Chefs Tour of Spain’s Music Festivals

Grilled pork sandwich with Galician chefs festival recipe Bani Qassem (FIB), Mad Cole in Madrid, Resurrection Festival in Viviero or in a few days, in Paixas de Puyo smiled August 4-6 with Tanxugueiras, Kase O, Rayden, or LA MODA, among others.

yes, The chefs They are also touring Summer through music festivals in Spain. The Horno Galico brand is a case in point. 15 years ago they started testing at FIB and since then they haven’t gotten off the truck. It is one of many examples of food trucks (food trucks) that cross the peninsula from one event to another.

The success The festival is not just about music. to endure (legally and healthy) days of seven or more hours in a row by dancing, singing, jumping, or doing make-up, wall of death Or multi-scale congas like Serrabulho at the last resurrection festival in Viveiro, you have to have energy and the best way to achieve this is with food.

There is a growing interest in providing high quality products. “With us, you have to eat The best roasted pork sandwich of your life. This is our goal & rdquor; Yesterday, the person in charge of Horno Galleco, Alvaro Rodriguez betanceiro commented.

Affirmation follows the philosophy of life: “We work with Zero Kilometer Product, Sweetened. The sandwiches to be eaten at SonRías Baixas are baked from Cangas and the pork comes from O Porriño, from Frigolouro. We are galicion and the zero kilometer product is delivered to us day in and day out, so there is no room for lost or damaged”

Caring about the product is not only that. “Cooking on the street is not the same as cooking at home. Must Be careful with the condition of the ovenDon’t let the sun hit it, don’t let Nordis hit it… To prepare it you have to go to the festival site the day before it’s prepared, adds a cook who was interested in this “bohemian lifestyle” fifteen years ago when he devoted himself “to the world of meat & rdquor ;.

What I like is going to festivals And I thought I could enjoy it while earning a little money. Later, we realized that you are basically working & rdquor; He admits between laughs to add that sometimes he has time to watch part of a concert.

After many years of experience, in his food truck Five people including it work as a permanent employee, avoiding having to train new employees every year. “It costs a lot to hire new people each year, in our case, it goes against the quality and excellence of the product,” says the person who started the business “for three months out of the year at festivals but now I work all of them including the year.” Medieval festivals and fairs& rdquo;. In fact, just yesterday, the organization closed to be in Festivals of El Pilar de Zaragoza in October.

Horno Galleco’s business style does not match that of other festival companies. in your case, They do not have Resturant or a physical store. Other brands, yes. This is the case of the recently located 78 Gastrobar in Sinsal Estrella Galicia in San Simon which has a restaurant of the same name in the center of Redondela; Or the Bico de Xeado ice cream company, which is also tired of selling the delicacies of Sinsal.

Against this example of experience, other brands debuted this year at festivals. It’s the state of the restaurant Mamafina, from Pontiers. Its manager, Miguel Andion, clarified yesterday that they are starting with Green Millo this summer, although the idea was to start before booking.

The goal is to “achieve Extra income in the summer” While advertising your organization. Both in this and in the food cart, they sell Mexican street food, although at SonRías Baixas they will serve gluten-free food, since the bases are made from corn, and also milled by a supplier from Pontevedra.

To try not to envy the quality of this sale on the restaurant’s offering, he explains that “And theWe work in the restaurant every day to supply food truck. Additionally, from street food & rdquor. Quick detail.

At this Buenos Aires festival you can also find food from Passion Bocadillos Foodtruck, which includes hamburgers; Sweet and savory pancakes from crepes ‘n’ roll; Crepes are also from Cousiñas Doces which also serve up ice cream, waffles, and chips; Not forgetting the SmokedHub with bio caddies, cashews and other foods with a different twist. For its part, the Mamafina food cart will stop at a stopping point Urban Pilgrimage to San Roque in Vigo.

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