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Generation Z has revealed Pandora’s Box and an endless list of fat scary comments are appearing.

“I shouldn’t eat this chocolate cake. I took it because I’m weak.” “There’s a million calories in this thing.”. These phrases could fit into a conversation among supermodels in the ’90s, where extreme thinness was the norm on catwalks, but the sad truth is that they are uttered by girls as young as 15 and they do it in one of the most popular series of the early decade The first of the twenty-first century: Zoe 101. These Disney fantasy films have had millions of kids and teens from all over the world glued to the screen after their adventures, and while they haven’t ceased to be great, two decades later, this kind of comment makes a squeak. And a lot.

In the recent trend of TikTok, many scenes from series and movies from the 2000s have come out that were perfect for the idea of ​​dieting and staying slim. And I’m talking female because, let’s not kid ourselves, that kind of comment has been reduced to female characters. Zoe 101 It is full of sequences where the protagonists avoid eating high-calorie foods. It’s a situation that has been normalized for decades, but it’s still shocking to see Early teen girls Google searching how many calories in bread they want to eat.

This is the scene we mentioned at the beginning. Zoe (Jamie Lynn Spears), Lola (Victoria Justice) and Nicole (Alexa Nicholas), who were about 14, 12, and 13 years old at the time, respectively, found themselves in front of a chocolate cake. Nicole turns her fork, testing her will not to eat candy because, of course, it makes her fat. Her friends do not blame her for her attitude, but they agree with her. Neither of them wants to eat it because they are ‘trying to be good’.

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Realizing why I grew up on a bad relationship with food says the user who shared it at the beginning of the video. “This is crazy and I feel sorry for my younger self that thought this was normal”The account is in the description. Like her, I’ve also grown up thinking that the normal thing for a woman is to live on a diet. It’s not an exclusive message for TV series, society at the time was dominated by the idea that a beautiful body is a slim body, but it hurts to see that baby products explicitly support this belief.

Zoe 101 I’ve been plagued by comments like that. Another user on TikTok shared the moment when Coco, a girl whose weight is frequently used in fictional literature to make jokesHe says he eats more salads, but uses a high-calorie dressing, and Zoe points out. So says Trashaley, who uploaded the video Because of this scene he couldn’t drink that sauce again. Was it a necessary scene to the series’ plot? Not even. The book used Coco to include, without justification, a weight joke.

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Here instead, a picture of the protagonists devouring some soft drinks and fried foods. Do you see any sign of regret on their faces? no one.

Disney Channel

This type of message was very popular in the early 2000s, and we’re not talking about a campaign to promote healthy eating so that kids put aside chocolate bars and eat fruit because it’s better for their bodies. What these types of scenes are telling the audience, especially girls, is that they have to be careful about eating too many calories because otherwise they will gain weight. And of course what kind of girls are overweight? The minor found only in the series for making jokes about fitness.

This is what promoted sequences like this from shake it up Which Disney was forced to remove after a complaint by Demi Lovato. In the “Let’s Party” episode, a model looks at Cece (Bella Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya) and tells them they are “cute” and that she can eat them “if she eats, you know.” A pro-anorexia streak definitely stayed in the subconscious of more than one.

Social media and Generation Z have cast light on comments that until a few years ago were completely normal. Micromachismos, microracisms and jokes about LGBT groups that were used a decade ago as something innocuous no longer go through a filter as we learn to see the harm they do to the people they target. These are tolerance problems that seem to have been overcome, but There is an outstanding issue: fat phobia and TikTok are responsible for reminding us day in and day out.

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