“I Thought We Don’t Like Reggaeton”: Low History

Low is another of the festivals reunited with its traditional crowd in 2022. “Benidorm Fest” has released the ticket sold out in its normal, VIP and VIP Pool, with only a few dozen tickets left for the day until the festival ends on Sunday, July 31.

On Friday, 24,000 people crowded the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor, celebrating as always the comfort of the facilities (especially those in the famous Olympic pool with an open bar of beer), the extensive gastronomic offer and in general this generalized enthusiasm around kitsch. from Benidorm, which resulted in Low touching the total of what was sold without having to hire a Muse-sized band.

It gives the feeling, first of all, that people go to Low for its brand, location and good celebration dates; And above all to watch the national and Latin groups. As in the Tomavistas, it turns out that some of them call for more people than the Anglo-Saxons, and at other times the great attraction of this type of event.

The sheer amount of audience that Spain-based Argentine Nathi Peloso has summoned, above the more established names for her puzzles, serves as a metaphor for the generational change we’re seeing at festivals after the pandemic. It’s come before, and many years ago we actually saw, for example, La Zowi at Low. But it’s also significant that the DJ’s little tent, the Ellesse Theater, was full of people swinging most of the night, during concerts, when the Low Festival lineup was born to be eminently independent. Remember when they played at The New Hardcore Fest? Now the songs of C. Tangana, Rosalía and Bad Bunny resonate everywhere. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to “Bizcochito” and “Despechá” (among others, I played them myself). “I thought we didn’t like reggaeton,” I heard a girl comment leaving the venue at 4 am. Her friend did not answer anything, and it was silent.

And that doesn’t mean you have to disparage the old school: metrology yes !!! They were among the best of the night, although none of them made it to the festival at the greatest moment of the hype. This was not a problem at all for Joseph Mount, who offer their big classical band group, which is less electronic than imagined and reinvented in the details of piano and keyboards, as we have seen on other occasions. Split over the set hour, “The Bay” (at the beginning), “everything goes my way” (toward the middle) and “look” (toward the end) balance out the concert, but instrumental playing, rock moments, or effort in the acoustics. Still my weakness is the Motown Rhythm “Love Letters”. They may never be this super headline, but it’s worth paying attention to detail no matter how fashion comes and goes.

Much later, at dawn and also on the stage of Vibra Mahou itself – the big stage – it was the turn of !!! Nic Offer hasn’t lost a bit of his signature energy, which he’s been showing on stage for nearly 25 years, and he doesn’t stop moving from here to here while presenting his “Let It Be Blue” album. As if he was halfway between Mick Jagger and Bobby Gillespie in terms of status and attitude, but closer to any alien in fashion, Offer couldn’t resist throwing himself into the crowd at the end of the concert. If there is something positive about him!!! It’s their live show and despite their well-known synthesizer from the second series, it’s to the credit that audiences don’t care if they play new songs like Unbridge and Here’s What I Need to Know from One Girl/One Boy. Not all groups can boast that their entire repertoire is an equal party.

Leon Benavente They were among the Spanish bands that gave successful performances on the stage of Benidorm, which featured an array of lights with geometric shapes and shades of red, and of course such famous songs from their careers among rock, kraut, electronics and epic, such as ‘La Ribera’. It doesn’t seem like much is said about his latest album “Era”, but songs like “Místico” turned out to be pretty sassy in front of such a massive audience.

a strange love triangle They played on a small stage for some reason, Radio 3, and Issa couldn’t resist the urge to comment: “We’re in the best theater and we’re going to blow it up.” Apparently they did it based on the great songs and great songs from their latest album, that rugged, self-titled album that they had a hard time performing in public. This is part of the past and in the Triángulo ceremony God no longer sits, while loud songs like ‘Friends of Mankind’, ‘Ghost of the Transition’, ‘Mystic Stars’, ‘Barca quemada’ or ‘De monarchy’ to crypto’. Among the anecdotes, “Capitalism Is Cannibalism” is his new adaptation of the first, and “I’m Stealing Your Time” is now a never-ending parody that recurs multiple times, as if to represent that Rodrigo is, yes, stealing our time and a little bit of our money. . Which comes to the same thing.

At the same stage but at dawn, between 2 and 3, I was performing twilight atmosphere Accompanied by Aaron Lux, they both bang on keyboards, dance a lot, and cheer the staff on with an almost excessive amount of shouting. Joel has the ammo he wants after 10+ albums and “Tren de la witch” and “Tecnocasa” are all surreal and Carreteras de PASSION is already vying for a spot alongside Música para Adultos and La Cancion of your life”, “Looks great” and of course My Dance Factory is the pinnacle. Abel de Los Vinagres went on to present Pensar el tiempo.

Perhaps we can consider the headline by a public call Nathi Belloso, a sample of that editorial development of the Low I was talking about. Her show with a band offers many heights, giving her titular character plenty of recreated play with shades and color on screens, and one of the climaxes was that moment when she sang the Business Woman song and part of “I’m a bastard put her ass in his face.” By then, she was At the top of the group, with her back to the respectable, crouched down and showing her best face.Her program is very entertaining and visual, full of hits, though very honest about her vocals and will appreciate some pre-recorded chorus or playback chorus: sometimes there is a little The noise is in the rap and that chorus like those from ’emergency’ can hardly be heard.

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