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The internet is huge. It’s like a hat that rabbits keep coming out of endlessly, and that’s true for better and for worse. We will now focus on the first, which is that there are a large number of free services on the web that can be very useful. You don’t have Photoshop at a certain moment and you want to retouch an image? No problem. Do you want to know if the link you received via email is reliable or fraudulent? also.

Publisher Tessa Davis met on Twitter Some of the best servicesAnd his entry has gone viral. We will review some suggested solutions and incorporate others that may be of great interest to any user at any time.

VirusTotal, or How to detect a fraudulent link

Cyber ​​attacks using technology phishing They have continued to grow exponentially and hackers, who are using Sender ID Replacement technology, are becoming more and more realistic in their actions. How do we know if we are being attacked by a link without clicking on it? VirusTotal is a completely free service that checks many databases of antivirus providers, whether the entered link is trustworthy or, on the contrary, fraudulent. The advantage of this service is that it is fed, in real time, from many sources, so the reliability is very high. To use it, simply access the link and enter the website received by e-mail, previously copied with the right mouse button.

LunaPic, the perfect solution to remove background from photos

On many occasions, images are received showing the background that you want to avoid, either because more people are showing up or simply because they spoil the content from an aesthetic point of view. How cleaning process Image without resorting to the services of a professional Photoshop? Fortunately, the web and its depths have come to the rescue: LunaPic is a powerful photo editor with which, after a few clicks, any background can be removed. To do this, all you have to do is import an image from the service and click on the “Background Removal Tool” function that will appear on it.

PrivNote is the solution to sending notes that self-destruct and leave no trace

Privacy enthusiasts will welcome a service like PrivNote with open arms, which allows you to send self-destructing notes once opened. The idea couldn’t be simpler, and at the same time effective: you can access the web and write the note you want to send; Once this is done, the system creates a unique association that is deleted with the note as soon as it is opened. We now go with some notes to take into account: the text is generated encrypted and the decryption key is found in the link itself, so that only the recipient can access it. However, the service warns that the link can be opened by anyone receiving it and that it is not responsible for the content of the text. In any case, by clicking on Show Options, you can set a password and the exact moment when the note is destroyed (if after reading it, or after some time).

JustWatch, so you don’t get lost in the chaos of the series

Not long ago, Spain stood with small house on the meadow also 1,2,3: With two TV channels, the show practically ended there. Now, however, the possibilities to entertain yourself by watching series are so many and varied that it is very difficult not only to know what to watch, but also to follow the watched episodes. On the other hand, since there are so many streaming platforms, the ideal option is to have a service that is all-encompassing and constantly updated, and that’s exactly what JustWatch does. This platform is like The Google From the series and has algorithms that suggest interesting content to the user, knowing his profile and consumption habits. The user will be able to configure the streaming platforms they subscribe to, and from that point on, the algorithm will start suggesting a series to be included in them, as well as reporting new chapters or series.

10minutemail, a disposable email address

Signing up for new Internet services, in the vast majority of cases, means paying a hefty fee: revealing our email address. If the service to which the person will subscribe is serious and respects the legislation, then the only thing that the user is exposed to is receiving some electronic communication at the said address. However, it is also possible that our email will be sold to different service providers and start the spam nightmare. In any case, if it is clear that the email address is only needed in time and to register a service, it is better if it is available, that is, used and disposed of. 10minutemail offers that, a temporary email address that is only valid for ten minutes (although it can be extended later). In this period of time, you can access the inbox (to validate access to the service), but after this time, the email address will be gone forever.

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