August is full of great concerts at Campo de Gibraltar

During the next day weeksincluding all August I already entered SeptemberThe Gibraltar field will have one A comprehensive and varied offer From Parties Some of the main offers Artists of the landscape the National.

This will mainly be due to Signal What are you showing Three festivals The different ones that will coincide during several dates in August: Trocadero Flamenco Festivalwhich is in full swing at this famous beach club in Sotogrande; The cabaret festivalwhich will arrive again this summer in Bullring Las Palomas in Algeciras; and the Sotogrande Music Festivalthe great cycle of San Roque parties that moves in this version to Polo fields Santa Maria Club.

Trocadero Flamenco Festival

The second edition of this flamenco festival began at the popular beach bar on the coast of San Roque last Friday, July 15, with a performance by Mighty MartinAmong their 15 concerts, high-profile artists such as Durantes and Rancapino Chico or Tomato.

Those that are yet to come are the following: Raymond Amador (31 July), Archangel (2 August), macaque (August 3rd), Anthony channels (August 4th), Jose Mers (11 August), Farrukito (August 12), Baby Bin (August 18), Kiki Moriente (August 19), Israel Fernandez and Diego del Morao (20 August), La Tana and Maria Earthquakes (25 August).

All this until August 27 when you eat Copy data The end of the festival two organizers, The Pearl and Tubalo They will give an unprecedented concert with Guest artists such as El Pele, Potito, Lela Soto and José Canela San Roque.

cabaret festival

The remake who is this Travel Festival reach to the green Island with miscellaneous poster Offers with possibilities for the whole family. From will open The cabaret festival in Algeciras this year in the bullring the toilet From the green island will be Madinat Al-Zahra on August 12.

Veteran Andalusian rock band from Córdoba, led by Manuel Martinez latest album degree study came today As one of the last songs Trianaand in which it covers Specifically as a tribute The most powerful songs From the legendary group Jesus de la Rosa, Eduardo Rodriguez Rodway and Juan Jose Palacios Television.

will follow Pastore girl The August 13inside of Tour 2022 In which Al Jazeera included songs from its new album, from which it has already released its first single Oso what a girl.

The August 14 Festival poster dedicated to local artists From the wonderful projection, like singers Tatiana Dialves, Desiree Martinez and DJ Alberto Francowho will participate in a free entry party in Las Palomas.

The next date for the cabaret festival will be Friday 19 August with May God protect the Queengreat band from Queen’s salute Which will not only tour the greatest hits of the legendary English group, but will also take the audience back to the golden age bohemian rhapsody and the unforgettable performance of Freddie Mercury and his cohorts at Live Aid in 1985.

The Saturday 20 will be devoted to general children with I learned from them. great musicalwhere a tour of songs of difference Animation movies Like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Frozen, Aladdin, Rapunzel, or Beauty and the Beast.

The Copy data From 2022 the Algeciras Cabaret Festival will be in the key humor with Morancos and new presentation, Everything for the motherat any The Jadavall Brothers They re-introduce the most loved characters by the audience amita In a show full of humor, news, dances and new songs.

Sotogrande Music Festival 2022

The next festival to complete a tight schedule of concerts at Campo de Gibraltar for the coming weeks is Sotogrande music 2022Which takes programming until the month of September. This year it was the festival venue Transformed into the polo fields of the Santa Maria Club In Los Pinos, where the concerts will begin August 6 with carnival night who will bring Big names for the Cadiz Carnivalas comparsas La Brigada, from Tino Tovarand those who are subject to Martinez Aresamong other things.

Next date will be a party India Martinez, on August 12, during his “90 Minutes +” tour. The August 20 It will be another role of the main national artists, the singer from Malaga Vanessa Martin who will be presenting his latest album, “Siete vezisi”, as well as some of his most popular songs on his 2022 tour.

pre-existing september violinist Lebanese people of Armenian descent settled in Spain Ara MalkianOn the second day of his world tour, while Barcelona singer Miguel Boveda He will present his latest works, diverse day 3 of that month.

The last two dates will be September 9 With the performance of the Madrid singer Lola Indigo s Tenth to conclude the festivalsteadfast Raphaelwhich will present the “6.0 Pa’alante Tour”, in commemoration of Six decades of success on the stage.

In this way, the calendar of high-level concerts for the summer in Campo de Gibraltar is very full. In addition to the three festivals Other great concerts people like Manolo Garcianext one September 10 In Las Pigeons of Algeciras.

Below we present relationship of dates From July 31 to September 10 so that you have on hand everything you can choose:

July 31, 2022 – Raymond Amador (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 2, 2022 – Archangel (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 3, 2022 – macaque (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 4, 2022 – Anthony channels (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 6, 2022 – carnival night (Sotogrande Music Festival)

August 11, 2022 – Jose Mers (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 12 2022 – Farrukito (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 12 2022 – India Martinez (Sotogrande Music Festival)

August 12 2022 – Madinat Al-Zahra (Cabaret Festival)

August 13, 2022 – Pastore girl (Cabaret Festival)

August 14, 2022 – Green Island Music Party (Cabaret Festival)

August 18 2022 – Baby Bin (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 19, 2022 – Kiki Moriente (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 19, 2022 – May God protect the Queen (Cabaret Festival)

August 20 2022 – Israel Fernandez and Diego del Morao (FM wagon)

August 20 2022 – Vanessa Martin (Sotogrande Music Festival)

August 20 2022 – I learned from them (Cabaret Festival)

August 21 2022 – Morancos (Cabaret Festival)

August 25 2022 – La Tana and Maria Earthquakes (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

August 27 2022 – The Pearl and Tubalo (Trocadero Flamenco Festival)

September 2, 2022 – Ara Malkian (Sotogrande Music Festival)

3 September 2022 – Michael Poveda (Sotogrande Music Festival)

September 9, 2022 – Lola Indigo (Sotogrande Music Festival)

September 10, 2022 – Raphael (Sotogrande Music Festival)

September 10, 2022 – Manolo Garcia (Bullring Algeciras)


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