Dance brings back the streets

The dance Recovery Streets Another year along with the festival dance, fuck dancewho comes with him Seventh Edition to fill dance Streets and some historical sites in Iruna. Thus, the White horseThe San Jose Square or the jitu alay plant They will become the protagonists of the course, which from its inception aimed to bring art and culture closer to the citizens through street dance.

The course that will occur during The first three Saturdays of AugustStarting on the sixth day of 20:00. With the inclusion of the first three offers in programming Fences Festival.

In addition, this year it is recovering The essence of travel Two years after the pandemic, the health situation forced the festival to confine itself to one place and restrict public capacity. In this way, Danzad and Danzad Malditos will again submit technical proposals at various scheduled locations, through A tour of the Barbazana tour Where they will combine dance and Parkourthe discipline that will accompany the audience during the transition to the spaces and this is the “heart” of the course.

“It is a street dance festival where we bring raw dance to places that are special and have their own history and heritage,” he said. Carmen LarazDancer and choreographer Course CoordinatorWhich welcomes various local, national and international companies every year.

In addition, there will also be creations specific location from the hand Brazilian choreographer Marie Paula FerreiraWhich “will hold an artistic residency during the festival, and what is created there will be programmed in the form of small interventions” scheduled to be held on the thirteenth.

“We are in the seventh edition, and there are things that we are already starting to learn about, and of course there are new things that emerge and demonstrate the uniqueness of the festival,” Laraz said, adding that they were “particularly excited this year” and nervous “because after two years he finally regained the initial idea of ​​the festival:” its course. , inviting the spectator to move and move, a feature we love so much.”

Bringing art to the street

“These kinds of courses, for the dance, represent what was initially the driving force that drove me to design the festival: bringing art to the street, making artistic expression a part of city life, making it accessible to everyone at all levels,” Laraz said. And that is precisely the main promoter of the course. : “Making the public more involved in creativity and artistic expression.”

In this aspect, the reaction of people so far has been “very close and humane”, as Laraz said, “and this is the impulse we must continue every year”, to continue offering a space for Iruna where people participate through art and where very beautiful experiences and evenings are created “.

And it is that Danzad’s goal, Danzad Malditos remains the same after seven years of travel: “to bring dance closer to society, so that art and culture are part of life and the city.” The session is flooding Ieronia today again for its completion, with three different technical proposals.

Jill Kerr

On Saturday afternoon it will be opened in Whitehorse by the dancer and Israeli choreographer Gil Kerrier His piece is titled Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major by Vivaldi. Choreography is a type of adult, youth and children’s dance, with music and dance as a celebration, a space for freedom, simplicity, subtlety, intimacy, fun, and friendship. Gil Kerer started his professional journey at KCDC and Vertigo Dance Company, and has since worked with several freelance choreographers. In 2011, he created his first solo work, Diving, first prize for new choreographers at the MASH Festival in Jerusalem. Since 2015 he has been working as a freelance choreographer, acting and touring around the world and giving creative and artistic workshops.

“Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major by Vivaldi,” by Gilles Kerrier Yair Miohs

Daniel Abro

Indian It is the proposal that will bring the Canarian Company to Plaza San Jose Daniel Abro. The montage was designed with the idea of ​​a body outlined in invisible paths, which seems to collide with gestures, thoughts, and other intensities…face lines we’ll never see. Abreu is a dancer and choreographer with nearly 20 years of experience with over 60 creations that he has been able to present locally and internationally. He received many awards as a dancer and choreographer, among others.

“Indico” by Daniel Abreu. Paula Fuentes

Erza Sorconza Artistico

Back at White Horse, the company Erza Sorconza Artistico will present otempodies. We can live time in many ways, even if it is a slave to it, but what cannot be denied, and this is true for any corner of the world, is the power that dance gives, whatever its origin, gender or condition. time in the absolute present. Otempodiz (says time) is the result of a two-way artistic exchange and creativity project between Mozambique and the Basque Country, which wants to offer a business opportunity and the essential tools to be able to work alone in international dance circles through two dancers from Maputo.

The course will run on Saturday 13 and 20 August, with new proposals by national and international companies. On the twelfth day, Elelei (Blind), Silvia Batet (Oblivion), and Melissa Castillo (Fuga) will present their products. The finale of the program will be drawn up on Saturday, August 19, by Areli Morán while following a course of action, Stefano Mattiello and Clarissa Costagliola, of startup Dúo Tautó with Between Link and Rip and Navarrese Anuar Daemon with Vogue.

The parkour team, which has become the spirit of the festival, consists of a group of 6 young people practicing parkour to guide the audience from one place to another, under the direction and creation of Javi López, Director of Backflip Navarra.

“Otempodiz”, by Ertza Sorkuntza Artistikoa.

“These courses mean bringing art to the street, and that artistic expression is part of city life”

Carmen Laraz – Festival Coordinator


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