Isabelle Pressler’s unexpected reaction to Tamara Falco’s plans in her new documentary series: “Don’t Scare Me”

“It’s me, Tamara Falco Pressler On my fortieth birthday. If there’s one thing I can say, it’s that things haven’t stopped happening to me just yet. “So it begins Tamara Falco: The March The new Netflix documentary starring Isabel Ressler’s daughter captures a witness to Georgina Rodriguez and her series. I’m Georginain a new audiovisual production It will review the busy life of its hero.

The first chapter begins with the lavish party that March Grenion gave on its 40th birthday in November of last year. Celebration attended by famous faces from pages coated paper And where you can see the strong unity that binds him to his family, they did not miss the ceremony: “I’ve been very fortunate with my family.”She says hero proudly when she talks about her family.


Tamara admits that her life was told “through the magazine” Welcome”, which did not affect her at all, despite the distinction of her life: “I am the daughter of one of the most elegant women in Spain and Carlos Falco, the famous vitiologist, Marquis Grignion and Frandi from Spain,” she presumes proudly speaking of her parents. “Yes, now I’m marching”, She says she enjoys the nickname she inherited from her father, which is her “little right eye”.

She defines herself as an “influencer”, businesswoman, owner of her own clothing brand, and collaborator on “one of the most successful TV shows in this country, El Hormiguero”. He goes on to talk about his faith, which has defined his life in later years: “Instead of wanting to go out at night for drinks, I wanted to stay home to pray the rosary, I got to thinking about being religious.”

The starting point for the documentary is Surprise to say the least: He wants to open his own restaurant. It is his victory in celebrity head Tamara has found her true calling, cooking. After winning the competition, he continued his preparations at a prestigious culinary school, which is why he decided to devote himself to it and open a restaurant in El Rincon, the farm he inherited after the death of his father.

With the help of Iñigo Onieva, the great reveal of the documentary, who was too loose for the cameras, Tamara, during the six seasons that make up the documentary, will create a menu “in record time” to start a restaurant. And if that wasn’t enough, I have to convince my mother that I can do itThe Marquis joked.


To give shape to this idea, she will also have the collaboration of designer Juan Avellaneda, who became inseparable from him during his time on the aforementioned TVE cooking reality show. “I want to do it well and it’s very complicated because it’s still a huge house and needs a brutal fix.” Located in Aldea del Fresno (Madrid), El Rincón is an impressive 19th century mansion where he spent so much time with his father, which is why he feels emotional every time he visits: “My father was the reason I went to the country That was my moment of peace. This is something I won’t share with him and it saddens me.”

The funniest face of Isabel Ressler

The second chapter of the series begins with a funny and surreal conversation between Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa in which they talk about the greatness of New York, a city that according to her mother, “Tamara has not visited for a long time.” Exactly on his return overturns this new chapter in which the protagonist sets the course for the city of skyscrapers. . “I saw a movie that made me in New York, very interesting,” Tamara told Mario Vargas Llosa, who is excited about the trip. “Let’s go to the Carolina Herrera parade and After shopping with mom‘He adds about the family’s plans.’ Mario keeps reading, and he’s come with his mom and me sometimes, but he doesn’t like it very much. At first I didn’t know who Jimmy Choo was.”

“Mom there are things she considers terrifying and everything is really sharp, that just doesn’t suit you… She just doesn’t get it,” she says of the differences with her mother in her tastes in fashion as they catch New York streets more attuned.


At one of the mother-daughter meetings, Tamara admitted her idea of ​​​​opening a restaurant: “I know that you do not trust the restaurant very much, but it will end up happening,” her mother warned. “It’s just that I don’t get it,” says Isabel Ressler, who is unrecognizable and more playful and closer than we’re used to. Without understanding the concept of the restaurant his daughter is proposing, he adds, “The makeshift restaurants are not the end of my vision.” Tamara’s idea is to “create a mobile kitchen, to move it in different areas of the mansion” and thus make use of every space in it.

Particularly fun is the visit they make to a kitchen furniture store in New York, where Isabel Pressler puts faces into each of Tamara’s ideas: “Mom, I’m forty, okay? (…) You don’t pay any attention to me ” She says, amused, as her mother scolds her for touching things in the store.I be blue condomThe kitchens were dismantled a year ago‘, she adds.

on his visit to Workshop From Carolina Herrera, Tamara arrives ready to consider wedding dresses for her future wedding with Inigo Oneeva, an idea her mother doesn’t seem to like very much: “Don’t scare me. Don’t be silly. I’m still turkey,” says Isabel, listening to her daughter . “The one who will be afraid is Iñigo when he sees this. I’m like myself looking at wedding dresses before… (…) When I tell Inigo that I was looking for wedding dresses, what I hope is that he doesn’t misunderstand my mother’s reaction. Not because of him, it’s because of the concept. What my mother doesn’t want is to lose me, she thinks I’ll go back to her house. It’s not that she does not want to see me happy, but that she wants me to be with her, ”explains Tamara.

On her return to Madrid, Tamara meets Oneeva, with whom she shares the best moments of her trip and the moment of her mother’s hanging of wedding dresses. “I imagine myself married to him, no longer wasting time with someone for whom you do not see a future,” she says as Inigo evades her and prefers not to talk about the wedding. Currently…


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