“Héroes de Barrio”, the new summer football comedy, hits theaters

Many family movies are usually shown during the summer, so with the holidays coming many of these families decide to go to the cinema and spend the afternoon with popcorn and a drink in the dark room illuminated by the big screen. This is how you hit the billboard Neighborhood heroes.

Directed by the director of Cadiz angeles renIt is his second movie. The story tells how the father would do everything in his power to support his daughter in her greatest passion: football. This will be the guiding element throughout the entire movie, as its main reference Betis player Joaquinwhich has a short appearance in the movie itself, and bet on highlighting Women’s football.

For the leadership roles they had Granada Antonio Bagadothe actor famous for his participation for 11 seasons in the hit series La que se Avecina, and with him Luna FulgencioShe played the role of the daughter, and worked in films such as Padre no Más que Uno, directed by Santiago Segura. The cast was completed by the actors and actresses of the stature Antonio DecentAnd the Alex OdugertiAnd the Lizzie LinderAnd the Jesus Olmedo s Ana Lopez Segovia.

You can see in the main plot of the tape Father’s struggle, separated, to save his daughter and attract her attention. “As soon as I read the script, I immediately saw a story in which I felt recognized. I am a father and I felt the pressure of fighting to get my children’s attention,” comments Antonio Bagudo, who was showing the film in theaters at Cirallo Plaza Shopping Center.

It’s a hard-to-tell story. The protagonist has a search process, he is frustrated by the things that have happened to him in life, but through a joke, he ends up following a path that serves him not only to get what his daughter wants but also to transform.

This change begins when he announces to his friends that he knows JoaquinThe Betis player. This ends up reaching all the residents of the neighborhood and even his daughter, who is especially excited to meet the player and that the father himself is in contact with this football star.

“There is talk of lies between generations, about friendship, about love,” Bagudo continues. “They are very interesting values ​​and when you get a text with such rich characters, you want to interpret it.”

the hero of the story, Louisit’s a frustrated artist who runs the tavern that he inherited from his father. “I also had this frustrated dream of being an artist when I got started in the acting world. An opportunity finally made everything work for me. What I love about Lewis’ character is that he settles on what’s going on around him, but in the end he manages to find a way to make his dream come true.”

Very cool is also the performance Luna Fulgencio as PaulaThe hero’s daughter. “She’s a great professional. She’s a girl who does great in all the productions she’s in but she’s still a girl, she plays and has a great time, and that goes back to the movie itself. He has a great future.”

On the other hand, the common thread of the film is Joaquinwhich – which He participated in the movie after a passing appearance. “The movie needed an idol like this,” Bagudo explains, “He’s a very close person. We’re talking he’s an elite player, so it’s very difficult to get to. He got involved in a brutal way, and it’s not just an anecdote.”

was also on the show Edward GaldoFilm producer. Comments on how he decided to bet on this project, although he is A production company with more than 30 years of experienceThis was the first time he made a movie for cinema. “We are television producers. We worked for many years on serials like Arrayán. Then this script came to me and I liked it. We changed some things, but I had no cinematic experience. I spoke with producer Sequoia, who, after reading the script, decided to join the project. “

On the other hand, he comments on how clear he is about Antonio Bagudo’s choice of starring role: “I knew Antonio de Arrian, his first role as a TV actor. I knew his funny line, he’s a great comedian. And he was part of one of the best comedy theater troupes like Yllana. That’s why, after learning about this experience, professional and human on the Both, I suggested Antonio be the hero.”

Actor Antonio Bagdo has a whole schedule in terms of releases during the summer. Heroes de Barrio joins the show that was made on July 1, Mom is not in the networks, a romantic comedy about second chances that co-starred in the spotlight with Malena Arterio. Also on August 12 will be the premiere of hairAnother comedy but this time focused on the self-esteem a man has in his image.


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