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Lorenzo Cabril (Madrid, 1967) designed the wedding dress for the Infanta Cristina in 1997 and his name began to spread among high-society women in need of bridal suits. In his workshop, located on Claudio Coelho Street, in the capital, today there are 15 employees. She claims that her dress brought luck to the king’s sister in the form of four “beautiful children”. his appearance in Sewing masters, from La 1, finished generalizing. Cult, slate and cute, he led the singing voice on the show, which ends after five seasons. Caprile, who is devout, asks Christ in Medinaceli to bring him more work on television. “I like to laugh at myself, well, we’d all end up in the same place.” He attends in his small office in his workshop and hands out cigarettes. He is passionate about the origin of the word. If they followed him, they would know his distaste for the word “fashion designer.” “I am a tailor, and anyone who says otherwise falls into masculinity.”

I ask. What do you ask a woman before making her a dress?

Answer. What are you looking for? Many of them come up with crazy ideas, and some put you on the edge of good morals. They show you a picture of a woman who is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 50 kilograms, like Natty Abascal… But you are not!

s. What do you see when you value someone’s clothes?

R was found. a lot of things! You know the famous sweater scene from The devil wears a hoodie Who talks about the impact of fashion on everyone? I see her about 30 times a month. As much as you think you’re spending in this industry, it’s a lie. Fashion says it all.

s. What movie do you think is the best graphic for the industry?

R was found. This is the best depiction of his anger. Invisible thread [con Daniel Day-Lewis] It was mental. ready to wear other shit.

s. Can you explain your interest in knowing the origin of words?

R was found. I like to be precise, we don’t use words correctly, and I can’t stand when we’re causing the phone effect by expressing ourselves poorly. escacaraw, I can’t stand affiliations. The fashion world, which is very absurd, offends them. Someone gave me a card that said “Teresita Rodriguez, Workshop. “Well, that’s it,” I tell myself. “Crucified”.

s. Where does your interest come from?

R was found. She studied language and literature in Italy. I’m a Lázaro Carreter fan, I’ve studied with his books. I also love Pedro Alvarez de Miranda, who devotes a chapter to the word “fashion designer” in a book asserting that it’s a “real morph monstrosity.” Nobody says ArtistAnd the socialistAnd the Communist…there is a lot of blame, women.

s. How he was as a kid.

R was found. Don’t worry, I loved reading, I didn’t like wearing dolls. I played with dolls because I played with my sister, but also with Scalextric and Monopoly.

s. You are the youngest of seven siblings. Is it noticeable?

R was found. My brothers say I am spoiled, but I do not agree at all. I think one of the scourges of today’s society is the one-child syndrome. Big families are the schools of life. You learn politics: to give in, to negotiate, to be faster than the other …

s. Why have you been living in a hotel for many years?

R was found. I make my life in the workshop and every day I have plans. I have bowling on the weekends. I find it convenient.

s. Wish you had a custom room…

R was found. naturally. This is the Sardinero Hotel in Madrid and they are happy with me. I own a house in a good area, I’m renting it out and at the moment the bills are coming out.

s. Which style do you like more, Cuca Gamarra style, from PP, or Pilar Alegría style, from PSOE?

R was found. I really love both, but Carmen Calvo who I love because of her age and because she is so consistent with her style. I also loved Angela Merkel. He had his model in different colors and different time period. like men. The one who didn’t convince me at all was Arancha Gómez Laya, the former Secretary of State.

s. Politically, can I ask you about your weakness?

R was found. I am progressive in many things, and in others on the right. What I would really like is that the SWP and the People’s Party come to a big governmental agreement. They taught me that democracy is the government of the majority and I can’t stand being ruled by minorities.

s. Is it ownership?

R was found. Yes, out of loyalty, because otherwise we Spaniards would fight all day, and because I honestly believe Felipe VI is the best public relations man this country can have.

s. How do you see the youth of today?

R was found. When I see the gangs all together, but looking at their cell phones, I get sick. With my gang if we met in El Penta at 7:00 PM, we’d all been there.

s. He has an old Nokia.

R was found. Receiving calls and SMS, period. It’s in danger of extinction and it’s kind of a Frankenstein, if it breaks, they fixed it for me in a shop where they keep parts of old cell phones. They released a new version, but the list is quite complicated.

s. What will you tell the rest of us we are addicted to screens.

R was found. Let them try to disconnect for a week; Technology always makes us upset. Oh boy, we have to look for satisfaction on a daily basis and cell phones are the opposite.

s. Sewing masters It came to an end.

R was found. It was wonderful. As long as we open someone’s eyes at work behind the Primark shirt, I’m fine. We have integrated with great respect all existing nationalities. But I’ll be back soon: Premiere sew promisein Telemadrid, where I will mention the origin of the historical clothing of Madrid, such as the corset Isabel la Catolica.

s. Where did you come from?

R was found. for Chueca. My favorite place is 12, but there is always a queue to get in. I can’t stand being caught because of who I am, it just doesn’t go with me, sometimes I have the patience to wait and other times I don’t.

s. What are you doing this holiday?

R was found. Kept in Madrid for various types of brown, in the Algete. You can’t imagine what a hotel in Algete would cost me. in the Algete!

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