From Sharanga Senku Villas for a tour with Sabina and Sirat

Jose Miguel Perez Sagaste He’s been doing what he does best all his life: playing the saxophone. At the age of six, this artist from Bardenas began his musical studies at the Escuela de Música de Ejea de los Caballeros, and soon at 13, he began to show himself to the public with Sharanga Senkou Villas. Although other instruments such as the accordion or clarinet have been tried, His “central instrument” has always been the saxophone, which prompted him to study at the Conservatory.

“I’ve studied classical saxophone, but have always been curious to listen to jazz greats, like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker or Michael Bricker,” he says. however, His later career was associated with rock and pop music. Together with his faithful companion, the saxophone, he toured the world with artists of stature Joaquin SabinaJose Luis Perales or Juan Manuel Siratbetween a long time to the end.

However, his starting point was much closer: EXO Ray! It was very important to my career. When I walked in, they were already a highly regarded group in Aragon. They recorded albums with musicians from Madrid, and this was the first time I called the capital, ”explains the musician from Cinco Felice, who admits that from that moment on, little by little everything turned out. “They get to know you, you start to go places, you go to play, you exchange phones… That’s how this world worked before, without networks”Remember between laughs.

From the Ejea de los Caballeros to the Albert Royal Hall in London

“If I tell you the truth, the artist I play with always forces me more than the great crowds.” This is how Josemi Sagaste, known musically as such, explains his experiences before the amazing stages. Playing alongside international artists has opened its doors Iconic locations such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Olympia Theater in Paris, a lighthouse in New York or the streaming Bombonera. However, going with musicians “who chant there,” as the saxophonist says, makes you “calm down little by little,” because he adds, “The applause of the audience is always necessary”.

Josemi Sagaste has been playing the saxophone since he was 6 years old.

A meteoric path I took from one side of the barrier, from the side of the spectator, to the side of the musician. “I was a kid when I saw Sabina playing in Igea. He admired him, as well as the musicians who accompanied him, such as Antonio García de Diego. With Serrat, more of the same. They are artists who impose in the beginning.”

Josemi Sagaste says: “The artist I play with always forces me more than the great masses of the audience”


He’s had all kinds of experiences with them, especially in Latin America, where he admits that they are “a lot” appreciated. “There is always someone who recognizes you.” Years of displacement led him to experience surreal situations: “I remember one of my first rides with Joaquín (Sabina). I was in Caracas, and a guy was looking at me for a while. Saxophonist Ixo Rai? In Caracas, what do you think! (laughs) It turns out he was a kid from Almodvar and he was there for work.”

Ixo Rai! “Back to Principles”

The Exo Ray is back! He woke up in the musician’s emotions and somewhat nostalgic: “I saw him so far away that I could not believe him. When I went to Principe Filippi, it was like going back 20 years in the calendar, with jubilant people, Aragonese flags… It was a return to principles.”

“When I went to Principe Felipe with EXO Ray! It was like going back 20 years in the calendar,” explains the Cincoville saxophonist.


Despite the sentimental sentiments, it wasn’t easy for Cincovilés at all to adjust his calendar to be able to attend said reunion. He admits, “the stars lined up”, because April 23 he just caught him in Spain, after completing a tour with Perales, and beginning to prepare for Syrat’s farewell tour. Whatever the case, those same stars have reorganized so that Josemi Sagaste’s saxophone can resonate in almost “80%” of concerts given by the legendary Aragonese folk band. have planned.

immersed in the tour with Sirat

Plus the road through Aragon with Ixo Rai! saxophone player, Indulged until the end of the year in the farewell tour of Juan Manuel Serrat. Specifically, until December 23, the date on which the Catalan singer-songwriter will end nearly 60 years on stage. Despite his tight schedule, Sagaste was also able to participate in other projects. Without going any further, record this month’s file The soundtrack to the series “Love Forever”. Along the same lines, Expect 2023 full of surprises. Some are “very important and expected”although he prefers not to announce more.

Josemi Sagaste (background, saxophone), during the last Perales Tour.

Two years into the crisis, with the industry in general experiencing disruption, the Aragonese musician is grateful to be “returning to normalcy”. Session musicians need movement. I was fortunate enough to participate for five months in the middle of the pandemic on a program with Emilio Aragón, which was a respite”, Confirms. He says the hard work on set “wasn’t important to me at all after months at home”. Additionally, he admits that on a musical level it was a “very satisfying” experience.

Josemi Sagaste does not set any limits, and He does not rule out launching a solo project when it “slows down”: “It’s an idea that’s been around for a long time, and I’ve scored some things. But it takes a lot of time and forget about the rest, because it’s a very big job.” In any case, according to a man from Cinco Villès, his career means achieving “a goal you set for yourself when you go crazy in your room while studying sax.” For this reason, he acknowledges it He “savors daily” the experiences that music still gives him.


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