Manolo Garcia wows the crowd at a concert at the Music Festival

Sancti Petri had another great night this Thursday Full of music and good energy. On this occasion, the artist Manolo Garcia He was responsible for lighting with his own light concert music festival. As the good host, the artist gathered thousands of people all over the place. The anticipation was as high as possible because the Catalan musician and composer had not set foot in the auditorium since 2019; After the pandemic and after postponing several rounds.

He was taking his unconditional stance to sit in their seats. The lull didn’t last long because once the concert started, his fans stopped called to rank insurgency As a true rebel to dance and enjoy the success he shares with Miguel Rios. The fusion of lights, sound and stage was impeccable, and the artist and musicians provided a great start to the party.

Addressing the audience and giving them good night, former vocalist of last on line Delve into its beginnings, and travel through the topic Far from the laws of men. This success made it fair because, with dedication and passion, Manolo Garcia gave himself to his songs with plenty of rhythm.

Manolo Garcia came with his batteries charged and renewed with enthusiasm After several rounds were postponed due to Covid-19. His smile penetrated the place of the concert festival and raised the human tide that came to accompany him in his performance. With absolute dedication, Manolo García took a journey through some of the songs that marked his career when he was a member of El Último de la Fila. with pencil and ink stage color Which had a very summery style, and decked out with beach rugs for enjoying an “ephemeral summer.”

K paper pulp The artist continued to set the rhythm on “Great night” In which he wanted to please everyone present with his most famous songs. With his own words and stamps, the thousands of souls that shook with Manolo García “became again, to be, to the radiance of the stars” that astonished the artist when he noted so much devotion with ten thousand summers, From his new album My life on Mars.

“You see, we mix new and old songs. I intend to please the friends who come, and I really appreciate you being here. I know it’s effort sometimes, you move and go kilometers. We appreciate her very much and that’s why we mix songs so that everyone will love her. The rule is simple: think of others.. In this way, he continued his journey to Mars to delve into his new topic I want to escape. The crowd cheered him and shouted his name before translating the song A trail of lies. Grateful Manolo Garcia asked if they were comfortable and admitted that after the masks he was happy to see them smile.

Carrying rhythm in his veins and circling through different voices, Manolo García was playing different musical instruments in each of the words he revealed on stage. Lots of rhythm Sometimes it lights up and More flamenco sounds maturanga s labyrinth of dreamsAnd the Where they had a real party. Applause and encourage the audience to dance as much as they want, stopping the human tide so as not to miss the opportunity to rock with it. He went upstairs, and admitted that what his eyes saw “was an oasis.” For the good vibes inhaled into Sancti Petri.

Among the many rumba and the audience that did not stop shouting his name and applauding him, Manolo Garcia was impressed by the emotion she felt in the hall. “It is a huge gift that we continue to see each other, the gift of life that we should appreciate to meet old friends again.”

The master of poetry made his way, with great charisma and charm, into multiple subjects to please his “friends”. Blue men, mud birds s a little bit of love Once again, they got the audience on their feet. His devotion was so great that he came down from the podium to feel a close connection with the faithful. Travel through his classic and more modern songs, and keep performing You don’t cry and you swear, we’re lightness s I prefer the swing. Choked with emotion, he picked up a fan from the stage and cheered his music on before he greeted coal and dry branches, from his album sand in the pockets;

Manolo Garcia tried to leave twice, but the public did not allow him, he wanted more; They needed more medicine to heal the soul. He stomped the stairs so loudly that the columns trembled, the artist reappeared between laughter wondering “Where would we be better than here, prairie sinner?” The voice of the humorist Chiquito de la Calzada. Completely happy and dedicated, he returned to El ltimo de la Fila and to his solo albums, to showcase the songs that marked his career, Cry of Passion, Theatrical Evolution, Time Never Waste, I’m Rolling, I’ll Roll, Silver Planes, Sarah s To San Fernando, a little walk and another walk, songs that the audience received with open arms and sang out loud with the artist; Made Sancti Petri venue tables swing between hops and lots of dancing. With so much euphoria, the night was small for Manolo Garcia and although two hours into the concert had passed, the Catalan artist Keep filling your concert festival venue with light and color.


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