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2022 is the summer of fire. Spain is burningThey say that more than the last decade, has already exceeded 220,000 hectares destroyed so far this year according to the European Union. The heat of the flame reaches our windows as in the beginning body fireDirector’s debut, Lawrence Kasdan.

Fire and meat merge into the 1981 film’s credit titles, advancing what the story will tell. Kasdan admitted that he plagiarized literature without conscience destruction By Billy Wilder: They both talk about a man who is seduced by a woman to kill her husband for a lot of money, but Kasdan brings two things that the original does not have. The first is very hot. The characters speak with sweat on their foreheads, the crowd is running at full throttle, and the women are fanning themselves, drying their wet skin with handkerchiefs; Even if we didn’t pass one ourselves, we might feel the heat wave sweeping through Florida (odd, the movie was shot in the winter and the heroes had to wear snow in their mouths so they wouldn’t let off steam).

That unbearable wave is, according to the detective who played it JA PrestonThe reason for the high crime rate. “When it’s hot everyone tries to kill each other”, He says. “People dress differently, feel differently, sweat more, wake up in a bad mood and never recover. Everything is a bit crooked. Suddenly people start to think the old rules don’t apply anymore and start breaking them, thinking that not everyone will care because we are in an emergency situation. .

But the fire led by the irresistible lawyer was played by it William Hurt It is my body. The other thing Kasdan adds destruction It’s something very few Hollywood movies have: explicit sex. Very, very hot and very tasty. There is nothing more understandable than the pleasurable moan of Mattie Walker (Kathleen Turner in her first movie) when he sees Ned Racine throw a chair at the glass door separating them so he can throw it at her. Under a ceiling fan, he passes his hand between her legs, unbuttons his shirt and licks his chest, lays her on the floor, takes off her panties, and lays them on the red carpet. Everything that happens after that, including premeditated murder, is tolerable. Who hasn’t been swept away by a horn like this?

Sex was also a devastating firealbeit in more symbolic and less literal ways, in important important. The two films have a lot in common: The two heroes were greatThey were excited and excited us. identical shot in which a man’s hand is held by a woman’s buttock, slipping into her panties; They also match the masculinity of their personalities. “I’m so stupid. Woman, you know?” says Kathleen Turner sarcastically. “All women have a whore inside, Concha,” Juan Diego said softly to Stefania Sandrelli.

For the rest, Bigas Luna pees on Lawrence Kasdan, literally. Coca-Cola which in body fire A source of nourishment and freshness (and possibly a sponsor, based on the various shots of their logo appearing), in important important It’s rubbish and waste. For the Spanish director, this soft drink was a “universal symbol of American culture,” he came to say in interviews, and not innocently, he records a shot in which Jordi Mola unleashes a strong, screeching stream of urine on a crushed can. on the earth.

body fire black , important important It’s red. Red blood. Florida’s humid heat, with its opulent mansions and crime-ridden pools, has nothing to do with the Aragonese desert and windy summer, roadside brothels and city discos. There are two variants of spurs, the slim bonfire type by William Hurt, and the slim bonfire type developed by Javier Bardem, who is the epitome of masculinity, liveliness, and liveliness. This is a bull. Kathleen Turner, female killer Cool and calculating, spider. She covers herself in elegant white silk, and the women of the Monegros desert wear endless necklines through which her enormous breasts almost escape.

The fire here, which cannot be seen but ends up charring everyone in the tragedy, comes from another source. “Don’t you know that pork makes you want to?”(Very little Penelope Cruz looks like Rosalia), Raul says to Silvia. Raul eats whole garlic because it’s good for circulation, Sylvia spends her days making potato omelettes, and there are street parties with paella, mortadella sandwiches, and cans of black olives. Silvia’s breasts taste like ham, tortillas, onions, and garlic when Raoul sucks on them eagerly; By contrast, when José Luis, the posh kid performed by Mola, does the same in a clumsy and cold way, he says they know nothing. Summer is sex and sex is the food of the Bigas Luna.

Yes in deed , There is only one light that gives more heat than fire, here and there: money. The one that separates Sylvia and Raul from the rich they want, use, and despise, and the one that Matty Walker slowly and silently pursues. The money for which Spain burned so many times, and brought fire to our windows as at the beginning body fire. Although not all of us have a pretty back like William Hurt’s, drenched in sweat as he watched the fire from afar. “My family used to eat in this hotel 25 years ago. Now someone has burned it down to clear the ground,” he told his lover who was waiting for him buried in bed. “It probably has one of my clients.” What is summer more than setting fire to the ground to speculate on?

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