Best Books to Understand the Metaverse

an actWhat exactly is metaverse?? What technologies does it include? How can you enjoy it? When will it be permanently implanted? What platform can we use to access this virtual universe?

You can resolve all of these doubts or questions by meticulously absorbing articles and press reports specializing in technology and innovation. But if you want to delve deeper into this concept, you also have a chance to get it Some books on this topic.

Essential guide to the metaverse at the best price

Currently, not many rivers of ink have been written in Spanish about the metaverse, but there is more variety in English. After all, many of the most interesting proposals in this new ecosystem come from Silicon Valley.

Prices for these books are in soft or hardcover form, in general, Between 10 and 20 euros. It is rare for them to exceed this limit.

Best Books to Understand the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon That You Can Buy

If you don’t mind reading digitally – or find it more comfortable – you can also enjoy some of these titles for free. There are many things to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

You should keep in mind that this technology is in a state of complete change and transformation. It’s something that’s still taking shape and They can hatch within 2 to 5 years. Thus, you can risk that these guides will become outdated in no time. However, they will help you get an idea and gain extensive knowledge of something that has been talked about a lot in recent months.

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With all this in mind, here are some of the best books you can buy right now to understand what the Metaverse is:

What is metaverse

What is the book Metaverse

The author of this book, Yen Gálvez, is an expert speaker on the Metaverse and Official Epic Coach, one of the biggest players in this ecosystem today. He is also the CEO of Metaverse Productions Virtualmente and the metaverse VR-EVO training school.

work for him Nearly 200 pages He touches on “every secret of this new world, simply funny and earnest.”

Buy What is the Metaverse book for 15.60 €

The Metaverse: Now get ready for the next big thing

The Metaverse Book: Get Ready Now For The Next Big Thing

An easy-to-read work to introduce you to the metaverse. You will learn things like who is behind it, what are its business opportunities, how it relates to the decentralized economy, how it can be used for investment and what role cryptocurrencies, smart contracts or NFTs play in it.

Although there are not many titles published on Amazon yet on the subject, this is one of the titles that has received the best reviews. Almost half of the buyers give it a 5-star rating. as you would expect, Written in Shakespeare.

Buy The Metaverse: Get Ready Now For The Next Big Thing For €14.07

Metaverse for beginners 2022

Metaverse book for beginners

There are people who are not satisfied with walking a bit through the metaverse, but they are already thinking How to “colonize” it and earn a good amount with it. If this is your case, you may be interested in this business.

Just with the subtitle of this work, everything is explained: “A guide with smart ways to invest in disruptive projects with little capital. Learn how virtual lands, blockchain, DeFi and NFTs will make you a millionaire.” Is the author a smoker? Only the future and every reader will be able to answer this question.

Buy the 2022 Metaverse Beginner’s Book for €9.97

Metaverse: Everything you need to know

The Metaverse Book: Everything You Need to Know

Brief, but with very good reviews from readers. he have Average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on amazon.

If you sink your teeth into it, you will be able to learn what the metaverse is, what its history and background are, what possibilities it offers and how it works, how we can take advantage of it to live together, how it will improve communication and video games, what companies and industries are using the metaverse, and their relationship to the investment world, As well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Buy the Metaverse book: everything you need to know for €11.99

Metaverse Investing for Beginners

Metaverse Investing Book for Beginners

The last item of the list is also written in English and titles Metaverse how can be an appetite for those who are willing to invest in.

“The book will take you by the hand and reveal the basics behind Metaverse tokens, investing in cryptocurrencies, and how you can benefit from this world,” says the author of the book. He also states that his guide—in the face of those who are skeptical or who see it as a bubble—”will dispel myths and mysteries, and give you a straightforward explanation of how every aspect of the Metaverse works.”

Buy Metaverse Investing Beginners Book for 14.29 €

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