Books, your best friends, mentors and advisors

Books are capsules of paper and ink that mediate our mental health. In a world dominated by social and digital networks, let us not lose the pleasure of dedicating part of our time to reading.

Books, your best friends, mentors and advisors

Last updated: April 22 2022

Books are a good company to spend time and even life. They are our allies in the sad moments, in the happy moments, and in any wasted hour. Indeed, books are often said to be living people woven into the pages, exciting beings waiting to lead us on exciting adventures and eye-opening visions.

We call them treasures of knowledge, but they are also partners in entertainment, our guides for knowledge and even the best advisors to the problems of existence. It grew from more and more and less at each reading. He laughed and cried with a novel and made important decisions thanks to his favorite writer.

On the other hand, something we know from the field of psychology is that reading is more important than we think for our mental health. And remembering it is crucial. This is because currently and, On average, we spend more hours on social media than immersing themselves in a book.. Something quite paradoxical, because it is this digital universe that exacerbates our mood the most …

“Reading brings us unknown friends.”

-Honoré de Belzac-

Coming out of our novels thanks to a book has a transformative and beneficial effect on our minds.

Books are tools for mental health

Reading makes us immigrants, it takes us away from what is known and familiar, to take us to other horizons. And this mechanism, that alchemy, is exciting. Because when we immerse ourselves in other characters, places, and moments in time, our mental narratives expand and transform as well.

So much so that studies like the one at the University of Toronto show us that books, especially reading fiction, allow us to mature, emotionally grow, and even change ourselves. After all, people are not just the experience of every love, every disappointment they feel or every conquering or frustrated dream. also Every book we read and that’s also shaped who we are now.

On the other hand, a research paper published in 2013 in the journal Sciences He pointed out something wonderful about books. Repeated immersion in reading improves empathy, social skills, and interpersonal understanding. They are processes related to the theory of mind.

The world would be very different if we were all addicted to libraries and lovers of reading nights…

When we read novels, we are temporarily drawn out of our identities into other characters and perspectives. This improves our empathy.

Reading, your teacher to relieve stress and improve alertness

Murakami said that if we read the same books that everyone else reads, we would all end up thinking the same way. it’s the truth. If there is one thing we learn early on, it is that being able to choose what we read at any time is an exercise in freedom and well-being. Each person must craft his life story in the world of reading, his personal journey in terms of genres and authors.

It is not good for them to impose upon us what we read; They can suggest and recommend us, but each one must be selective when choosing which threshold to cross and which story to make. Only when we feel free are we happier and, If there is one thing that books give us, it is the best of liberties, Escape routes and parallel worlds to travel to.

Books are guides, teachers who specialize in relieving stress and anxiety.. After all, when we open a novel, an article, a collection of poems or an autobiography, we adapt to the present, developing our full attention to the maximum. The relief it generates is better than any anxiolytic.

Books allow us to know ourselves

Whoever was reading throughout his life reflected many times on his privacy. Because when we enter into other ways of being and being, we compare ourselves to all those personalities. Doing so is good. Because leaving our personal universes for a while to travel to other identities allows us to experience many collisions of character, values, and viewpoints.

Exploring other minds and ways of being changes us. Although this change does not come until one has finished the book. It is then that we realize those remnants that history has left us, all that we have felt and learned.

At Mind Is Great, we suggest that we can better empower you in the realm of feelings by “Put a Heart in Your Mind”.

Other suggestions for growth, learning and healing

in The mind is wonderful We propose to be your guide on your journey of healing, mental wellness, and learning through two books. They are businesses that are carried out with the strong intention of helping.

These are two guides on different but complementary topics, prepared from a scientific perspective with many practical exercises. They are as follows:

Put a heart in your mind, a journey into the world of emotions

The desired goal is Put a heart in your mind It is your training to be an expert and a good manager in the world of emotions. In this book you will learn:

  • Understand what emotions and feelings are.
  • Better understand and manage dimensions such as anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, frustration, shame…
  • Understand how your emotions affect your body.
  • Use your emotions to your advantage to improve your relationships.

Everything will be fine, strengths in you

Everything will be fine It is a book that will help you develop your psychological strength to live better. To face adversity and gain psychological well-being.

From a psychological, humanistic and scientific point of view, this evidence is An opportunity to learn how to live a fuller life, Thanks to a series of main exercises and strategies:

  • Managing conditions such as stress and anxiety.
  • State your concerns.
  • Exercise your courage.
  • Encourage self-compassion
  • Develop your resilience.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Good relations.

In conclusion, few dimensions are more decisive than our ability to grow as people, to progress in happiness and moderation in a world of increasing uncertainty. Books are and always will be our best allies.

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