“Extremodoro for me is a part of the past and I want to live in the present”

“Now I have a tight leg and they’ve asked me if I’m going to hang up a concert. No, no, I will. I’ll play sitting or lying down if need be. And when you can’t, it’s time to die and damn it.” Roberto Iniesta, “Robb,” leader of the decadent Extremodoro band, speaks like Celtas or Idelis. unfiltered. Strong as life in the country and dry as the summer of his land, but always honest. Old rock is living a second golden age on its own outside of the most influential rock band on the Spanish scene, they say.

On a tour with Mayotica

Rob is living a second golden age on his own outside of, they say, the most influential rock band on the Spanish scene.


Rob explains that his relationship with Inaki Anton is not bad


This coming Friday, August 5, Rob will perform at the 19th edition of the Pirineos Sur Festival, which takes place in the Tena Valley (Huesca) and which has called up his floating theater in Lanuza reservoir this summer Estopa, Crystal Fighters, Rozalén, Tanxugueiras, Residente, Rayden and Macaco and Fuel Fandango, Goran Bregovic, Ara Malikian, and Nathy Peluso, among others. Despite the somewhat bitter decadence that his farewell tour has been cut short by the pandemic, seeing Rob is like seeing an Extremodoro on stage again: nearly three hours live, 39 songs and the endless adrenaline that old rock continues to produce.

The promoter sued me for 3 million for calling them maliciously and grumbling how they handled return tickets for the last Extremoduro tour.

Robe – RobeSinger, musician and composer

a tour now whenWith a summer full of parties he won’t let him rest until autumn: “It’s the songs of a lifetime: though we’re presenting the album Mayotex And we played them all at once, and we also included songs from Rob’s first two albums and, of course, from Extremoduro,” explains the rocker. More reason than not having a relationship has kept them together for more than 30 years. His answer is harsh: “Extremoduro for me is a part of the past and I want to live in the present. And my gift is to play with the band I own, which I really love.”

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Roberto Iniesta downplays the power by explaining that the biggest difference is in the way it works: “More in a group, in the practice room, and we don’t work, as in Extremoduro, with models to polish them. Now we’re in place with nude songs, and we all dress them up in order. Arrange, play, and experiment. It’s another way of working.” Musical stuff.

More than a distance with his ex-partner Inaki “Oho” Anton, he’s worried about the feud between him and Live Nation: “We don’t have any problems. It’s a phase passed, and things are still hot because of the trial that is yet to come… You know, Live raised Nation sued me three million for calling dogs and complaining about how they handled returning tickets for the last Extremodoro Tour. I’m not saying that, Vacua either. Things are a bit hot. Afraid? Of course I’m afraid, but I’m also afraid of the dentist as I go.”

The now-disbanded strong band’s style has been described as transgressive and poetic rock, a designation that still fits who was their leader. Poetry is, above all, in its relationship to issues as important as concern for the natural environment. Just two weeks ago, he released two albums retrieved during a concert in Alcazaba de Badajoz, on his land in Extremadura. “It was during the break: they were two animals that had fallen out of the nest in the sweltering heat and the AMUS Wildlife Recovery Center, little friends, picked them up and rehabilitated them. They suggested me to do it and it was great that they were released that night. People loved it.”

The best of every land

Extremaduran at heart, spends most of his time in Euskadi

Despite his accent and the inclusion of the typical terminology of Extremadoran speech squarely, Roberto Iniesta lives more days in Euskadi than in Cáceres. Things from life, but not from ideas. “For composition, I think it doesn’t matter what’s outside, beyond my window, because I can write a song that talks about the sea in Extremadura. When I’m like a spectator, I see what’s coming out and I interpret it. I don’t plan anything in the sense of ‘I’m going to talk about this or make a song like this.'” Faster, slower…”. What goes out comes out. I don’t care what’s going on around me.

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