Luck review, the Apple TV + animated movie about luck

We are having a lively summer! The cinemas are decorated throughout the season with premieres of films like Light yearAnd the Minions: puppy originAnd the DC League of Super Pets And very soon Samurai Hero: The Legend of Hank. it is clear that The target audience is families and specifically the young at home.

And in fact, the box office results suggest that the decision to release them with them in mind is more than right because In the top 5 highest-grossing films, in addition to animated films, three more titles referring to children prevail: Father there is only one 3And the Jurassic World: Dominion s Thor: Love and Thunder In second, fourth and fifth place.

But Motion cinema also finds a comfortable place on broadcast platformsFor those who prefer to stay at home or have no choice but to stay at home. And we’re not just referring to the children’s content sections in each of them, but also to larger projects, which would ideally have been rolled out in commercial cinemas.

This is the case sea ​​monsterAvailable on Netflix, or from luckythe new proposal that arose out of cooperation Apple original movies s Skydance Animation (actually his first movie) which premieres exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, August 5th. We will talk about it at length.


Spanish of Luck Trailer: Part of Good Summer Luck on Apple TV +

The first thing we should point out in this regard (which is no small thing) is A paradigm shift accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic: home theater consumption. There was a time when it was not possible to think of carrying out a project of this magnitude without relating it to the theatrical exhibition.

Now, when we’ve already seen the number of recent Pixar works (onwardsAnd the spiritAnd the Luca also Network) I went straight to Disney+ and the windows are getting smaller and smaller, which doesn’t surprise us. Moreover, for digital platforms, Investing in animation is already part of the expansion and consolidation strategywith award winning films like The legend of Klaus.

Come on, the standard is high and the fact that they’ll be consuming on TV doesn’t mean they care less about themselves. go ahead with it Quality of animation, character design, and technical invoice for luckyit will provide more and more than enough for an enjoyable viewing experience on a large screen.

lucky He introduces us to Sam Greenfield, a woman who led a rather complicated life who, based on what happens to her every day, can be described as The saddest person in the world. For her, it’s all a pity: showering is an obstacle course, and if her toast falls to the floor, you can bet it’s the side of the jam.

One fine day, a black cat walked her way, but, logically, she’s not worried about it…what else could happen to her? So find out lucky penniesSome coins that bring wealth to their holders.

Thinking of Hazel, an orphaned girl on her way to find a foster home, Sam will follow that strange cat into the Land of Fortune where humans are not allowed in and where good lines, foals, and stumbles are born. She wants at any cost a penny for Hazel thanks to which she can finally find a family to live with her forever.

Although the argument in principle lucky As simple as it may sound, the most interesting thing about the movie is that it allows for more than one reflection which smaller audiences also do almost naturally.

We all wish we had good luck all the time, but if we did, we wouldn’t appreciate it. On the other hand, when things don’t go as expected, when we can bring out our most creative side, learn to tolerate failure and frustration, manage our emotions and, ultimately, live with uncertainty.


lucky So it’s one of those movies that invite us to “get away from learning” and trust ourselves. When we go through a bad patch, we tend to insult ourselves believing that we somehow deserve it and that our survival instinct calls for living in fear. But, as they say here, it is important to let go of confidence and self-esteem to get over it.

while The film presents us with very colorful and attractive images with the Genie, the cats and the dragon in center stage Where there is a B side: that lack of luck with trolls and tuber-like creatures facing a darker world where resilience and a desire to improve is the order of the day.

Who dares to enjoy lucky In the original release, you’ll find a voice cast that includes Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Flola Borg, Colin O’Donoghue, John Ratzenberger, and Adeline Spoon. Our advice: Don’t be tempted to let fate slip out of our hands. It is one of the most emotionally intelligent films released recently.

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