Luisana Lopilato, the rooster from ‘Rebelde Way’ who triumphed on Netflix as action heroine

How hard would it be Mia Colucci in the middle Elite Road School. Or at least that’s what she claimed. Members rebellious way (2002-2004) remembered her as the popular and volatile girl whom her father spoiled so much, but gradually won the hearts of viewers (and Manuel) in his youth novel Chris Brown.

Luisana Lopilato (Buenos Aires, 1987) He was the youngest of the cast that shaped this international phenomenon, a success in Latin America and Spain, but also in countries like Israel. The Argentine was 15 years old when she joined the series, despite being a good child prodigy, who was already well known in her country for her role in kids

20 years after the premiere of the movie rebellious way, Mía Colucci remains a fan icon and a figure who influences the biography of the blonde, although the actress managed to professionally reinvent herself. for the test, pumps, The third installment of the saga began with Loss (2018), which confirmed Lopilato as an action heroine.

We’re taking advantage of the production success of Netflix, one of the most-watched movies on the platform over the past week, to review the protagonist’s trajectory.

“Chris Morena Girl”

The United States has “Disney Kids” and Argentina has “Chris Morena Kids”. It is a factory for artists in which its young heroes sing, dance, act and act in phenomena Series which also succeeds beyond its limits.

Lopilato, like other Argentine stars such as Lali Expósito or Peter Lanzani, belongs to this group of prodigies led by TV guru Cris Morena. A very young young woman, as those close to her know her, debuted with her in Chiquitas (1999-2001), giving life to Luisana Maza.

There he met Camila Bourdonaba, Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo, With whom he would participate with after a year in an unprecedented phenomenon rebellious way He will form the musical group Erreway.

Even fans of her Mexican adaptation, the rebel More ambitious and with greater ramifications, they praise the original style, this highly dramatic approach to the lives of some wealthy Buenos Aires students among secret societies, revenge, dances, father and son struggles and the entanglement of love.

The most popular girl was Mia Colucci, the daughter of a billionaire businessman, who ended up in the two seasons making up the series, humbly agreeing and singing with the band and showing her more tender and vulnerable side, especially with Manuel (Colombo). , with whom he starred in a previous romance, but also for betrayal.

the film Arway: 4 tracks (2004) will put an end to rebellious way, With a fatal outcome for Mía, but despite the passage of time, the fantasy has managed to survive and even live a second life after arriving on Netflix. This is evidenced by his new adaptation, the rebel Taken from the Mexican version and produced by the broadcast giant.

Louisana after Mia

after success rebellious way, Lopilato has worked tirelessly on the Argentine small screen. It was one of his first successful roles Married and has children (2005) is a family comedy movie starring William Franchila And in it he met his brother Dario Lopilato.

A year later, he gave life to Allegra Riganti in pirate spirit (2006), the adventures telenovela produced by Cris Morena where she will again work with Benjamín Rojas, and in 2009 she will go to the big screen with the romantic comedy Dad for a day.

In the following years, he continued to add television projects such as someone loves me (2010), in treatment (2013) o super petrol (2016), a superhero comedy entirely far from the romances or family sitcoms his followers are accustomed to, in which he played Harley Quinn.

Ten years ago, Lopilato became more selective in her work after marrying the singer Michael Buble, with whom she lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her three children (expecting her fourth year). They, their work and their love for River Plate monopolize their posts on social networks.

Despite the distance, the translator continued to travel back home to visit her family, cheer on her soul team, and continue working on titles like these. Loss (2018) that brought us Pipa.

From Mia to Peppa

In 2018 director and screenwriter Alexandre Montell Shown on screen is the literary thriller Florencia Echives Cornelia. In this modification, Lopilato gave life for the first time Manuela Bellari A policewoman tries to find out what happened to her best friend who disappeared years ago in Patagonia. accompanied her Amaya Salamanca.

He will enter Peppa’s skin again intuition (2020), in which he participated in a case Joaquin Forel: The violent murder of a 19-year-old girl The prime suspect was the victim’s best friend.

pumps, The third and final installment of the trilogy crimes of the south Now she’s on Netflix with a former researcher isolated in a small town in northern Argentina, trying to get her life back on track. However, the corpse would force her back to work.

sure, pumps He again bred Lopilato not only in his country, but also throughout the world. The third part of the saga is among the most watched on Netflix; In Spain, today it ranks sixth among the bets with the most copies, along with films such as wounded hearts also Invisible Agent.

With this character, the heroine of the action belonging to the cinematic genre, the Argentine showed herself much more than Mia Colucci. Of course, Louisana fondly remembers the capricious girl who propelled her to fame and with whom she went on tour, as she explained when she spoke about her in interviews, social networks or various encounters. After all, despite the passage of time, no one knows more than her how difficult it is to be Mia Colucci.

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