Music law. Music festivals. Legal puzzle

Music law.  Music festivals.  Legal puzzle

I chose this title because organizing a summer live music festival for one day or more or for the weekend requires an in-house legal work that is invisible but as essential and relevant as sound. It is a puzzle that the festival is legally formed and collects all the pieces so that it can finally be held with all the guarantees and security that the event requires.

The first part is the contractual part: reviewing contracts, anticipating disputes over image rights… The festival implies signing multiple contracts to shape the poster. Big festivals like Arenal Sound or Medusa in Valencia, which make the date on the calendar for electronic music lovers each year, close about 1,500 contracts a year as well as conditions that supplement them: commercial agreements, sponsors, service companies, influential also food trucks. Everything must be linked by managing two legal concepts that are very present in civil liability law and contract law: The ability to predict and avoid in which a contractual, legal and administrative response is provided to behaviors that may have a valid expected and contractually governed resolution, while avoiding increasing or exacerbating risk.

The Fan Festival (Madrid) was canceled two days before it was due to take place due to disagreements between the organization and the venue; Primavera Sound has had problems with overcrowding and long queues at drink bars; While Capital Fest (Talavera de la Reina) is receiving complaints from attendees about not having enough supplies in the midst of a heat wave. Other recent events such as the Boombastic Festival changed its location a week before it was held, moving from Caja Mágica in Madrid to the neighboring municipality of Rivas; While at the O Son do Camiño Festival the stage fell to full capacity, injuring six.

The promoter number is the key. He has all the decision-making powers, but also the overall responsibility for the event, so that he is the one who chooses the location, licensing of licenses, staffing and insurance by expert legal scholars who will then begin the review and development of contracts with the artists. And this is between the dispersion of the rules with a certain inconsistency according to the different Autonomous Communities and Municipalities, since, in terms of the organization of performances, there is a national regulation: security requirements in assembly and stage stability that correspond to the regulations must then accommodate the contractual requirements that have been resolved with the artists, Which may include the equipment and automated means, together with the formation of the poster, the typography, the placement and the rest to be occupied by the artists, the management of the ego through psychological mediation that escapes in the opportunities of legal understanding. The image conveyed with contract perfection is crucial, as the artistic proposal, using the image of the band or the singer, cannot be launched with mere preliminary negotiating deals.

It was created around strengthening the legal structures for concerts that make up communities called holding company. The English language comes from the English verb bearing, which, according to the Oxford University Dictionary, means, among other things, to possess. Thus, the main firm controls the subordinates, who have their own legal personality but not the decision makers. In Cervantine language, we will refer to Section 42 of our Commercial Code, where we find the definition and some of the obligations of the dominant company. The way in which the parent company, called the holding company, exercises control over the management of the controlling companies is through direct and majority participation in its capital. This facilitates the unified management of the entire group, with consequent advantages in planning, which will be global, as well as in coordinating activities within the company, as at the international level for Live Nation which, apart from being the promoter, is the owner of Ticketmaster. com which is, according to its website, a world leader in event ticket sales. As a promoter, Live Nation produces more than 20,000 shows annually around the world. This includes the work of more than 2,000 international artists. Planet Events is a Spanish promoter that came into existence in 1999 and both Live Nation and Grupo PRISA have shares.

The large festival industry has an estimated impact on the Spanish economy of 5,000 million euros annually. A social phenomenon in the summer, after two years of mandatory suspension, the trend that had been on the rise until the collapse of the epidemic returned again. This summer, the live music industry aspires to break its roof and revolutionize outdoor entertainment. Fan Music Fest platform, which represents and promotes this type of event in Spain and Portugal, registered 628 festivals over the course of 2022, regardless of their duration.

What makes the fact that fame reaches the applause that many people live with.

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