Jazz Night embraces the blues with Diana Krall at Tío Pepe Festival de Jerez

The concert has many elements. All knowledge. More outdoors. In the case of last Friday night at the Tío Pepe Festival, the organization’s efforts to bring in a jazz singer, the public’s eagerness to get close to her and the environmental conditions were favourable. Diana Krall’s concert gathers above all her fans and followers and those who love jazz and what it means.

The Canadian singer appeared as she is, sober and elegant with her group of musicians, wearing a black dress and her signature blonde hair. At the first sounds, to prepare the scene for arrival, he wanted to make his mark. Seriously and without superficial compliments, he initially set the best definition of his music: being as narcissistic about his own music as any self-respecting artist and wondering if he’s still strong for this kind of tour for what he wants from mixed tones from a woman in love Like someone drenched in love With her composer’s music and her eternal questions about her orientation in space-time about where and when she was in front of her audience, she began to make her voice warm, her desire to make her when and whereYour business card.

The surround sound was the rage from the start and the booths glimpsed a dreamy night, closing their eyes with the raspy sound of a unique contralto, the scent of the gardens of Las Copas, the starry sky and the moon that could make you think of a scene created to believe Central Park in Manhattan was present, but at a party Intimate music in southern Andalusia.

Soon, Krall’s voice could be recognized and ignored, and she began introducing her band from the very first song. Aptly choreographed, the soon-to-be co-stars of the scene kicked off their moments of glory based on the brilliant performance of their lifelong musician, Anthony Wilson, who was able to put rhythm and fidelity between the chords of the music. Various guitars Robert Hurts bass, rhythmic and revealing the feelings of a quartet created to impress; And percussion in the form of universal drums full of nuances so that the notes are always in place. As the centerpiece, the piano Diana Krall dominates with the pianist’s long fingers and uses it until the show is her conductor without a stick on the keys.

To admire the perfect relationship of the four musicians on stage, showing skill and prior work, with complicit glances to make room for the partner, with the blessed submission of his mistress festivities each time he invents a tone and vibrates and holds his breath. We were witnessing a very elegant expression of world jazz, with a sober, intimate and nuance-free theatrical performance. Without a flashy or flashy design, with spotlights background in cool colors without screaming and ambient lighting for each band member depending on the environments created by each song, achieving an intimacy that is taken to the extreme to make the musical notes gain real significance. This, and a velvety, scratchy, suggestive sound was released as his voice became more open and warm.

He never imitates the great sounds of Harlem, nor does he need to. Not even Bruce. It is his mark that has given him many awards in his career. It stands for jazz suburb, making the most of the bottom line. Perhaps that is the secret and this is the wonderful justification of his passionless journey through traditional songs and his latest album. We knew it and now we support it live. It’s a very personal show. He chose the right moments to do duets with his bass, or with his acoustic guitars, which in the long run became the special protagonist of the show with his friend Anthony enjoying himself.

In this discourse, the works are intertwined where jazz melodies prevail, from his works This dream of you, or what is the same, your dreams, the dreams he leaves in the air of his compositions and which are his musical vanity and which served him with the dreamy proposal which he made at this concert in Jerez, his own your dreams and your fears in mind. Without losing the leaves, with eyes closed to savor himself more and in the manner of caressing the keys as if made of silk, he continued on his dreams or dreams. dreamsbeing present but at the same time elevated in personal daydreams.

In all this wonderfully recreated acoustic world, close to two hours, the vibrations were enough to numb the sounds, so that the bass is as deep and whisper as the passion between his fingers on the keys that makes direct sound an ode to harmony under a starry sky. The resonant bell fills the stage with notes that make him believe in the magic of a kind of ring like very few contraltos he can defend. The formulation, as some of his poems say, is to swing to use silence and make it after some other fixed instrumental instrument ending with strong rhythms to reach the emotional peak with the same openings of sound as it was during the journey towards them. Musical Temp, filled with subliminal melodies, does the rest. Introduce stories and slow down. Thus, this rhythm remains, at times cool, because in a calm and silent way it heads towards the end of the show.

So far, the stalls have recognized that Diana sets the guidelines, because the jazz disguised as blues is stubborn and at the same time beautiful. Perhaps there was a tired sound from an endless tour. atmosphere of Response Among the failed public. Perhaps the composer’s shyness appeared in a very personal way of expressing thanks, without words in Spanish and with some Anglo-Saxon joke. It may have influenced that the three years he had mentioned as a final staged path were also significant. Maybe some nod to pop music, or his admirer Bob Dylan, or bolero as his version of kiss me so muchWe will miss him, we will miss him. But this is the direct method. He wanted to end along the same lines, and thanked the happiness that had been created and achieved with some notes that happiness It is a song of harmony as a person and as a singer.

With two appearing to the end. One intimate, rhythmic and dazzling the second, with his band all turned to flair, said goodbye to Jerez just as the night began, elegantly and soberly. He lives in his world, lives for his music and expresses it that way. The public, esteemed, understood it this way. Enjoyed by Diana and her quad, the audience enjoyed it in many ways but with a strange feeling that it was very sober and elegant. But you need to remember that the rules are always set by the artist. It has given enough feelings to many and forever.


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