Blonde, along with Ana de Armas, has been criticized on social networks for her new trailer

The official trailer for Rubia, a movie based on the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, was recently released. The novel, although based on the life of famous actress Marilyn Monroe, is a work of fiction. Ana de Armas has been chosen to take the lead role in the film and is accompanied by Adrien Brody, Sarah Paxton and Bobby Cannavale. The movie will premiere in September, but without watching it, there are already strong opinions about it and people seem to have a lot to complain about.

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life Marlin Monroe It was very difficult, and despite her possessing beauty, fame, and fortune, it seemed that bad luck followed her. Having gained the attention of the whole world and being the most beautiful woman of the time, she never managed to get happiness in her own life and died at a very young age, becoming a Hollywood legend. The famous actress has inspired artists of all kinds, from painters to directors, and this is the case of the writer Joyce Carol Oateswho decided to write a novel about it.

With the film’s first advance, the first negative comments towards it were unleashed. From several approaches, one of them is the question of her adult rating (NC-17 in the US), which means she will witness strong scenes about the abuse that the actress has been subjected to by some men in her life. Despite the fact that the writer has already seen the film and confirms that she was surprised by the feminist treatment that director Andrew Dominic was able to tell the story, there are people who assume it was in bad taste to exploit the abuse that director Andrew Dominic suffered. an actress.

I’m not going to cover Ruby in any way. I think NC-17’s violent fantasy about Marilyn Monroe presenting herself as an autobiography, or even if it’s outright fiction, is pretty terrible.

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Another common complaint relates to the idea of ​​submitting the tape as an autobiography. At the end of the day, the novel as well as the movie are strangers’ perspective on how life is Marlin Monroe. There is also a feeling of over-exploitation of the actress’s image to take advantage of it.

remind! Rubia is largely based on a fictional book about Marilyn Monroe that will feed the public with more lies about her. This is not a biography. Also, the NC-17 rating is only because a man wants it, not because it is necessary. It’s a way to sexualize her more.

Let Hollywood tell us how badly Hollywood treats this woman and how even decades after her death, people still profit from her image. But of course, Ana de Armas looks great as MM and I’m sure she’ll be nominated, and that’s the point of this movie.

How long must Marilyn Monroe be dehumanized before people finally leave her alone?

Until the premiere of the movie it will be possible to see if all these criticisms are substantiated, since then Marlin Monroe You will always evoke strong reactions in the audience. But with bad reviews come good reviews too and there are people who are surprised by their description and explanation Ann weaponsAnd they’re really interested in seeing the tape. The same Ann weapons He agreed to make the film because he felt it was well written and that it would do justice to the famous actress’ legacy.

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