Luis Fonsi: “I’ve never sat on the sofa thinking ‘I’m already famous, I’m not going to do anything else'”

Back to his second home


The Puerto Rican singer talks with LOC about his memories of heartbreak, his charity work, his heroes, what he enjoys with his wife – Cordovan Guida Lopez – and why their children don’t love seeing them kiss in a video.

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  • He hits Luis Fonsi: “I thank Papito Dios every morning for ‘Despacito’ and his success”
  • families Luis Fonsi: “Spain is my home, but I don’t know if I can move here, because I’m trying to get my kids to live a traditional life”

After participating as a coach advisor last season of The Voice KidsPuerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi (44) Back to Spain – The land of his wife, Guida Lopez (40) – so far his last round In many cities. between them, Torrevieja, Cadiz and Marbella, Where he will sing at the famous Starlight Festival. The tour has been called perfect night, I am so happy to be able to bring her to Spain and put on a great show for this audience that has seen me grow… and that has always been so close! We are already in Madrid and I I’m ready to start I want to be able to make them all fall in love, and I hope they can live out the perfect night. We will present Very romantic and rhythmic evenings, That you will enjoy it as much as we do. For example, I love performing in Starlite. It’s a place I know so well and he’s always there My favorite scenarios It is a magical place. I also love Marbella, I have many friends there and people always welcome you with a warm hug.”

He always says Spain is his second home and I know that’s not just because of his wife, Guida. Tell me, what makes this country so special to you?
Spain is a place where I spend a lot of time, both professionally and personally, and for me the most important thing is the love you all gave me since the beginning of my career, I grew up here. Listen, the first time I came was in 2000, with a song called imagine me without You. He first visited the Canary Islands and then went to the peninsula. He started playing in small venues and spent several years before hitting huge venues, making TV shows and collaborating with important artists like Rafael or David Bisbal. Since we are talking about songs, let's talk about your collaboration

I remember that imagine me without You It was a sad song, and although this is not her current situation, she still sang it as if her heart was torn apart. Where do you get that power of nostalgia for interpreting sad songs, even though you don’t feel that way?
[Se re] You have to take that role and suddenly remember a little bit how you felt and what your perspective was when you were going through that moment… and that’s probably what I enjoy the most. I don’t know, I’d love to go a little bit on that trip, translate and have that freedom of creativity. Since we are talking about songs, let's talk about your collaboration

Speaking of songs, I found out that their children Michaela and Rocco don’t like the “Dolce” video, because they seem to be kissing their mother. I guess they’re not as romantic as dad…
Well…they’re kids, right? And they are at this point: When they see Mom and Dad kissing, they laugh and say [pone voz de nio] “Noooo!”. But we really enjoyed this video. I am, in fact, very romantic. And not only in music, but also in every day. I feel romantic a lot, I live it a lot and I like being romantic. Since we are talking about songs, let's talk about your collaboration

And since we’re talking about songs, let’s talk about his collaboration with Antonio Orozco on the new version of his song “Mi hroe”. Who are your heroes?
Mine, my hero It is a work of art and I am honored that Antonio decided to share it with me. I know the full story behind it [que se basa en la muerte de la ex pareja de Orozco]I lived with him interpreting something of great weight, it moves me … And on the subject of heroes, I would like to tell you that my parents are my parents. They put in a lot of effort and sacrifice so that my brothers and I can achieve our dreams and I believe that when you become a father, you understand that. Before, when you’re younger, you don’t see it… until the kids arrive and you realize all those crazy things your parents did were for you to do well.
Moving on to another topic, I would like to ask you about “Children of La voz”. How did you live the experience of working with children?
It’s my first time working with children and I was so excited to work with such pure and honest energy… At first, I thought I would suffer more, because I thought it would be hard to say no to a child. But David always told me, “You’d be surprised how well kids make these decisions. They see it as a game.” So I had a lot of fun on set, because the talent is incredible.
His friend David recently told us that while he is very satisfied with his career, he thinks he should work harder every day than the day before. You have 24 years of experience. Almost the same thing happens to him as Bisbal?
During these years, I feel that I have developed a lot and that I have learned a lot, but there is also a lot to do. And yes, I agree with David: Every day one has to work harder. In fact, I don’t remember taking much time during this time. I’m tough, so am I workaholics And I don’t like to rest too much, because I love what I do and I don’t want to let a day go by without sharing or creating my music…because I feel lucky. My dream, my illusion as a child, became my profession, and although I had many accomplishments, I never sat on the couch thinking ‘I’m already famous, I wouldn’t do anything else’. On the contrary, each achievement is a reminder that you have to keep working with your feet on the ground.
Since it released “Despacito”, it has become a Latin standard on the Anglo market. Do you feel like you’ve paved the way for others to try, too?
I think we were able to – I’m speaking in the plural, because I didn’t do it on my own – open doors that weren’t necessarily closed, but that should be pushed to unite languages, cultures, genres…the whole world that Latin music deserves to be on the same level as the music of the language English … I think, in that, slowly helped a lot. I’m not saying that what happened was just because of the song’s success. But I think I played a crucial role in the Latin boom and I’m honored to be a part of it all.
He speaks the wisdom of a man who has had all those years of his career… However, he is still very young. He is still 30 years old. What makes him so young?
[Lanza una carcajada] The love that keeps you happy young man that fills you with energy.. and I feel so good. I feel at my best spiritually, professionally, and physically… and that’s the important thing!
In the end, I want you to tell me about your charitable work, which not many in Spain know. When was your organization established?
Four years ago, as a result of Hurricane Maria—which devastated Puerto Rico—I started working to help my land, raising money through other foundations…and I was a bit disappointed, because I didn’t know where that money was going or where it was going. If it is really inverse. I’m not in control. So I said “I will create my own foundation with people I trust” and so the Luis Fonsi Foundation was born… Since then, we have undertaken many important projects. For example, we built homes and donated countless generators, solar-powered washers and dryers, and donated vehicles and masks. And last year, we collaborated with the music departments of public schools in Puerto Rico and purchased a large number of musical instruments, because what I want is to keep investing in music.

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