Paper Girls (2022) review: The compelling sci-fi series from Amazon Prime Video is a family-friendly alternative to Stranger Things’ struggling to pull off

In Amazon Prime Video, they’ve been trying to find it for a while His new fantastic sci-fi series After completing the ‘extension’. The good proof of this is that only in the past few months have titles such as “Outer Range”, “Night Sky” or Paper Girlswhich opens on the platform on Friday, July 29.

On this occasion, Amazon has chosen to launch the entire season in one go, and certainly seeks to replicate the success of The Ultimate List. I don’t think it would go that far, but it seems like a wise strategy, because it’s hard to understand the point of this comic mod through Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang And the idea of ​​imposed interruption can play against him, because without him it is easy to get attached to the heroes of his novel. There is the greatest strength in the series who, for the story it tells, doesn’t end up getting hung up.

Characters above the story

I guarantee you’ll read countless references to “Stranger Things” when you hear about “Paper Girls,” which is understandable because it was initially set in the ’80s and for the presence of minors as heroes and for the strong sci-fi component of a story. however, The similarities are not that much, because in any case it should be referred to as a more familiar alternative. Or at least that feeling left me during the four seasons I’ve seen so far.

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Paper Girls begins at the end of 1988 with a young teen starting her new job as a girl delivering newspapers, catching up with three other girls her same age. Something happens – I won’t go into details because of spoilers – and enters the scene, the always-attractive resource of time travel. From there things get complicated.but the series at all times prioritizes its four heroes above the rest.

A scene from the Amazon Paper Girls series

This can cause a certain sense of frustration in the viewer, because what is achieved by giving more depth to their characters –The more emotional side has a great specific weight-, especially in the case of one of them temporarily flying free, is also lost due to the possibility that the fresher aspect of its premise is very much in the background.

Not that they forget it, but they do They cook it very slowly -Sometimes they seem to bet everything in the last minutes as a hook so you keep watching episodes-. I don’t know if it was the result of wanting to be very loyal to the original material, something that officials raised on several occasions during the promotion.

At half throttle

paper girls supporters

The corollary of this is that it’s easier to connect with its heroes, plus It is appreciated that there is a purely feminine approach, which is something that stories of this type rarely did from the ’80s, and that is if it ever happened. However, this temporary location is changing and everything is somewhat more monotonous in other places. Not that there is anything wrong, but nothing that stands out either. Even visually, it was a bit flatter when it was in the ’80s, without being anything but revolutionary – don’t expect glorification for those years, mind you – it was all hotter.

Also, the characters are well written and their motivations are understandable, but for now they are getting quite emotional rather than exploring what they can bring to the story in a more diverse way. This is partly because the series still has a strong introductory component.. I wasn’t expecting them to show everything in the first episode either, but it lacks some punch. It’s as if a boxer is focused on trying to get rid of his opponent in the hope that it will be easier to knock him out later.

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I have said that, Items that expand the legends presented in the first episode leave one curious To see what they’re doing with them, while the four heroes have just enough hook to make it worth continuing to see them. Of course, at all times their ceiling seems to be much greater than what they have attempted to achieve thus far. The question is whether they want to reach it or will they accept low-altitude flying.

in short

amazon girls paper scene

Paper Girls suggests a story Eye-catching and carefully works for its four protagonists, which also did a great job. In contrast, he has not yet been encouraged to explore the universe that it offers and remains feeling that he is holding on to more than he should. There will be those who go on though, but we live in years where there are a lot more series we could play against them.

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