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Will Smith apologizes

“I’ve spent the past three months understanding the nuances of what happened. The work I’m trying to do is I’m very sorry, and I’m trying not to think I’m just a piece of crap,” he begins by explaining a video in which the actor apologizes to Chris Rock.

David Bisbal is proud of his wife

The singer absolutely loves Rosanna Zanetti and whenever he can shout his love from the rooftops to the woman who conquered his heart nearly a decade ago and with whom he formed a beautiful family.

Candela Peña’s reflection

The actress wanted to share what it was like for her last year. Namely, she was zero in on work projects, a blank year but she definitely won’t last forever because she’s a great actress. Cheer candle!

your own paradise

The eldest son of Princess Stephanie of Monaco wanted to share his favorite spot with all his followers, his one with his wife and their puppy. Of course, the reviews are amazing.

Georgina goes to root braids

The young woman is in Spain while Cristiano Ronaldo’s career future is being decided. He makes the most of his days in the capital where he enjoys, in addition to working

Emma Garcia is enjoying her well-deserved vacation

The Basque presenter wanted to thank all the love her followers showed her after the end of her “Viva la vida” show with a photo from her own paradise. Emma wears a straw hat and an orange dress, showing her good mood.

Marta Risco’s New Career Challenge

Antonio’s friend David Flores wanted to share her new career success as a talkative reporter for Telecinco’s new weekend show It’s Already Summer.

Sebastián Yantra has one of his great passions

After his successful tour of Europe, Sebastian Yantra headed to Chile where he planned two concerts for which all tickets would be sold out. But before taking to the stage, the singer enjoyed one of his greatest passions: skateboarding.

Hailey Bieber and her homemade session

The model posed this sexy in lingerie at home in what appear to be self-portraits. The young woman is still not separated from her husband after he suffered a stroke.

Anita Matamoros celebrates her birthday in style

Kiko Matamoros’ daughter blew out the candles for her 22nd birthday and did it in style with a high-profile celebration alongside her family, friends and the great absence of her father.

Amor Romera’s original way to exercise

The “influencer” gave some advice to her followers, acknowledging that the best way to exercise in hot weather is to wear a bikini.

Violetta Mangernan reveals how much weight she gained

There was very little time left for the birth, but while this moment was happening, the “influencer” did not hesitate to reveal more information about her pregnancy, revealing how many kilograms she gained and how much her daughter weighed.

Victoria Beckham shows her favorite place

The businesswoman admitted that to be able to lie down and enjoy a vodka tonic and that her Kindle is her perfect plan to be happy.

Laura Matamoros reveals her favorite plan

Kiko Matamoros’ daughter explained that her favorite plan is to be able to sit quietly and eat pizza on the street.

Jorge Perez received a very special recognition

The collaborator was very proud to receive an honorary recognition as Ambassador of Ambrosero. A very special moment he shared with his followers.

Mercedes Mila nominated for MasterChef

“I have a little bit of knowledge of things, but I have a little and chicken is the king of food for me,” she pointed out while showcasing the way she likes to cook. A moment he took advantage of to ask to be in the upcoming edition of “MasterChef Celebrity.”

Rosalia with her idols

Yes, celebrities also have idols and to show off the photo uploaded by Rosalía, who despite having 21 million followers on Instagram, boasts of posing with the Muñoz brothers, members of the Estopa group. “I’m with two of my idols,” he comments next to the footage.

Anna Boyer’s Children: Siblings and Friends

Miguel and Mateo, sons of Anna Boyer and Fernando Verdasco, get along wonderfully. You just have to see the picture of “Love” that her mother posted on her Instagram account.

Eugenia Osborne and her best traditions

There is not a day when the influencer does not remember her mother, who died in 2004. For years, she considered an inaugurated summer tradition: a book was read by her mother, and therefore she shared it on her networks with a photo of the book. Cover read this year: “Persuasion” by Jane Austen. Next to the photo, he wrote: “Starting with a summer tradition. One of my mother’s books.”

Ona Carbonell is proud of a large family

The synchronized swimming champion was Ama for the second time last June, for boy Teo. Two years earlier their son Kai was born. But she is proud of a family of 6 and her pets, Tani and Chima, are part of the beautiful family she formed with former gymnast Pablo Ibanez.

Jorge Javier celebrates, congratulations!

The presenter is 52 years old and celebrated with the best company, La Mari, where the world already knows Jorge Javier’s mother.

Andrea Duro becomes a romantic

Along with a romantic photo with Ally Galan, the paddler with whom she celebrated her first birthday, the actress wrote on her social networks, “How beautiful you look.

Judith Masko remembers the opening of the Olympic Games in Barcelona

Do you remember what you were doing on July 25, 1992? You may not have been born. It was on that day that the Olympic Games opened in Barcelona and many celebrities remembered this moment. Like Judith Masco, who recalled a photo that day: “It was already dark when I paraded my life and ‘play at home,’ wearing a dress by Enrique Loi with motifs by painter Joan Miro at the Olympics. It was the first time this was at Barcelona Stadium. Fashion is present at the opening of the Olympic Games.”

His secret place with Patricia Bardo

The presenter, who just a few days ago got rid of his last memory of Almudena Cid, became romantic again on social media by uploading a photo in which he talks about his favorite place on the planet. “Pasiño a Pasiño paise o camiño,” he wrote next to the photo that looks like a letter to Patricia Bardo because it’s the phrase he always uses to talk about it. The presenter replied: “📌❤️🙌”.

Beilin begins to mingle with others

Little by little Belen Esteban begins to recover after her terrible fall and subsequent operations. After sitting in the “Deluxe” on Friday and telling her how she coped with her sick leave, the TV collaborator is slowly starting to come back and reclaim her social life.

Noelia Lopez, Unstoppable

The Andalusian supermodel this year isn’t going to have many summer vacations because she’s working, yes, at the beach and has incredible looks.

Omar Sanchez and his hint to Annabelle Pantoga

“Thank you @alqueriadevilches for a week of breaking up, I couldn’t have had a better deal…and of course Valencia and its people, see you soon 🙏”, Omar wrote, referring to his ex-wife.

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