From Paola Marzotto, the mother of Beatrice Borromeo who does not understand Carolina de Monaco: does not use a surname, was a single mother and had a marital relationship

Although Monaco’s closest enemies are Princess Carolina and the Principality’s first lady,
Charlene WittstockThere are other women who don’t get along with the older Grimaldi. We are talking about
Paula Marzotto (Venice, 1955), mother-in-law of the woman with the most power in the controversial Monaco family and a figure who lived a large part of her life in rebellion, if not in
scandal. Something unforgivable for the Princess of Hanover, now in contrast to the mother of Beatrice Borromeo.

It’s in the public domain
Caroline Grimaldi She made strenuous efforts to hold a title that places her
one degree above Princess Charlene and her sister Princess Stephanie. In fact, she did not divorce Ernst of Hanover so as not to stop being the Princess of Hanover nor her precious Royal Highness that comes with her. Charlene and Stefania are their tender Highness.

In addition, he released all his connections to power even the Vatican
Annulment of his first marriage And he recognizes his three sons, and they are counted in the chain of succession to the throne. Will she understand her husband, Paola Marzutto, who does not publicly bear the title of Countess of Marzutto? Mostly not. I won’t understand that he didn’t give importance to the aristocrat and I don’t understand him
love life scandalousMany of them are in rebellion.

To understand the free life
Paola Marzotto, mother of Beatrice Borromeo and couedra, therefore, from
Caroline MonacoYou have to meet his mother. Countess Marta Marzotto was one of the most oppressed social figures in Italy who spent a long time
From a seamstress to a mannequin And from there, to the singer and muse “Dolce Vita”. His luck changed when he met the count
Umberto MarzottoWho took them a title and five children after the divorce.

Marta Marzotto The pink press was delighted at the time thanks to the coming and going of lovers which included artists like
Renato Guttuso Or communist politicians like
Lucio Madrid. Therefore, it is not at all strange that her eldest daughter assumed an unconventional way of understanding romantic relationships. At least from the relationship you joined
Carlo Ferdinando Borromeo ArisCount of Arona and father of Beatrice Borromeo.

Carlo Borromeo (1935) was married when he met a very young man (twenty years younger) Paola Marzotto, the daughter of Count Marzotto and belongs to a
richest families From Milan, the owners of Valentino, Missoni and Hugo Boss, among other brands. In fact, he already had two daughters (Isabella and Lavinia) from the German model
Marion ZottoTen years younger than him. The stampede was inevitable, and the Count left his family to start
undocumented relationship with Paula.

The relationship was so happy between 1981 and 1983, that they had their first child, Carlo. However, Count Aruna had doubts and decided to return to his wife, but
Without leaving Paula completely. Practically speaking, for several years he had a polygamous relationship, with two women who did not speak to each other but got pregnant by the same man on similar dates.

Marion Zota gave birth to Matilda, her youngest daughter, in 1983, while Paula Marzotto
Beatrice Borromeo In 1986. Of course: Paula has always had the status of the eternal lover of the Count of Arona, while Zota has always been his official wife. My mother always considered us five as her own. Zota number is German. “It’s not very comprehensive,” Beatrice explained in an interview.

If the emotional path of Paola Marzotto is original, then her professional biography is interesting. Countess Marzotto studied psychology and anthropology in Rome, but her first profession was
the press (something he passed on to his daughter Beatrice Borromeo) and above all photography. She has been self-taught since she was 20 years old, and has managed to become one of the three photographers who have access to legendary photography in the Philippines.
End of the world nowMovie
Francis Ford Coppola.

Before the epidemic, Paola Marzotto decided to move her
Accommodation in Punta del Estethe so-called Saint-Tropez in Uruguay, where she owns a colonial mansion called Dama de noche that she built for her mother in 2010. An environmentalist is convinced,
Activist More recently, today it is entirely devoted to nature photography, with the goal of collaborating on the preservation of the planet.

Be careful, because his work is not trivial or just amateurish. His last well-known exhibition, “Antarctica, Meltin Beauty” (Antarctica, the beauty that melts), passed through the prestigious gallery
Venice Biennale He ended up in Madrid at the Polytechnic University last February. Paola Marzotto knows the Spanish capital well, but what may surprise you is that she has many close friends in Asturias: she has
Summer in Ribadesella several years.


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