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It can be said that by turning her guests into a herd of pigs, the witch Circe became the first activist for sustainable tourism. Much nicer than the methods used by a witch Odyssey Against the Ulysses crew are those employed by the Ulysses team. by Renava By organizing this new Biennale of Contemporary Art, which opened in Bonifacio (Corsica) last May with other episodes of Homer’s poem as inspiration.

Prisca Meslier, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Biennale, explains that the aim of this first and subsequent editions is to present an alternative view of the world. sanctuary One of the idyllic beaches that the name Corsica usually suggests. It’s about attracting more sustainable tourism, but it’s also about reclaiming the island itself. “The team grew up in Corsica and we all share the idea that the island should be protected from the poverty that it suffers so much on a cultural level, because local identity and many of our traditions have been lost; and also on an economic front, because an economy that depends exclusively on tourism generates various damages, even human damages , because young people are forced to migrate and cities become empty. Our work consists in creating a land that allows investment in creativity, value of our heritage, and raising awareness of art as a carrier of resources. It is a vision we share with the island authorities, which has helped us a lot.”

“Moon Hunting” by Mao Renava
The work of the American Barry McGee.
The work of the American Barry Renava

The first edition of by Renava It will run till November 6 and will feature 13 famous artists like Matt Collishaw or Anish Kapoor. Most of the works exhibited in the Biennale are among his most famous and have already passed through some of the major art institutions on the international scene, but by Renava He presents it in a context tailored to the island and its heritage. “The idea was to bring all of this work together in Bonifacio, and after a very careful curatorial exercise, see how it resonates in the island’s landscape and political landscape,” Prisca Mesler explains by email. “We hope that by bringing together all these international innovators and thinkers in Corsica, a sense of pride and belonging is generated that will lead new generations of islanders to new perspectives and creative impulses.”

For this edition of the Biennale, “Waves” was chosen as a conceptual theme, according to Prisca Meslier “a metaphor for the constant flow of people, goods and ideas that redefine the identity of place and build our collective imagination”. The curator also took advantage of the fact that tradition places Bonifacio as one of the stages of the eventful journey of the Ulysses to Ithaca. The exhibition explores themes of exile, memory, and transmigration of human paths. We called her Red Odyssey [Odisea Roja] Referring to Homer’s poem that sing X Ulysses stopped in Bonifacio. In the poem, the sea always has a color between reddish and purple, but never blue, a symbol that expresses the desire and danger that emanates from this element.

“The Tiger” by Isaac Renava
“The Original Blonde” by Francisco Rodrigues da Silva, better known as Renava

Thus, a video clip that local artist and architect Melissa Epaminondi recorded a few years ago on the island shows a series of photos of Corsica landscapes taken with a red lens to express a sense of danger. titled LavizzyThe film evokes the episode in which the sirens tried to lure Ulysses and his crew with their song to tear them apart, as well as the dangers faced by immigrants, like Homer’s hero, who sail the Mediterranean in search of a home. The most famous work of this biennial is coming down, a menacing vortex of black water created by British artist Anish Kapoor that refers to the character of Charybdis, one of the monsters Ulysses has to deal with during his journey. Visits to these and the rest of the works take place in shifts, limited to groups of 20 people, and take place in notable locations of Castle Bonifacio such as the Saint-Roch or L’Etendard bastion, some of which were closed decades ago and were in a state of decline, says Prisca Mesler. The venue for the gallery is so beautiful that after you finish the tour, you don’t want to leave it like Ulysses to break up with the nymph Calypso.

The “descendant” of India’s Anish Renava
Khtobtogone by Sarah Renava
The work of the American Barry McGee.
The work of the American Barry Renava

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