Help unanimously approved for free textbooks

plenary Mingo municipality unanimously agreed to continue helps The book bank will be allowed to remain active at Marzán Public School, but the government team has refused to discuss urgent movement From PP to increase aid and subsidies for study and transportation. For this reason, the “popular” denounced the “tyranny” of the mayor, Jose Manuel CabreroAnd his “lack of support” for neighbors.

Each year, the city council would sign a cooperation agreement with the Cantabrian government to keep the book bank active at the Marzan School. Municipal spokesperson for MPs, Marine Garciapointed out that the scholarships and scholarships for study and transfer that were announced by the city council on January 4 and recently paid to their beneficiaries, did not reach 100% of the scholarship amount as many applications were submitted and Not having a sufficiently talented budget line To cover the total number of applications submitted.

Faced with this situation, given that, according to PP, most families around have received Half the amount As laid down in the organizational grounds, the People’s Group requested the Federation, by way of an urgent motion in the plenary on Friday, to extend the corresponding budget line item for scholarships and aid for study and transfer until 100% completion of support for all requests made in this last call which the government team rejected discussed.

PP initiative also thought about the need for a New helpline To purchase books and educational materials for all families who do not benefit from the book bank for this center and whose income does not exceed five times the minimum salary of professionals. With regard to the popular situation in the country with inflation above 10% and the high prices of fuel, gas, electricity or basic necessities, strong forces Helping families The municipality is in basic expenses such as educational expenses that they will have to face, again, from September.”

The PP ensures that the government team “does not have a budget line allocated sufficiently to cover the total number of applications submitted”

For this reason, they criticized the fact that the government team did not want to discuss this initiative, which, they explained, would benefit primary, secondary, high school, vocational and even university students. The PP criticized that the government team is “protected” in its denial that it supports only the public, “forgetting” – say “popular” – “the educational freedom of families and the lack of vision outside the confines of their municipality, as if studying at the University of Cantabria, the Instituto de Bisaya or the Marques de Santillana It wasn’t public.”

In addition, they denounced PP “Tyranny” with which the mayor deals with the rest of the political representatives, especially those who are in opposition, because, as this party pointed out, ” Disrespect and tyranny They are more frequent and more visible every day.” In this sense, they have warned that they will never again participate in those plenary sessions or committees in which the mayor maintains this position “Misplaced”.

On the other hand, during the plenary session, in addition, the government team decided to maintain the decision not to raise the costs of water supply to municipal households, assuming the obligations of the contract signed by the PP in 2008 and which will run until 2033. In addition, it was approved On the minutes of the previous session, the decisions of the mayor’s office since the last plenary session and the delegation of powers in the field of sport have been reported, which will remain in the hands of another advisor from the PSOE.

Also, the popular figures highlighted that the total members of the council present in the Consistory voted for Moises Perez Cotriolo To be named the favorite son of Mingu municipality. With regard to this matter, they indicated that they did so after the PP requested that the vote on this section be separated into two parts: on the one hand, the vote for Preferred Son, and on the other hand the approval of the Convention under which the Mingu City Council annually supports a theatrical session in honor of for him.

The PP considered that “it is very important to treat fairly all the illustrious or distinguished persons who have been and are in the municipality.” “There are many well-known and well-liked people in the municipality, such as Sotero Tresgallo, El Belga or Pruneda, in the sports field, they all deserve equal treatment. The theater cycle cannot be supported annually when tournaments stop bowling and other types of activities”, explained the advisor in charge of the district , Javier Calderon.


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