‘Mapi’ (2022), Criticism: It’s the New Morbius: Too Much Lirili on the Nets for a Little Real Lirele

It’s 2022 and we have a lot of experience with TV issues. We’ve seen it all, and as if linear TV wasn’t psychoactive enough, online we can watch shows from all over the world, amazing TikToks videos, impossible YouTube videos… so when it’s time to give it a try and wow an audience, Strings are completely missing. As a result of this utter lack of direction, Mabe was born, who has gone through too many hands to realize what was going on there.

Welcome to Uncanny Valley

Mabe, as a character, has many things: A Girl Who Knows It All, Actress In The Role Of Her Life, A Snapchat Filter Transferred to a TV show, it’s proof that social networks don’t represent real life… and an invention that, once seen on the show, works unlike his “Hello, Twitter!” videos: The animation looks forced (When he teleports away to get angry, there’s obviously a warning to control, previous setting lost and a lot of humor) And every time the character keeps her mouth open, it’s really terrifying.

Jandro and the famous contestants (well, Anna Obregón, Seville and Lamari), who act as if an actress in a suit with a giant head is a real girl, try to get into the game, but they can’t avoid her faces “What’s going on, where have you been?”, of living a totally surreal experience. Jandro in particular, who’s fighting tough (remember it’s the Penn & Teller Quartet: The Wizard of Fool Us), can’t help acting as if the show was more of a technical test than a competition in and of itself. In spite of everything, The biggest problem with Mapi isn’t Mapi itself.


Mapi may work itself. Weirdest things we ateLolo co-presented ‘The Deal Done’ for years in that initial CGI set and it sounded good to all of us, Máximo was a guy in a giant suit and we let him do ‘Club Megatrix’ for so many seasons that we watched Los aurones’ in disbelief… the problem isn’t with character or His mistakes, but in the same competition, which is endowed Dead rhythm and intense white stage, slow and boring The only thing the viewer could think of was changing the channel. With or without Twitter in the background.

Even hippos yawn

The competition process is divided into two parts: In the first, the contestants must guess the solution to the “kid” questions, such as “Why are some clouds white and others black?” also “Why do hippos yawn?”. During the second, Jandro removes things from the bag and the celebrity must figure out what it is. It’s not a bad summer proposition, were it not for it They don’t know how to make it entertaining.

Mabe contestants

40 minutes of quiz gives many tests and questions, but In “Mapi” they do not reach ten. Mapi makes an initial sketch (usually awful), asks the question, guests expand easily, make way for a video where the real answer is explained, Mapi distributes the points and starts over. It is a long and tedious process and it is easy to cut Simply put, “Hey, don’t get too involved.” They seem to have had a much better time than we do. They laugh all the time but they don’t know how to convey that joy to the real world.

The evidence is insufficient, but it is not shocking In its form – yes in its perception -. Five minutes can easily pass from the moment the question is asked until the points are distributed: if “Mapi” was aimed at children, it seems that she forgot that today’s children are more accustomed to one-minute videos in which nothing happens. Stop happening like quizzes like “time is money”. If this is the presentation in the Mapi community, we have it clear.

RTVE, in free fall

The song “Mapi” is aimed at a children’s audience, but it features celebrities who look nothing like children. In fact, if it tries to be familiar, it loses the mark, because kids won’t leave themselves enthralled with a huge head and filter like the one anyone has on their mobile phone. It’s old fashioned for kids and It’s too childish for adults, which have alternatives like “Boom!” o “Know and Win”: The newest RTVE channel is doomed not to roam until the broadcast ends.

“Mapi” is like “Morbius”: Once the meme is over, it has no real interest. We’ve all had a great time creating thousands of montages and jokes, but when the moment of truth comes, no one cares. The competition is born to die only It’s her absolute gray rhythm faulttests his show from the ’70s (including that obnoxious “learn while having fun” abstinence that any kid would stop and start watching Twitch) and his clever main character who, other than more or less tech publishing, gives enough rage.

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I may be wrong, but Mabe is destined to be one of those characters We will remember at the end of the year As the protagonist in his best viral moments, but certainly not as one of the most creative and fun contests of the year. He wants to be, but he doesn’t know how. In the end, the best thing about Mapi was the networks’ surprise. Outside of that, the show unfortunately remains in no man’s land and produces a predatory indifference: the worst feeling when you’re watching TV.

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