Harry Styles goes crazy and falls in love at his concert in Madrid

It will be hard to forget Friday night at the WiZink Center in Madrid For more than 14,500 fans (and some parents) who waited for the entrance on the Harry Styles stage, his idols and young women from half the world.

The excitement and nerves were felt among the girls 16 years (On average), who were waiting for their star to appear on the stage. Screams (literal), huge screams (The level has to cover his ears so he doesn’t get deaf), he jumps up and smiles a lot as soon as the 28-year-old singer enters the stadium at 9:10pm.

Harry Styles debuted his now classic ’80s style by Gucci – he always wears clothes from the Italian company and is a close friend of designer Alessandro Michele – even Conquer the insane crowd that can’t help but scream in ecstasy. The artist started with his subject Music for a sushi restaurant and continue with goldenFrom their second album, A fine line.

Harry Styles at his concert in Madrid
Harry Styles at his concert in Madrid

“I can’t believe I see Harry Styles!” , “I am crying!” , “¡We breathe the same air he breathes! or “How handsome!” were some of the phrases chanted by followers of the multi-platinum artist, who had to suspend his world tour. love on tour Due to covid this has now resumed in style.

Harry Styles is falling in love with his fans in Spain even more

The British singer who started his mega tour last June, This Friday he gave his only concert in Spain. Tickets sold out on livenation.es and Ticketmaster in minutes and On resale they hit the dreaded figure of over 2,000 euros per ticket. This Friday, in fact, at the entrance to the stadium, there was Countless people are asking to buy a ticketwhat ever the price. A frenzy caused by few artists and he is one of them.

To understand the Harry Styles phenomenon, you have to see it liveAnd even more to the believers Followerswhich, as the target noted, They went crazy with every smile of the young man, with every dance, with every word he saidin English – her mother tongue – and in Spanish – “I love you with all my heart”, “Follow her”, “One, two, three, four”, “One more”, “Thank you” – and with each song.

Very full repertoire

The repertoire that he gave at his concert in Madrid was very complete. Especially highlightedbecause of the euphoria that aroused in the place, the subject as it wasSpecifically, these verses of the song (when the voices of the girls covered the singer’s voice):

Go home, go, fast internet

I don’t want to talk about what it was like

Leave America, two kids follow

I don’t want to talk about who does that first

Crazy equal to the madness he experienced when he sang what makes you beautifulfrom his previous collection, One-ways kiwiwhich closed it style.

Harry Styles is busted, hit the triple because only he knows how to do itHe danced, jumped, and eventually gave it all, as did his troupe of two women and three men, who played with him on stage.

Very beautiful, humble and grateful to his followers

Leaving the artistic part aside and considering that he is a world star, He especially highlighted how close and humble he was to the entire audience. He thanked his followers on countless occasions, and most of them left. They wear bright hats, flower scarves, cowboy boots and rainbow flagsof the LGTBI group (he was mad when they threw one of these flags at him and sang it; in this respect his sexual orientation is unknown because obscurity is his distinguishing feature).

Also, some fans who were in the front row Colored pens, letters, flowers and water were thrown at him – And Maluma, bras, large -. It also especially popped up when Read a girl’s signwho warned that It was his father’s birthday. Harry Styles was amused and asked about it.

And it turns out the guy, named Martín, 45, had gone to Wizink with his daughter but wasn’t with her, right next to the theater (those tickets are pretty expensive), but At the end of the stadium, surrounded by fifteen-year-olds. It was so funny when the camera focused on him and the newborn father, dressed in a classic navy blue short-sleeved polo shirt, is seen fulfilling his daughter’s wish to accompany her to the show (children under 16 cannot enter the venue alone). The whole stadium sang to him happy birthday the master. «you are a good man‘ said the singer. Really touching moment.

It can’t be denied Harry Styles knew how to connect and conquer Generation Z (and to millennials, albeit to a lesser degree) with her pop style with funky and r&b touches, with her charismatic personality and with His defense of free love, respect, mystery, and a new masculinity. He once said, “I want each of you to feel free to do whatever you want today.”

Prestigious awards boost his career

Harry Stiles He has established himself as one of the biggest and most influential artists in music today. It became his first self-titled solo album One of the top 10 selling albums of this year And it managed to break the sales record in the history of a male artist in the week of release.

his second album, A fine lineIt reached #1 on the Billboard 200 at the time of publication, becoming Harry Styles’ second album to reach No. 1 in the United Statesas well as making history in the UK by becoming the male artist who has sold the most albums in a week since Nielsen Music began collecting data in 1991.

In addition, since launching his solo career, the artist has won two such prestigious awards as two BRIT Awardsa amorousa Ivor Novelloa American Music Awards Among many others around the world, in addition to being The first star man on the cover fashion in solitary confinement.

Harry Stiles
Harry Stiles. LiveNation

“Fine Line”, record album

2nd solo album Harry StilesAnd the A fine lineIt was highly praised and supported by critics. Released December 2019 by Columbia Records, He made history breaking many records and reached #1 on the charts in more than 20 countriestotaling 5 billion streams global so far. And the

The double platinum album debuted at number one in the US on the Billboard 200 chart with over 478,000 copies were sold, making history the best-selling album in one week by a male artist. Recently, it was named one of the 500 best albums of all time by the magazine rolling rock.

A fine line Includes two platinum singles with watermelon sugarwhich won the Grammy Award for “Best Pop Solo Performance” and the BRIT Award for “Best British Single” for 2021, and I love you which also received a Grammy Award nomination in the “Best Music Video” category.

Harry Stiles s A fine line They were also nominated in the ‘Best Male’ and ‘Mastercard Album of the Year’ categories at 2020 BRITS.

Harry Stiles
Harry Stiles

From one direction to global stardom

Harry styles Become an overnight star with the group One-way With which he conquered the world, he filled the places and achieved successes at a frantic pace, while he began to develop as an author and artist.

In the spring of 2017, the artist decided to start his own path With the release of his first single The sign of the erawhich went double platinum and rolling rock song of the year. His self-titled debut album, released in May 2017, reached number one on the Billboard 200 and topped the charts in more than 55 countries.

The immortal 10-song album has been solidified Harry Stiles As an artist of the classical school, but without stopping to open up new horizons. He toured with the album throughout 2017 and 2018, selling 90 concerts in more than 20 countries.

He also made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-nominated film. DunkirkIn July 2017, it became The first British artist to number one for the first timealbum and movie in the same year.

Esther Friday He confirmed that he will return to Spain soonAnd let’s hope this is true.

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