Cave of Lamazaris

The Mount Lyonespecially Cantabrian mountains It consists mostly of limestone rocks, which are well shaped by water seeping through their fissures, creating very special spaces within the earth. In the previous ways we talked about Valborquero Caves And all that it entails during your visit and subsequent arrivals and walks. In this case, we will walk towards other caves that can be visited in the county, quite different from the previous caves, but with much more interest, Caves of Lamazarislocated in the Arguillos Biosphere Reserve.

It is true that it does not have the infrastructure of Valporquero, which gives access to buses, Llamazares is a small town, but there is enough parking space for visitors.

The road begins in reception center From visitors to the cave, where you can buy a ticket for 15 euros (book an appointment in advance by phone). It would seem costly were it not for the fact that this cave does not receive assistance from any public organization, the directors worked hard and got a result worthy of applause. It is worth experiencing not only for the geological interest but also for the beauty and subtlety of the interior with the shapes and colors which are true works of nature art.

Cueva Lamazares is open all year round, weather conditions permitting. It is a fragile environment and heritage worthy of preservation, therefore to be able to enjoy the always guided visits, access is restricted For small groups, advance reservation is mandatory.
Recommendations: Wear mountain shoes or comfortable walking shoes and warm clothes.

Phone for information and reservations: 646 33 88 16

We are grateful for the information we received from the cave managers, helpful in preparing for the visit inside, as well as on Municipality of Lugeros Where is the cave located.

The Road

It’s a very short road and Well which starts in the city the flamesAt the beginning there is a visitor reception center, which is easily identifiable by the signs pointing to the cave. He walks a path there and bypasses the house becomes road, although with good marks, it climbs zigzag, in some cases it is helped by a modest rope railing. In its first part, it overcomes a good slope until you reach slightly flat terrain where you can rest to walk towards a nearby path, where you can see the town of Llamazares below, El Bodón to the southeast and La Peña to the north. Forcada and other mountains always behind Pina Coribos There is a hole in it.

Keep stretching until you come to another, more open area where the path ends where you can see another sign and potential relief. From there the last part is lined with some Benedic stone stairs that end at the entrance to the cave. The door has a very special shape depending on the terrain in which it is located.

The cave has many attractions, to the usual presence of stalactites and other stalagmites near it, it provides other strange geological forms called coraloids that look like coral although they are not and cover the walls of the cave giving it a unique and different appearance from the rest that can be visited.

You go inside following the cave guide’s explanations, and the visitor enters directly into the two gallery galleries that were dug into the past by water currents of which today only their marks are left, continuing a tour where stalactites, stalagmites, flags, and columns compete for space with the choraloids.

past of Argyllos books in ice and Cave of Lamazaris It speaks of large glaciers carving glacier valleys, and when they thawed huge amounts of water were introduced inside the cave, leaving it submerged.

This water trapped in the cave also contains dissolved calcium carbonate, which, in the case of calm water, slowly precipitates in plates that fall by weight on the tiny needles sticking out of the walls, producing layers and layers until coraloids form. that flood the walls of the galleries of Cueva Lamazares.

Cueva Lamazares is an entire underground world with colors invisible to visitors. The physical effect of fluorescence adds the final touch to the visit, as the brilliance of its formations is combined with other minerals with this property, to be surprised, even more, by discovering this geological treasure in the natural state of the middle mountain lioness

tour in Home and Away With a new descent after leaving the cave towards the town of Llamazares along the same path until reaching the visitor reception center, where the road ends.


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