‘Everything, At The Same Time, Everywhere’ (2022), Opinion: A true multiverse of madness: Talking Stones, Cooking Raccoons and Giant Bread in this perfect blend of genres

Imagine being a Marvel or DC producer in a year when The multiverse has become fashionable. You will prepare your own pattern film. You even have the nerve to call Sam Raimi a “multiverse of madness.” Then the directors of that movie where Daniel Radcliffe died and fart more Epic, funny, emotional, unpredictable and fantastic is possible. Moreover, it has the best possible title: “Everything, at the same time, everywhere”.


Daniels knew very well what they were doing. “Swiss Army Man” is a movie that is very easy to reduce to absurdity, He is drawn to his quirky show but is fascinated by the emotional level, his own sense of humor and wonderful characters. In “everything, at the same time, everywhere” they double play A movie that is as old and atypical as it is innovative and perfect.

Risk, prestige and memes: this is how A24 became a champion

viewers every time We are smarter and smarter. We know how to guess plot twists and even guess the last shot from the start. And the movies know this, but they don’t do much to challenge us as viewers: they realize, all too often, that the danger equates to poor box office or excessive reviews by the time we are used to well-chucked cinema. “Everything, at once, everywhere” is a breath of fresh air in a swampa movie that reminds us of the power of surprise, discovering the movie as it happens, and leaving yourself so far away from your own world where you never know what will happen next.

Everything at once everywhere

If the movie showed all its cards from the first minute, it probably wouldn’t have been that shocking. Instead, he prefers to start In the quietest and most routine way possible, as if it were an independent slice of life: a family drowning in debt must be exempt from its taxes. The gate to madness opens little by little, slowly, but when it opens completely, it is impossible not to enjoy a proposition capable of something not usually seen: mixing genres (action, comedy, drama, science fiction…) in perfect proportions. Nothing is left and nothing is missing. His presence is a big little miracle.


“Everything, at once, everywhere” refreshes and blows your expectations. It shows very complex concepts to understand, but without the need for unnecessary over-explaining, it makes everything flow easily. It’s a fanciful marvel with viewers that won’t stop wondering how they dared go so far. In two hours and twenty minutes he has time to touch on absurd humour, martial arts, existentialism and science fiction. without resentment at any time.

One might think that this explosive cocktail will lose its flavor at some point, but it’s such a well-measured work that they know when it’s time to add a new surprise ingredient: Daniels treats viewers like smart people. It’s not a movie built with algorithms or with the famous (and wrong) “normal viewer” in mind, it doesn’t try to satisfy all demographics or worry about having “too dumb” or “too complicated” parts. As cinema should be .. and as we are used to, it does not exist.

The phrase “everything, at the same time, everywhere” wouldn’t work if it were a simple series of crazy scenarios and impossible situations. Its emotional core is what makes it wonder contemporary as it is. A kernel based on family, yes, but also on self-discoveryIn finding love where it seems impossible, in giant bread as a metaphor for life. What makes this movie great is that Behind the laughs and adventures there is something that other films forget: the soul.


Now, with the arrival of Movistar Plus + for “everything, at the same time, everywhere”, he will be able to miss it in the cinema (big mistake) to enjoy it for the first time. and that is No matter what you were told about it– There are loads of details, amazing shots, action sequences and unique moments that you have never seen before on screen that you will stick with. How long has it been since the movie really surprised you?

that the movie was The biggest hit in A24 history It supersedes many of the theories that some studios have about which movies people want to see. No senseless work, no tight-fitting guys, no fake jokes every half a minute, no dramas trying to force a tear: What the audience wants is a good script, a good showa movie that leaves you completely satisfied, with your head running at a thousand miles an hour.

Everything everywhere at once

This movie at the same time pure 2022 And cinema has completely moved away from the style of the majors this year. She’s smart, stupid, serious, hilarious, passionate, routine, cool, complex, simple, simple, complex: she did it. This is it. Once. Everywhere.

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