Kamilo Rojas, the young protagonist of “Ermitaño” who dreams of winning an Oscar

Photo: a press release
Photo: press movie “The Hermit”

Camilo Rojas is a curious boy who loves to do many things. He is an actor, musician, and student. Camilo lives with his mother, father and older brother who support him unconditionally. He also wants to study English and robotics. Camilo is the protagonist, with Alejandro Aguilar, of Ermitaño, the first film by Colombian director Arturo Luisa.

He worked in love polalong with Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, as well as in Running with the devilstarring Nicolas Cage and also co-starring Colombian Natalia Reyes, and in the telenovela nursesWhich earned him the first Catalina in India.

This versatile boy also played the French horn for two or three years, which he doesn’t remember very well, at the Philharmonic. Camilo loves to do everything, acting, composing music, studying, spending time with his friends and family. He says his mum is sad because she says she wants to be involved in everything, but they organize themselves and find time for everything.

Infobae Colombia I talked with this young actor, who at a young age already has a huge biography and a promising future in the arts, in which he dreams of winning an Oscar.

Photo: a press release
Photo: press movie “The Hermit”

Tell me, Camilo, when did your interest in acting begin and how did you enter this world?

The truth is I was very anxious in kindergarten and loved to do a lot of things and then my mom, when I left kindergarten, started looking for something that would amuse me, so we went to the academy and there she danced and said Carlotica, my manager, I behaved very well and suddenly I had a future Good. There we started going to classes and I did some castings.

About six months later, more or less, I won two at around the same time and was due to sign up for Girardot, which was treasure s when you live with mealso.

How were these two first experiences?

Well, I mean, it was a little complicated at first because I didn’t know anything about it and I think I improved a little bit in the classes, and then, in the castings I started to do better.

What happened after winning these two actors?

Then I did some commercials and then I won a movie that was with Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, which was Loving Paul. Later, I won another one, which was so Running with the devilwhen Nicolas Cage came to Colombia, and also to Ermetanyo, but before that he had done it nursesmy character got cancer and I had to shave my hair and in this role I won the India Catalina title.

What was it like working with Javier Bardem and with Penélope Cruz, two giant actors and how did you start your career?

It was a very small scene, but, say, when Javier Bardem left the place, the escorts started surrounding him and I couldn’t take a picture or anything.

And how was your work with Natalia Reyes on the Nicolas Cage film set in Colombia?

No, very good, let’s say I learned many little things from her, she is very good and then, you know what was very curious because after we finished recording and got home, we left in the same car with Natalia and before getting out of the car got the turn who did break and he told me.

So you are the first to know…

Yes literally. Because she was like, “Ouch! I earned it! And he went home so happy.

Photo: Hermit Press.
Photo: Hermit Press.

Before talking about Ermitaño, tell me what it was like to pass through Enfermeras. Well, it was a solid role, a Cancer boy very sane and mature… How was it to prepare for a complex role like this?

Look, at first my character was so normal, it was always like the same thing, and I told the directors to make me something cooler, and then they made my character get sick, and I was like, “Oh no, they got a little bit excited” and then, yeah, I started studying So much about what leukemia looks like and you’ve done really well in the scenes. I had to cramp, and since the bed did nothing, I had to start moving.

How was it prepared?

It was a bit complicated because I had never seen cases like this before, and I was researching leukemia on the internet and what was happening to people and also when my mum told me I had to do this and I had to shave off of it. I’ve thought about it a lot, a lot. I thought about it for about a week and finally accepted it and it was so cool to do this character.

Furthermore, this role earned you the India Catalina Award, how was it when you learned about the nomination and the award?

It was very cool, but there was a very sad part, that at those times we were in an epidemic and they had already said I had won it, and I was so excited that I went to bed jumping with my Emotional Mum, but since we were in the middle of the epidemic, we couldn’t Go to Cartagena to receive the award. It was still great and that moment was very exciting.

When his mother learned that he had won this award, what was his reaction, realizing that she had always supported him in this way of acting.

If not, I mean, at first she started crying and all and well, because at first she thought this was for people with a lot of money and all that, and when we made it through, she cried with emotion. Me too, literally.

Camilo, how did your professional life merge with your school life?

No, well, I love him, I guess that’s what my profession will be from now on: acting. But let’s say, with the school, it was not so complicated, thanks to the school, i.e. I can run the work a little later, because I am in the faculty of exceptional talents and there they give me a little time to turn over the work that I did not do during registration.

The film stars Alejandro Aguilar and Camilo Rojas.  Photo: 70 mm film
The film stars Alejandro Aguilar and Camilo Rojas. Photo: 70 mm film

Now yeah, let’s talk about Ermitaño, how was his casting appearance?

Well, in the beginning it was a hypothetical choice with Arturo (director of the movie) and well, I did and I won and it was very exciting because Arturo said I behaved well. Samuel was a curious and cunning boy, sometimes mischievous, who really liked to study everything.

How much is Samuel in you and in you in Samuel?

The naughty thing and the study of everything, I like to investigate everything. Also like rogue. We have some things in common. There’s a scene where I said to my mom and she was saying “Oh yeah do it”…

Tell me a joke I made a movie.

Well, my mom (in the movie) helped me with that, because she told me, from now on we have to throw bread to Amanda (another character in the movie) and I’ll go and throw bread to her. It was very funny.

At the beginning of the movie the relationship between Samuel and Horacio was strange, Horacio hides from Samuel who spoke to him without seeing him, how were those first scenes?

Since (Samuel) always came from school to study, I told him all those stories and everything that happened out of the world. And Horacio was afraid of being able to leave, but let’s say that after he left home we had a good relationship and were very good friends. I even taught him to ride a bike.

In addition to getting Horacio out of the house, what did Samuel bring to Horacio in his life?

I’m finding freedom, because after opening up to Samuel, Horacio kind of had more freedom. We had a very good relationship. I loved the relationship between them and the story is very beautiful.

Can we say that Horacio became like the father that he neither had nor Samuel?

Yes, well, he asked him about his father and told him he was a very good person, but after my mother began to speak and when he left the door, I felt like a father to me. Another good scene is we play on the seesaw.

How was the registration process? I understand that the shooting was postponed, they changed locations …

We never used face masks and that was uglier. Aside from the fact that we were in a hot country and it was raining almost every day and security protocols were also very rare. Wash your hands every five minutes, that alcohol… the mask.

What was it like working and directing by Arturo?

The relationship between the two was very good and he directs it well. To be the first movie,

Very well. We had a very good connection.

And working with Alejandro, who plays the role of Horacio, how was it? What did you learn from him?

It’s very good and so, as a joke, he said to me, You’re very good, move on to the next. He also gave me a lot of advice, to do such a thing and he told me “don’t put more passion into it”, or something like that. Recording with him was great, he’s a very good actor.

The movie is in black and white and then the color starts to appear. What do you think of the movie the first time you saw it?

I loved it and it was turning color, I loved it. This was so cool. And no, seeing that on the big screen is, no, very nice.

Camilo, what’s to come now after the Hermitage premiere? What are you working on?

Some short films are coming and we’ll wait and see what comes out, something big with a good character.

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