Mapi exceeded expectations in its premiere by putting Jandro in his shoes and going from hate to love on the networks.

Movie premiere Mabe On TVE it was one of the most anticipated events of the summer: the viral phenomenon that has occurred since the show’s virtual co-presenter on the networks drew a large audience to be in front of the television on Monday, August 1, to see if the prediction was born was due. And the answer is yes: Mabe has fulfilled such expectations.

But it fulfilled them above all else, Carla Bolbon – the actress under the digital photo – who displayed such quick and funny dexterity that Isabel Pantoga, on her first show, was complicit with the contestants and even put him in place for Jandro when he tried to keep the spotlight on him.

Anna Obregón, La Marie de Champagne and Seville They were some of the right first guests who rowed in favor of a somewhat slow paced format and few questions. They theorize for singer mask Through strange devices they had to guess to use and contribute to their unique profile, each one of them.

All this in a programme, produced by Mediacrest, got the right duration: “What’s good, if short, twice better” and enjoyed twice as long, if watched with Twitter alongside it.

Mabe, the protagonist that no one expected

Mapi asks the first question, and that was one of the last contributions by Jandro who had to settle on a background when he discovered that Mapi had the same personal power as my viral. “Who is the boss? You are the apprentice and you are under surveillance.” Mabe responded, explaining that she was the hero and knew her role well.

The “hate” that was generated against her image on the networks dissipated when I realized that it was More haters than haters. That his prowess was able to “freak out” when he made his first television signal and to get angry when he noticed that the contestants “knew nothing about life”.

The truth is that the actress chose to give her character “The Queen of New Knowledge” from TVE. Charisma (inside and outside networks).

From hate to love, in networks, with Mapi

In all the tweets posted by the RTVE account or the program itself, in which Mapi appeared, leisure responses were multiplied by images of fascism, KKK, or other distasteful aspects.

However, meeting her at the premiere, it was that Change within broadcast minutes And I moved from comparison to Hitler to joining one of the social phenomena of the year such as Chanel, Rosalia or Rigoberta Bandini:

Somewhat slow but interesting mechanics

True, the pace of the competition was not as high as the premiere had expected. it was there Few questions, little competition between contestants and slow to get answers.

However, it is worth emphasizing the wisdom of giving a voice to scholars and publishers. Just as they discover devices and tools from our culture unknown to the common people: from a knitting machine for making woolen hats, to a bridge for putting on a cue, among other things.

Therefore, all this, in addition to the short duration of the program, achieves the content Fresh and perfect for summer and even peak times Alternative, to watch as a family (and with Twitter).


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