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It doesn’t matter that nearly ten years have passed since her greatest popularity moment, on July 6, Twitter users turned Eva Green into popular topic Lasting all day. A few relevant tributes to her birthday celebration and a few unmistakable signs of the mark and the impact it had on an actress Casino Royale also dreamers In a whole generation of viewers who grew up craving Gothic beauty – blue eyes defined by black, fair skin and black hair – the Parisian bears an Anglo-Saxon name. Bond girl and Tim Burton’s inspiration, at 42, Eva Green is still a lady worth killing for and the last great example of her female killer A movie par excellence. Enemy of exposure and glamor Hollywood red carpet and video callThe introverted translator preferred to stay away from the cinema mecca only when she had everything to become the next great international star. “I still feel like the ugly duckling in this world,” he admits. After more than three years without showing her face on the big screen, the Eva Green legend is still as true as day one.

Green on the Chanel Spring-Summer 20/21 collection show. Photo: Getty

“I don’t know if it’s because of my dog’s hair or because I don’t talk much,” I wondered when asked about the reasons for her portrayal as a mysterious and inaccessible figure. Whether there are reasons or not, the truth is that few actresses today can afford the luxury of leading a cast in blockbuster productions while showing media anonymity that prevents any information about, say, the ups and downs of their love lives. . Little is known about his daily life other than the fact that he lives in London and works in Paris and that he uses his Instagram account – with over a million followers – to retrieve old photos for the shoot or to show his support for the activist. Reasons such as the Ukrainian resistance after the invasion of the Russian army. In one of her recent interviews, the artist admitted that her 42-year-old weighs on some of the casting directors in the movie Mecca, focusing on the historical ageism that still plagues Hollywood. “No woman wants to grow up (…) I’ve already heard that I’m too old to play some roles, so I’m not going to lie and say she’s gorgeous,” she said.

His movie Vesper Lynd is considered one of the best ‘Bond girls’ in franchise history. Photo: Cordon Press

Because among his plans, never to see his name engraved on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, not even a two-decade career cemented his desire for fame and posterity. Eva Green’s approach to acting was therapeutic, not professional. His pathological shyness, it was the teachers at her school who recommended that she take theater lessons to overcome the withdrawal that prevented her from communicating with her classmates and nearly fainted every time she had to speak out. “I am so shy and, at the same time, I expose myself so much to tens of thousands of people, like ‘This is my body’, that I still don’t really know why I’m doing it. I have to go to therapy for it,” assures her, who introduces herself as a “masochist”. Despite testing her limits with each new role, the daughter of dental surgeon and actress Marilyn Yubert admits she missed out on many career opportunities due to her sensitivity to Hollywood parties and “little talk.”

But Green has always championed the advantages of having a character that is completely opposite to the roles he plays on the big screen, using his profession as a form of therapy to deal with his routine emotions. She considers herself a “quiet and almost boring” person, but she bets on playing crazy witches, killer superheroes or vengeful vampires. She says the good girl roles carried her while in real life she didn’t star in even the slightest hint of scandal. And in contrast to her self-confessed withdrawal, she’s been one of the actresses to have made the most sexual content scenes in Hollywood this century since her film debut with an already cult roster. dreamers by Bertolucci. 300: Rise of an EmpireAnd the feeling perfectAnd the dark shadesAnd the Sin City: A woman to kill for also dreadful penny are some examples. “I don’t like doing nude scenes, they are very uncomfortable, but people in the United States are quite fascinated with nudity (…) they think that because I am French, I make it too easy,” she asserted in vice.

The classic and gothic beauty of the interpreter was also noted on the red carpet. Photo: Getty

Unlike Maria Schneider in Last Tango in ParisGreen has always defended Bertolucci’s chivalry during the filming of intimate soap operas, the Frenchwoman herself was the victim of producer Harvey Weinstein, a predator who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and other sexual crimes. The actress had to push him to get rid of him during a business meeting that both of them had in the French capital. “He acted inappropriately. I ran away before things got worse, but the experience left me heartbroken.” diverse.

In 2006, her role as a spy was Vesper Lind in Casino Royale Not only has fame been a strength—and won a BAFTA Star of Revelation—it’s also been key in the revitalization and modernization the multi-million dollar series has seen since Daniel Craig took over as 007. Fatal Fate The upcoming films plot, Greene outlined First Effects For Bond girls of the new century who, as Léa Seydoux or Ana de Armas later explained, ceased to be just hypersexual girls in distress to become strong, “thinking” and critical characters in the dramatic development of events. “Because there is nothing worse for an actress than to be an empty shell (…) what should I do? Asked the Parisian.

In “Sin City” she played a murderous woman in the strict sense of the archetype. Photo: Miramax

Next year could turn out to be a year for a career renaissance for Eva Green, who has turned to the local industry to revive her career. In addition to the AppleTV + series Connectionan Anglo-French bilingual thriller, will play actress Milady in the ambitious cinematic review of Alexandre Dumas’ classic. The three musketeers. The project, accompanied by Vincent Cassel and Louis Garrel, is one of the most expensive in the history of French cinema – its budget exceeds 60 million euros – and will hit theaters in two parts in 2023. If it feels devoted by its speakers, it will be a guaranteed success.

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“I’ve Already Heard I’m Too Old For Some Roles”: Eva Green, Famous Glamorous Woman Who Fled Hollywood

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