Luca Guadagnino: “I don’t need to be included and I don’t feel excluded, I don’t want to belong to the so-called normality” | icon

Director and designer now Luca Guadagnino.
Director and designer now Luca Guadagnino.

The new project of director Luca Guadagnino is two rooms facing each other through an invisible fourth wall that, like its symmetry, can be a mirror. Both feature similar elements and opposite details. For example, the stove Cebu, a very rare Lombard stone, and the other is colored ceramic in almost brilliant tones. The armchair is on one side in blue and the other in red. They, as befits a masterful storyteller, rooms have their own dramatic arc: a excitement from the inside. Not surprisingly, the Italians mention Hitchcock when explaining the narrative possibilities of ornament.

“I am interested in Hitchcock’s ability to integrate spaces into his visual knowledge machine. In psychosis Everything is architecture, from the interior of the car to the hotel lobby,” he explains via video conference from Boston, where he films ChallengerHis new movie with Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist. The shooting prevented him from being in Milan during Design Week and thus, in this hypnotic double room that is the presentation speech of Studio Luca Guadagnino, his office for interior design and architecture. He founded it in 2017, after two conversations. One of them was accompanied by journalist Dana Thomas, who visited him at his home in Crema for an interview T . magazine.

Studio Luca Guadagnino's project was presented during Milan Design Week.
Studio Luca Guadagnino’s project was presented during Milan Design Week.Giulio Girardi

“He asked me what my greatest wish was, and I told him that in that moment, he had become an interior designer,” he recalls. The other was businessman Federico Marchetti, who, after reading that interview, commissioned him to renovate his home on Lake Como. and interior designers to work with, although there are no specific studios,” he says. “It was a very useful process.”

In Accanto al fuoco, his first appearance as an interior designer, Guadagnino gave “a tribute to his parents,” he explains. Basically, the architect Carlo Scarpa, a major name in Italian post-war architecture, and the space he created to restore the monument of Antonello da Messina in 1953. The folded panels that cover the walls of the room and cross over the ceiling of the space created by Guadagnino refer to the icon of Italian imagination . A fiction in which Guadagnino made relevant contributions – from the bourgeois majesty of Milan in Ayo Sonu Lamore (2009) To the paradise of the ancestors Call me by your name (2017)-, even if they are allergic to the aesthetic.

The kitchen in the Federico Marchetti home, a project designed by Luca Guadagnino.
The kitchen in the Federico Marchetti home, a project designed by Luca Guadagnino.Giulio Girardi

He replies, “It’s a reductive view of what I do, because I’ve not only worked in Italy, I’m not only talking about Italy.” “Of course, I love my country and wouldn’t live anywhere else, but I don’t think that’s my turn. You have to see things through an idea of ​​reality that can never be satisfied with itself and always overwhelmed with beauty. It can be nostalgic, sad or political But it is not limited to crystallizing a sense of beauty.

in the series we are who we are (HBO) has addressed issues of identity or gender in a very liberal and very contemporary way. Can this sensitivity be transferred to interior design? He answers, “It’s a question that leads to slippery slopes.” “I don’t need to be included nor feel excluded, because I don’t want to belong to the so-called natural state. At the same time, I’m not interested in organizing the idea of ​​gender in the Anglo-Saxon way. I’m more interested in subversion, transformation, pollution, and discomfort. For me, he is Like me It is about the unpredictable. It is a subject too complex to talk about lightly. What I can say is that we, for example, made a very engineered ceramic fireplace. And when you fire the pottery, the shape changes slightly and doesn’t quite fit the geometry you designed. In addition, it is painted in bright colors ranging from pink to yellow but also gray. So maybe I can say that this stove reflects the sentiment of those who do not believe in programming. “

shot of
A shot from “Call Me By Your Name” shows Guadagnino’s love of design and interior design.

Anyway, he is reluctant to compare his films to his interiors. “The only effect is that, with the interior design, I feel relief from the pressures of filmmaking.” Are you happy that you decided to open your own studio? “Well, happiness is a word we shouldn’t say because it’s depressing. It’s from a Sandro Pena poem. That’s my answer.”

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