Barcelona puts 150 million euros to inflate the sale of the first two cranes – El Partidazo de COPE

FC Barcelona set aside 150 million of its own money to inflate the selling price of the first two cranes: selling 25% of the TV rights to Sixth Street. This is why Barcelona officially claims to have sold the first two cranes for 667, while Sixth Street only paid 517. Where are the other 150 million? Barcelona put them. Is it legit? For any reason? Do your partners know the truth?

Before going into these details, a simple but instructive example. Imagine that I have a motorcycle. They will cancel my credit card if I don’t prove to the bank that I have a balance of €1,000. My friend Luis bought the motorcycle for me but he only gave me 850 euros. So I say to him: Let’s partner the two of us to use the motorcycle and call it “Motorcycle Friends.”

Allow you to use 25% of the week for 850€. And with the 850, I put 150 more and I already have 1000. I deposited them in the bank and can already say that I sold the bike for 1000 euros to “motorcycle friends”. And my friend Lewis says: There you are with your accounts and your bank, but I pay you only 850.

As you know, Barcelona claimed that LaLiga accepts to sell Barcelona the first two cranes for 667 million, but LaLiga said that it accepts only 517.

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