Granada and the province are once again filled with concerts in August

During the summer months, festivities of the patron saint arrive in many towns in the province of Granada, which this summer can finally be celebrated after two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And you can’t understand a party without the music that accompanies it. During these dates, the municipal councils make great efforts to be able to count on the most suitable musicians to accompany them. And this year it was no less. During August, you can find great concerts all over the province, and GranadaDigital has collected most of them.

Thursday August 4

On August 4, the show was extended. At 10:00 PM you can enjoy the flamenco show ‘Jondo’. From the first tears, from the first kiss at the Teatro del Generalife. On the other hand, the International Guitar Festival will bring Juan Hapichuela grandson, which will take place in the Palacio de los Córdova, at 9:30 pm. At 10:00 p.m. DJ Toner and Erik Truffaz Quartet will give a jazz/swing concert at the Villa de Salobreña José Martín Recuerdo, in Salobreña. Javi Tejero will bring his music to Carlota Braun’s restaurant, while at Vellillos Fusion Festival they will act Tomasetto, Jose, El Nino del Albaizin, They will take their music to the Plaza de las Flores de Moclín. In Las Gabes, which celebrates the festivities of the patron saint, on Thursday 4 August there will be a concert of El Arrebato, at 00:30, in the municipal tent.

Friday August 5

Flamenco show “Gondo”. Del Primer Llorto, Del Primer Beso at the Teatro del Generalife, 10:00 p.m. On the other hand, Alhama de Granada will celebrate its music festival with a broad and attractive poster. Mojinos Escozíos, La Pompa Jonda, Verakai, Maraña and Abril It will be some of the names of the artists who will perform at the city’s Paseo del Cisne. 10:00 pm, Nacho Vegas He will give a concert in Salobreña, specifically on Paseo de las Flores. At the same time, the Marmousheh Orchestra will give a concert in Al Manakab, and half an hour later, at 10:30 pm, Chache Anauati A concert will be held at Carlota Braun’s restaurant. Notwithstanding the foregoing, RVFFV The Municipal Kiosk in Albolote will hold a concert. The concert will be free.

Saturday August 6

On August 6, 3:00 pm, Dee Fest will be attended by notable Dílar names such as Fausto Taranto, Pelemonque, The Blue Band of Granada, Arena Polar or Los Comics. The event will be held in the Parque de la Ermita. 9:00 pm, antelope A concert will be held at La Plaza del Sexi in Almuñécar, while in Alhama de Granada the second day of the music festival will take place starting at 9:00 pm. Mackie, Maria Artes Lamorena and Alba Merced. 10:00 pm Flamenco show “Gondo”. From the first tears, from the first kiss at the Teatro del Generalife. back to the stern, Israel Fernandez and Diego del Morao They will give a concert in Parque del Majuelo, also at 10:00 pm.

Mutt He will give a Pop-Rock / Indie concert in Salobreña, specifically in the Villa de Salobreña Auditorium José Martín Recuerdo. in the capital, Matthew Ortega There will be a concert at Carlota Braun’s at 10:30 PM. At 11:00 PM this day we will find one of the most special events of the day: locillo He will go to the Paulino Salgado Sports Center in Torinoeva Costa, where he will give a concert. Meanwhile, Eliminator, Decadence (a tribute to Héroes del Silencio), Eísí/Disí (a tribute to ACDC), and Rock and Roll Diablo will present a concert of covers and tributes at the Municipal booth of Montefrio, in Cold Rock Festival. Meanwhile, Incombustibles will be holding a Metal/Hard Rock Concert at the Plaza de la Bodega de Salar at 11:30 p.m. And at 01:30 AM, Aomori Ona will hold a party in honor of Vito and Fittipaldes in Albolote.

Sunday 7 August

Sunday, August 7, at 00:30, secrets They will be giving a concert at the Albolote Municipal Booth, which will have free admission. Paula Almodovar He will take flamenco to the Al Muntaba, specifically to the Plaza del Seixe, starting at 10:30 pm. Simultaneously and also in the neighbourhood, the Maguelo Park will host the Music of the Mediterranean Chamber Orchestra. On the Plaza de España in Pinos Genil, Demencia Genil will have a Rock / Alternative Rock Concert at 11:00 pm. Additionally, in Las Gabias, and towards the end of the festivities, at 10:30 pm. Musical performances by Los Rebujitos and Raya Real at Municipal Booth Fairgrounds.

Saturday 13 August

More than the well-known former contestant of Operación Triunfo, Rose Lopez, arrives in Granada, specifically in Maracina, to delight his fans with the Fénix Tour. On Saturday, August 13, the Carlos Cano Municipal Amphitheater will host the Granada Concert, a show that will start at 01:00 and admission will be free.

Thursday August 18

Raoul Al Balilaa former La Voz Kids contestant, will be giving a party on Thursday, August 18, in Pinos Puente, another city. Will bring more music performances to the county During the month of August, the opening of local festivals. The event will take place at 00:00 in the municipal booth of the municipality.

Friday 19 August

Omar Montes It will be shown on the night of August 19 in Pinos Puente, at 00:00, at the city’s municipal booth.

Saturday 20 August

during saturday, merch He will also go to Pinos Puente, where he will perform at the Municipal Booth – El Silo Fairgrounds, at 00:00.

Sunday August 21

Pinos Puente Town Hall has programmed the show “Queen’s Revolution”. The Tribute Show To Queen, which from Italy will revive the Freddie Mercury troupe on stage.

Saturday 27 August

still A famous band from Madrid, they will take the “Hogar” tour on August 27 at 10:00 pm to the Medina Lauxa Municipal Stadium in Loja, which celebrates the festivities of the patron saint.

Sunday 28 August

Sunday, August 28 Melindy He will be one of the heroes of the Loja celebrations as he takes his music to the municipality. The concert will be at 10:00 PM, at Medina Lauxa Stadium.

Wednesday August 31

The last day of August, Miguel Rios They will have a party in Guadix, at 11:00 pm, with The Black Betty Trio, in the municipality’s Plaza de la Constitución. In the early hours of August 31, 1:30 a.m., Kiko and Chara They will also give a concert in Guadix, specifically at the Municipal Booth in the fairgrounds.

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