Lorenzo Cabril: “My worst summer was when Carlos Garcia Calvo died”

The worst summer of my life


One July morning, we all learned of the sudden death of the LOC social columnist, who specializes in writing about Queen Letizia’s outfits. A close friend of sewing, no one can fill the void he left in fashion.

Lorenzo Cabril in his workshop.
Lorenzo Cabril in his workshop.Javier Salas
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Lorenzo Cabril (Madrid, 1967) has already suffered several painful losses in his life. The first was his father, in 2006, when he was able to see how his seventh son, the youngest, reached the pinnacle of couture in our country by wearing Infanta Cristina as a bride at her wedding to Iaki Urdangarin. However, the tailor, a great friend of his friends, buried his good friend two years earlier, journalist and social historian Carlos García Calvo. The memory of his death illustrates the worst summer of his life. Unfortunately, after the departure of Carlos there were other losses that were very difficult for him. That one of his siblings and brother Lola Diaz Garcia, his right hand in the workshop, the latter two died this year. However, thanks to his positive personality and his fun, and above all to the work he always has, Lorenzo Cabril never loses his smile. You have to throw straight ahead And good memories are fuel for the soul.

We talked to him about garca calvoalso signature The other record Which these pages miss so much to dissect Queen Letizia’s appearance: “It was the summer of 2020, the virus seemed to have passed, and there was hope. But suddenly, without expecting it, Carlos died. July is not from Covid, from the sudden turn of the attack. It was hard for me”.

Charles was The standard of fashion journalism And fashion itself, she knew a lot about Spanish history despite growing up in Argentina. “He always helped me, in my early rags world and later, even with his criticisms,” says Lorenzo. “My relationship with him was very close, we talked every week and each other every day. And we did everything, not just fashion. Books and exhibitions. Gossip, fashion show today, industry. We talked for hours a day. Phone. . Kindly contact Something is now lost with a lot of messages. I guess he’ll email me or not in his life. We also go out for lunch or dinner at least once a month. He was a very generous person with his friendsYou always learn something from chatting with him, he has left you a lesson,” the tailor longs.

Cabril learned of Carlos’ death the next morning, and arrived at the garage first thing in the morning. It was a shock, no one expected it. He was healthy, a bit irritated in one thigh but his head was perfect. He was 76 years old. “If he had handed over the book after that, LeticiaAnd the From A to Z to La Esfera, which it published posthumously the following November. They asked me to make the introduction and it was an honour. It’s a wonderful letter I had the opportunity to write to CarlosIt was my way of saying goodbye. Honestly, I think it’s one of the best scripts I’ve had. “

In fact, none of his friends, family, colleagues, nor his partner for almost all life, generationThey were able to say their last goodbyes. Due to Covid regulations, funerals were not held at the time. It is still pending to pay the tribute he deserves. Of course, there were no obituaries in the newspapers. Everyone had a good word for Carlos Garcia Calvothe Spanish fashion historian who became famous on Extra Rosa with Ana Rosa Quintana and Rosa Villacastn in the 1990s on Antena 3. A program with a legendary style that propelled him to fame.

“I have an altar in my house with all their dead and Carlos among them. My way of honoring him is by lighting candles and laying flowersI give him an idea every day and tell him many things that have been happening in these two years. I have a very beautiful picture of him in my office in the workshop. Luckily Carlos didn’t see Doa Letizia’s famous suit with her stomach exposed because it was going to have me on the phone for five hours,” she laughs. Carlos was a very funny young man. Just read his articles online. donate and in LOC about the queen.

“And imagine the divorce of Infanta Cristina and Iaki Urdangarin, he would be hanging on for days. He would have loved to clean up a few months ago that Doa Letizia recycled a gorgeous dress from the Molinero sisters, for example. Fashion I must miss it a lot because I honestly believe There is no one similar to him even afterwardsin terms of culture, the spark he brought into writing and the ability he had to bring the subjects together always in a humorous tone.” Without a doubt, Carlos was a two-legged encyclopedia of world fashion history.

Capriel and Carlos met at a Balenciaga brand meeting Through Leticia Espinosa de los Monteros when Lorenzo was very young. “At this meeting he really wanted to do a report on me, he was very professional. It was 1995.” From then until the fateful summer of 2020.

“In the Basilica of San Manuel and San Benito, I will celebrate Mass for him now when the anniversary of his death falls. I will make an effort to put some beautiful flowers on it, because it is worth it,” concludes Lorenzo Capril.

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