Other celebrities accused of tax fraud

There are many occasions when different artists, regardless of their discipline, find themselves embroiled in controversies beyond their talents. More so when it comes to wardrobe related matters. A legal problem involving the famous Colombian singer ShakiraThis gives a lot to talk about for a while now.

But the famous South American star is not the first, far from it, and it will not be the last. In this article we will review some other famous cases.

Shakira is not the only one: other celebrities accused of tax fraud

Shakira in court

Shakira’s case, like many others, is quite straightforward. Justice accuses the singer After defrauding the insignificant figure of 14 and a half million euros for the treasuryIn an attempt to make the authorities believe that he does not reside in Spain. Something they did not believe in the facts.

Additionally, as often happens in this type of legal and tax hit, it is assumed that the artist was hiding profits through a network with various tax havens as a destination. Something that, as everyone sure knows, is not new. Some time ago, in addition, these terms were heard several times, and others are similar.

Despite the fact that Shakira had filed an appeal against her accusation, the court was quick to dismiss it, assuming there was more than enough evidence for Pique’s ex-partner to appear in court. In fact, it’s done Eight years in prison.

The singer has already paid nearly fifteen million that she asked, as well as other interests, to the justice system, but that won’t stop her from having to sentence her either. What the whole thing will be like in the end is hard to know, and only time and the courts will tell.

Shakira is not the only one: other celebrities accused of tax fraud

One of the topics that came up the most to talk about Shakira’s alleged tax fraud was related to the singer’s defense. According to her, Shakira resided at all levels, including tax matters, in the Bahamas. To be exact during 2012 and 2014.

But both the investigating judge and the Barcelona court did not care much about buying this argument. It appears that Shakira carried out quite a number of economic operations during 2013 which seem to disprove this excuse, in addition to carrying out the corresponding ones. Follow-up of your pregnancy in a clinic located in Barcelona.

Confidence in your innocence

Despite all the fuss that arose about this, the Colombian Shakira, through her lawyer, continues to defend her innocence, and considers that she has not taken any unfortunate action in financial matters.

He repeated his defense several times and did not hesitate to guarantee it The artist’s behavior was typical of all the countries she resided in. In addition, he insisted, South America had already paid all that was claimed.

Shakira is not the only one: other celebrities accused of tax fraud

Locker and football

As we started by saying at the beginning of this article, Shakira’s case is by no means new. Several decades have passed, in fact, it is common to find very similar situations on the front pages of newspapers, which, undoubtedly, are of more importance, because they are famous personalities.

Without going further, her husbandThe Barcelona player also had its pros and cons with the Treasury a few years ago. It should be borne in mind that Pique, in addition to being an athlete, has also been working as an entrepreneur on various projects for some time.

Stars with tax problems

It is very common to find tax complications in the world of sports (you have to take into account the real millions that footballers are earning more and more), even the two biggest football stars of the last two decadesLionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are subject to legal action – and media – in the same line.

In the end, the two had to reach agreements with the Treasury and release a good sum of millions in order, among other things, to escape from prison.

But the case of Messi and Cristiano, both of whom were already in La Liga and in many ways considered world records, are not isolated when it comes to sports stars. Without going any further, the Real Madrid player (in his days of course), Xavi Alonso also had problems with the Treasury.

As for the Basque player’s case, he was acquitted twice, after an operation that was as long as difficult for the international midfielder.

Payment is the best solution

Not all footballers’ problems with the Treasury were resolved like that of Xavi Alonso, with most of them deciding to come to an agreement as soon as possible. This also happened with Real Madrid players Luka Modric and Angel Di Maria (he has been out of the Whites for several seasons).

shakira citizen, Radamel Falcao also had to pay nine “kilograms” to the prosecution to arrange his accounts with her.

Beyond football

Of course, footballers weren’t the only ones who experienced complications with the Treasury.

Other famous athletes, such as Arancha Sánchez-Vicario or Dani Pedrosa had very famous experiences at that timewhich also had an echo in the community.

And what about beyond sports? Well the same. It seems that no one is getting rid of the treasury, and established names in art and entertainment such as Emmanol Arias, Anna Duatu, Javier Bardem or Ana Toruga It was punctuated by similar “scandals”.

The list is endless.

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