Fidel Castro’s daughter wants “Alina de Cuba” to be an educational film about Cuban reality

On the eve of the start of shooting a movie inspired by his life, Alina Fernandez Revolutionthe so-called rebellious daughter Fidel CastroI would like this creative experience to generate something more than a film autobiography and become a work of learning about Cuban reality.

On Thursday, Alina said in a conversation with CyberCopa. “For me it is necessary to talk about Cuba.”

Aline from CubaDirected by the Spanish director Miguel BardemFilming will begin in mid-August in stages in Bogota and Cartagena, Colombia. Faced with the impossibility of filming in Cuba, producers search for colonial architecture and Colombian locations to allow them to recreate Havana from the “Castro era.”

Details of production preparations and the cast that will be led by the award-winning actor were revealed on Wednesday James FrancoWho will play Fidel Castro. my lord How Natty RevoltAlina’s mother. s Anna Villavan in the leadership role.

Commented Alina, who admitted that she was minimally involved in the process of cinematic creativity.

Villavini, a 33-year-old singer and actress, was born in Miami to a Cuban mother and a Salvadoran father. He has developed a growing career in film and theater since 2005, earning him much recognition for his role in the Broadway musical. on your feetIt features Cuban-American star Gloria Estefan.

Alina considers Villavini to have exceptional qualities and expects that the interpretation of her character will be a “revelation”.

The film is a project that has been put on hold for a long time due to various financial and production constraints, but everything indicates that the final time has come for its completion.

Produced by Mankind Entertainment, based in Austin, Texas, and Maven Screen Media, based in New York, the film focuses on the biography of Alina, the fruit of an extramarital affair between Natalia Revuelta Claus (1925-2015) and Fidel Castro (1926-2016). The script was written by Jose Rivera, an Oscar nominee Motorcycle Diary (2004), and Pulitzer Prize-winning Cuban-American playwright Nilo Cruz.

Although the script of the film takes elements from the book of testimony Alina: Memoirs of the Rebellious Daughter of Fidel Castro (1997), Alina insists on clarifying that “the plot of the film is not based on the book.”

He noted that “the book is one of the sources for the text, but this is not a movie about the book.” “I spoke with the director for hours, but the writers and filmmakers have complete independence to create.”

Despite the fact that it is a film made by independent production companies on a modest budget, Alina said she feels confident that the careful work of the filmmakers involved will lead to “accurate and reliable work on the reality of Cuba”.

Alina, who lives in Miami, is planning to attend some preliminary sessions of the shooting in Columbia.

If production plans are fulfilled, the film could be ready by the end of this year or the beginning of 2023, three decades after Alina fled Cuba, with a false identity and disguised as a Spanish tourist, in 1993.

As part of the film promotion project, a supplementary documentary film will also be produced under the title daughter of the revolution Which will portray the director Thaddeus D. Matola in the same sets of the movie Allen from Cuba. The documentary will collect interiors to film Alina from Cuba and It will explore modern Cuban history from the perspective of Alina Fernandez-Revuelta.

daughter of the revolution It will be marketed with the film.

Complex family drama

After an absence of 21 years, Alina returned to Havana in mid-2014 to visit her mother, who had a severe stroke. Natie Revuelta died the following year Alina was with her at the time of death.

Story of the Aline from Cuba It covers the family drama of the protagonist, who didn’t really know who her father was until she was in her teens.

The character of Nati Revuelta, considered one of the most beautiful women in the Havana community of her time, gained worldwide fame after her affair with Fidel Castro.

Natie was an Esso employee and was married to a famous cardiologist, with whom she had her first daughter, Natalie, who has lived in the United States since 1961.

His first contact with unknown revolutionary leader Fidel Castro occurred in November 1952 during a ceremony at the University of Havana. After the attack on the Moncada Barracks and the imprisonment of Castro on Isla de Pinos, their relationship deepens, and after obtaining a pardon in 1955, a love affair arose.

Castro was in Mexico when he was informed of the girl’s birth, on March 19, 1956, but did not meet Alena until his triumphant entry into Havana in January 1959.

Alina did not know the truth until she was ten years old and grew up with a spirit of defiance, often confronting her mother’s creed of revolutionary devotion, who maintained her devotion to Fidel Castro until the end of her days.


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