses in drawing and engraving, and he worked Teacher And a member of the jury, belongs to INVER-ARTE group of artists (BB.AA), currently studying general engineering He obtained a higher degree in ETS at the University of Granada.

Made by artist from Granada Many exhibitionsboth individually and collectively, among the most recent: his exhibition of painting and engraving, ephemeral silence In the Palace of Exhibitions and Conferences in Ronda (Malaga) in 2013 and individual character. In the same year, he held an exhibition of painting and engraving The master and his disciples At the Casa de los Terros Museum and its Painting Gallery work on paper In the Cidi Hiaya gallery, both of the gallery collective character.

Cordoba has Groups located all over the world. His art resides in the Daniel Vazquez Diaz Museum and Center for Contemporary Art (Nerva-Huelva), the Zarzuela del Monte Museum of Contemporary Art (Segovia), and in the city council of Granada itself and at its university, as well as in other city councils from cities such as Calicasas, Nigüelas or Albolote. In countries like Rome, Germany, France, etc., among other places. He received many awards such as the first prize in the Nigüelas Engraving Competition or the Engraving Award in the 12th Fine Arts Competition in Granada.

Proud of love and I want to be a part of word art

How long did it take to make this sample?

Memories of the wind It is a retrospective exhibition that the Albolote City Council suggested to me long ago, but for personal reasons and, of course, it was the epidemic, the main protagonist of recent years, that delayed the exhibition, until this year.

What was your goal with her?

– I wanted to build it on the most intimate and emotional memories an artist can have, and I believe that all exhibitions should be that way, because a work of art should move and convey feelings, because this is the most beautiful task a creator can have. The word wind arose from the most poetic feeling inside me, because it is the wind that brings and carries memories, in the exhibition you can see the field notebooks that I always carry in my pocket with notes and drawings, the most intimate, in this exhibition I wanted to become Antonio Cordoba more than ever, With pure and charming styles such as engraving, painting, oil painting, etc.

The show contains a lot of emotional charge.

– I wanted emotion to be the key word, for the simple reason that if the artwork is painting, drawing, music, poetry, etc. It’s not sexy, it’s not art, art was born with one mission to tell stories and emotions, the word art is the purest word in human history because at the dawn of humanity we actually made art without knowing it. It was art.

What work would stand out to you if you had to choose?

– The truth is that each of them has a piece of me, each of them has a beautiful memory that the wind has brought me, How difficult is this question but how beautiful, because in my case it produces something sad but all art always has something of melancholy, of decisions, because I To display this selection of works, I have suffered a lot, picking some leaves from your tree, when you need so much to be able to live and breathe, but to make this synthesis and keep the tree alive is very difficult. Perhaps in order to answer something and not evade your question, I would like to highlight a series of large-format drawings of my father or Elena the girl with a wind smile. Drawing is a sublime, charming, humble and close style that makes the form of expression the conversation any artist would want with a medium.

-You are a visual artist with great depth, what are you most proud of professionally?

I feel proud to see how light writes to the wind makes me an artist Today I feel proud to have been born into a family where only pencils were handed out because there was nothing else and stories in a majestic cathedral that the boy made his own I am proud to answer that question that asked me About everyone when I was young, “What will you be when you grow up I always answered; painter, I want to be a painter”, I am proud of love and want to be a part of word art, I am proud of working hard and just being able to answer that question is a dream, Because yes, dreams come true, to be able to devote myself to this work as the writer Javier Sierra told me: “Antonio devoted himself to the most delicate work of man, that of creativity.” I am proud that I never stopped dreaming, and as my friend and teacher Carmelo Trinado told us, whenever he finished his fine arts classes, “I dream of colour.”

-What is art to you?

– The same question I ask every year to my art school students, it’s the million dollar question, the answer is very simple, why, where’s the beauty? There is something simpler and more beautiful than art, art tells stories, it’s love, it’s writing a poem over coffee while listening to Piazzola, it acts like a thief and steals a piece of time… Express, that’s the answer to that question.

– Do you think that plastic artists in Spain receive the support and appreciation they deserve?

– Doctors have the necessary recognition, farm workers have the necessary recognition, or a construction worker, etc. Realizing whether someone is doing the right thing or not, and above all worth it, does not depend on us, it depends on a society that is increasingly blurring the magic, the magic of pleasing others, and the plastic artists do not go out with signs to defend ourselves in the streets, but if we have The power to express through our work and make it the biggest banner, because it will be a proof that will last for centuries, the artwork is a reflection of this society and the artist himself, art saved humanity Now humanity must save art, that’s why more exhibitions are needed and administrations are betting more on Culture, because it is the salvation of plastic artists.

“We plastic artists do not go out with signs to claim ourselves in the streets, but we do have the power to tell people through our work”

What advice would you give to young artists who are starting their careers?

They dream, they never stop dreaming, they struggle to get up every time they fall. Now in my classes I give the secret to my art school students, I always tell them, I work and work and more work, this is the secret, there is no other, the artist was born but it must be done.

What upcoming projects will you surprise us with?

The artist always has projects, and I have many of them, the most recent of which is the presentation of my last poetry collection while the wind sleeps With over a hundred poems written between Seville, Cordoba, and Granada, it was supposed to be published in the spring, but I will eventually try to publish it this fall. As I mentioned before, there is a very magical discipline which is painting, and I would like to make an exhibition with just this technique, which I have never done before, I have always mixed more techniques in my exhibitions, and I would like to be in Casa de Los Tiros de Granada, because A space that adapts well to the gallery project I have in mind, but my greatest project is to keep writing and drawing every day until I get tired, because the painter paints to live and the artist lives to paint.


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